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RECAPS – 1/14-18

ALL MY CHILDREN – A strangely calm Hannah let go of Zach’s hand and fell to her death. Richie and JR were prepared to battle for Babe’s affection. Jack considered pursuing Julia romantically. Greenlee was enthralled with Kendall’s manuscript. Richie went berserk as he demanded Amanda be tested as a possible donor for him. Adam told Krystal he’d reveal what he knew about Kate if Krystal came back to him. Adam’s plans blew up in his face when a defiant Krystal instead renewed her wedding vows with Tad. To help with Quentin’s mysterious illness, Joe called in a specialist, Dr. Angie Hubbard.

THIS WEEK: Ryan’s behavior grows increasingly bizarre.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lily went into a tailspin with her pill popping. When Dusty rejected her, she stooped to stealing drugs to numb the pain. Chris threatened Dusty, who claimed to have proof that would keep Chris from becoming chief of staff. Emily assured Dusty that despite her hooker past, her love for him was true. Dusty then turned up dead and Margo determined he was murdered. Holden protected Lily when she seemed to be implicated in the murder. Paul felt responsible for Meg’s miscarriage. He left Rosanna, threatening her with jail for tampering with the DNA tests. Meg walked out on Craig.

THIS WEEK: Brad finds it hard to keep his love for Katie to himself.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL To show Eric that she’s no good for him, Donna pretended to have a liaison with Jake because she’s a sex addict. Eric refused to hold her problems against her. After seeing Nick and Brooke having coffee together, Taylor demanded Brooke stay away from Nick and baby Jack. Taylor then fainted in Brooke’s arms. When Brooke discovered Taylor sneaking alcohol, she took Jack to Nick and warned him about his wife’s condition. Jackie urged Nick to stop Brooke from marrying Ridge because he belongs with her, not Taylor. Ashley told Ridge she wanted to be happy about him and Brooke, but she has misgivings.

THIS WEEK: Taylor continues to have panic attacks.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Sami was impressed by EJ’s defiance of Stefano. Rob and Crystal kidnapped Belle and Claire. Philip finally told Shawn and he brought the police into the case. In a daring move, Belle threw coffee in Crystal’s face and ran off with Claire. In the melee, Belle wound up in the freezing water and Claire was snatched again. Later, in the hospital, Belle learned that her daughter has not been recovered. Nick wanted to tell the truth about Ford’s death, much to Chelsea’s dismay. In prison, Lucas was stunned to discover Stefano as his cellmate. EJ feared Stefano was plotting to steal baby Johnny.

THIS WEEK: Stefano offers Lucas a deal.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – A frantic Liz broke through the bedroom window to save Jake from the fire. Sam tried to calm Joe, who threatened to detonate the bomb strapped to his chest unless his wife got medical treatment. Jason came in and saved the day. Trevor seethed when he realized Ric wasn’t going to sell him Alcazar’s piers. Patrick drew a blood sample from Nikolas during one of his explosive episodes. Spinelli, Logan and Johnny joined forces to break Lulu out of the monastery. Lulu dug through the cell wall and into the catacombs. Sonny took Kate on a date through their old neighborhood in Bensonhurst. Robin learned she was pregnant.

THIS WEEK: Sam and Alexis get a message from the killer.

GUIDING LIGHT – Billy was mortified to see his son going through such hard times because of the explosion. When Coop comes forward to confess that he started the fire, Billy decides to get revenge for Bill. Cyrus followed Harley to New York where she hunted down a false lead about Phillip. Cyrus kissed Harley as they admitted their deep feelings, but then he returned to Marina. Will lashed out at Cassie. Jeffrey hired Daisy to watch Will in case he tries to hurt his mother. Alan planned a memorial for Sarah. Lizzie wondered if she could possibly be pregnant.

THIS WEEK: Olivia continues to go after Gus.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – A defeated Marcie silently handed Tommy over to Todd. She was then promptly arrested. Antonio and Talia’s happiness over being together came to an abrupt halt when Bo announced that Talia’s request for a transfer out of town already came through. Antonio was assigned a super-geek as his new partner. Addie was determined to make up for lost time by jumping into bed with a befuddled Charlie. Bo was awarded legal guardianship of Lindsay. Langston and Cole were forced to attend group counseling. Jared feared he was a dead man when Bo brought a surprise guest to the Buchanan Enterprises board meeting.

THIS WEEK: Jared has Jessica committed to St. Ann’s.

PASSIONS – Upon arriving in Mexico, Theresa tried to meet Juanita but received an anonymous message warning her to leave town immediately. When Juanita learned that Theresa was in Mexico, she sent her men to find and kill her. As Theresa was escaping from the killer, she ran smack into Juanita. Sheridan pulled out all the stops to keep Luis near her and Marty and away from Fancy. Pretty accepted Alistair’s help to steal Luis away from Fancy once and for all. Ethan tried to figure out who was responsible for killing Esme’s lovers, unaware that the murderer had her sights on him!

THIS WEEK: Tabitha hopes to be done with Miguel once and for all!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Heather withdrew criminal charges against Jana, who was released. Gloria and Jeff decide to elope to Las Vegas. She told Kevin that she wanted a plan to set Jeff up for her “attempted” murder when they returned. David was thrilled when Nikki agreed to marry him. Nikki told Victor to take N.V.P. but allow her to walk away with her martial assets intact. Just as Victor was considering it, David barged in and Victor threw them both out. Sharon tells Brad she never truly loved him, adding that they needed to make a clean break, even from their friendship.

sharpens her claws for a fight in court!

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