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RECAPS – DEC. 16– 20



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge and Eric had an emotional reunion at the Forrester Mansion. Eric was surprised when Ridge revealed the reason he had returned. Quinn attempted to convince Steffy to return to Los Angeles, saying that she and Liam still had a chance at love. Wyatt kept forgetting that he’s not Hope’s intended groom. He offered her a piece of jewelry for her wedding to Liam. When Steffy revealed to Quinn the joyous news she received while on her previous trip to LA, Quinn put the pressure on Steffy to stop Liam and Hope’s wedding. Eric began to give Ridge a rundown of what Brooke had been up to since he’s been gone but was careful not to mention Bill Spencer. Ridge apologized to his father for not being around when Stephanie died. Brooke and Hope shared quality mother and daughter time together before Hope’s wedding. Brooke imagined seeing Ridge when she realized that it’s reality. Star crossed lovers Brooke and Ridge were reunited with an epic kiss. Hope and Liam talked about their impending wedding and how this time Steffy will not be a part of it. Quinn finally convinced Steffy to return to Los Angeles to stop the wedding. She and Quinn flew home. On her wedding day, Hope thanked Brooke for all she’s done for her. Caroline and Bill helped Liam prepare for the wedding. On the jet home with Steffy, Quinn called Wyatt who has no idea what she’s done for him. Wyatt told his mother that he’s leaving town right after he speaks with Hope. Separately, Wyatt and Steffy arrived at Brooke’s house. Wyatt went to Hope and Steffy sought out Liam. Liam was shocked by Steffy’s presence and even more by the news that she delivered to him. Meanwhile, inside Brooke’s house, the group gave Charlie pointers on what topics to avoid in the sermon when he marries Liam and Hope. Not realizing that Hope was watching them through the window, Steffy told Liam about her prognosis and her lingering love for him. They shared a kiss. Hope made a decision that will change the course of her life forever. Wyatt was on the jet waiting for Quinn to arrive for their trip to Hawaii. When Quinn arrived she told Wyatt not to leave because she had a feeling that he and Hope weren’t over just yet.

THIS WEEK: Ridge apologizes for hurting Brooke and makes an admission of love to her. Hope reminds Wyatt that he and Quinn are no longer a part of Forrester Creations.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole told a whopper of a lie for Eric’s benefit. Victor flipped out when he learned Nicole’s living with Daniel. Brady had upsetting news for Jennifer. Daniel was appalled when he heard about the lie Nicole told Eric. Will confronted Sami about her big secret. Horrified Gabi realized Sonny knows the truth! Abigail talked to EJ about Jack. JJ carried out a plot to neutralize Theresa once and for all. Adrienne set up Jennifer with a new man. Sami, Kate and Gabi raced to stop Sonny from revealing their secret to Justin. EJ tried to trick Gabi into revealing all. A desperate Sami got into a huge fight with Ciara. Hope received a stunning call from Bo. JJ’s plan to trap Theresa backfired. Daniel was rattled when he overheard Jennifer making plans for a date. EJ made a startling discovery and later confronted Sami with what he’s learned. Kate, Gabi and Sonny got an alarming surprise when they took Arianna to visit Santa. Eric had a disturbing dream about Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Will confronts Sami about her secret. Hope gets a shocking call from Bo.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Felix enlisted Brad to play Elf to his Santa, but holiday cheer wasn’t the only thing on their minds. Before Spinelli left Port Charles, he did the unthinkable for Maxie. Dante and Lulu made a shocking discovery that could have startling repercussions on their relationship. Obrecht demanded Britt to come to her rescue, lest she reveal Britt’s secrets. Britt admitted to Nikolas that her mother had demanded an audience, and she felt she must comply, if only to finally cut the cord. An unexpected situation led Brad to seek out Britt but ultimately came face to face with Nikolas. Anna continued to lie to Duke about the nature of her involvement with Robert. Duke continued to lie to Anna about the nature of his involvement with Julian. Meanwhile, Morgan and Ava’s romance began to take a more serious turn. Morgan offered to make up for his blunder with the bug in Sonny’s office by gathering information about Carlos from an unlikely source. Julian warned Ava that Morgan’s usefulness was wearing thin. Meanwhile, Carlos’s life hung in the balance while Shawn ferreted out the truth about his lineage. An argument with Molly sent TJ looking for Shawn leading to a discovery that business was brewing. Morgan paid Molly a visit and planted seeds of doubt concerning TJ’s safety while he remains a part of Shawn’s life. Dante and Lulu demanded answers. Dante confided his troubles to Anna then received a call that will potentially lead to the answers he’s desperately seeking. Britt’s deceitful deeds were revealed. Carlos tried to bribe Duke into letting him go. Sonny and Shawn arrived at the warehouse. Molly overheard Julian telling Alexis that he’s sure Sonny’s planning on having Shawn kill Carlos. TJ lifted Shawn’s keys. After Alexis shut Julian down about Carlos, he asked about Lucas.

THIS WEEK: Patrick’s decision leaves someone devastated and someone elated. Britt’s guilt leads her to make a heartfelt gesture but will she come clean with her secrets?

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Paul told Christine that it’s only a matter of time before one of the Baldwin’s go to prison for killing Carmine. Paul told Christine that whoever shot Carmine probably did it in self-defense, but there’s no way of knowing for sure. Meanwhile, Fen told Michael and Lauren that he needed to disappear. Sharon began to worry when she started seeing Cassie again. Cassie explained that Sharon needed her to come back because she feels guilty about what happened with Phyllis and because Nick still believes that Summer’s Jack’s daughter. Cassie encouraged Sharon to tell the truth about Summer’s paternity and said that’s the only way she’ll ever truly get better. Kelly told Billy that she probably wouldn’t ever go back to teaching and admitted that it’s odd how a place that used to feel so right now felt wrong. Billy revealed that he didn’t know how to act in his own home. When Billy and Kelly went to The Underground for a drink, he told her that he wanted to try and connect with Victoria again but didn’t feel like he can. Kelly told him she understood and said that even though she and her husband split up, maybe Victoria and Billy could find a way to make their marriage work. Cane told Victor about a biotech division he had hoped to expand at Chancellor Industries. Victor agreed to look at the files next time he’s in his office. Cane told him that the name of the company was Bonaventure Industries. Meanwhile, Jill shared her plan with Jack on how to dismantle Newman- Chancellor. Jack warned Kyle not to underestimate Victor.

THIS WEEK: Michael asks Fen to promise him that he will stay in Genoa City. Chloe rushes into the station wanting to see the person that killed Delia.

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