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RECAPS – DEC. 23 – 27



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Upset that Hope called the wedding off, Liam arrived too late at Brooke’s house to speak with his intended bride. He was stunned when he realized that Brooke did not know where her daughter was and even more shocked when she told him that she agreed with Hope’s decision. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, Wyatt coaxed Hope into telling him what she saw in the cabin between Steffy and Liam. He was surprised when Hope revealed that she only went to see Liam before the wedding because of the note that he sent her. Quinn taunted Donna with the information of Wyatt and Hope’s trip and that she’s now back where she belongs, at Forrester Creations. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt Christmas as the Forrester family was reunited. Eric remembered past Christmases with Stephanie as he prepared the Forrester Mansion for his family’s Christmas celebration. He happily observed his children as Ridge, Thorne, Felicia and Kristen all arrived home for the holidays. Ridge, Brooke and their son R.J. shared a special moment together. Caroline and Rick were excited to celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife and were both surprised by the presents that they received from each other. Eric began a new family tradition to honor Stephanie’s memory. Forrester Creations held a meeting to welcome Ridge back to the Los Angeles office. Bill learned Ridge had returned when Ridge interrupted Bill’s visit to Brooke with a phone call. Ridge and Rick’s rivalry reignited when Ridge walked into Forrester Creations as if he never left. Alone in a Hawaiian paradise, Wyatt made his move on Hope with the intention of starting a life together. Liam told Brooke that Quinn had set him up again. Ridge became curious about Brooke and Bill when he arrived at Brooke’s for a romantic lunch and discovered them together. Liam found Hope and revealed to her Quinn’s plot against them. He attempted to convince her that Steffy’s visit was the final piece of closure for him about their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt returns just as Liam asks Hope a pivotal question. Brooke finds the strength to tell Ridge the truth about her affair with Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami finally came clean with EJ. Kate, Sonny and Gabi tried to cover their nerves in front of “Santa.” Stefano returned to town and called Kate with a request. Hope broke difficult news to Ciara about Bo. Jordan sent a mysterious email. Victor tried to make amends with Maggie. Daniel received a surprise for Christmas. Brady celebrated the holiday by getting high just as Nicole arrived to bring him good cheer. Eric tried to figure out the meaning behind his dream about Nicole. EJ offered his support to Sami. The Hortons celebrated Christmas by hanging their family ornaments. Anne tried to thwart another Horton tradition. Gabi realized Julie may pose a threat to her future. Victor paid Eric an unexpected visit. Brady tried to deter Maggie from moving back into the mansion. Later, someone caught him with a drug dealer. Theresa conspired with Anne so she could “rescue” Daniel. Abigail was thrown by JJ’s sudden change in attitude. Jordan was conflicted when Rafe sent her a surprise Christmas gift. Nicole and Eric were thrown into a situation that reminded them of when they first fell in love. Brady threw JJ under the bus in order to save face with Daniel.

THIS WEEK: Sami comes clean with EJ. Eric gets an unexpected visit.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Patrick’s decision left someone devastated and someone elated! The unchosen one found comfort for her broken heart in a man from her past. An unexpected houseguest arrived at Sabrina’s door. Dante headed down to PCPD seeking the truth about what really went down at the warehouse. Diane and Milo held vigil at Max’s bedside. Sonny stuck with his story that his gun went off by accident. Nikolas and a guilt-ridden Britt visited Lulu for the holidays. Ava toyed with AJ’s emotions. Patrick and his chosen were enjoying their new life together, and he made a bold suggestion to her. Sam wondered if Patrick took her advice as to what to do about Sabrina and Robin. Felix returned home early and found an unexpected visitor in Sabrina’s bedroom. Sabrina felt nauseous, chalking it up to stress. A military veteran who thought he might have cancer came to see Silas. Silas asked Sam out for New Year’s Eve despite the fact that their dates tend to end in disaster or with shattering revelations. Silas revealed to Sam he had something important he needed to tell her. Port Charles prepared to ring in the New Year with a promise of new beginnings. Sabrina reacted to Felix’s hypothesis that her nausea could be something other than stress. Maxie told Lulu she’s leaving town to find herself. Maxie received a visit from a mysterious – and very handsome – stranger. Britt, with baby Ben in tow, informed an appreciative Dante that Lulu was meeting her at the hospital to start the in vitro process and to determine the viability of her eggs.

THIS WEEK: Sam and Silas share a romantic date. A revelation leaves someone in despair.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Friends and family gathered at The Underground to celebrate Summer’s birthday. Victor was troubled by Sharon’s presence as he watched Nicholas and her work together. Victor warned Nick to prevent Sharon from finding a way back into his life. Paul obtained the suit that Fen was wearing the night that Carmine died. Paul told Christine that if there were traces of Carmine’s blood on it and gun powder, then it puts Fen at the murder scene. Leslie struggled with the idea of the big family Christmas as she and Neil had dinner with his family. Jack left a message for Kyle asking him what he had found out about Bonaventure. Billy was surprised that Jack’s using Kyle in his fight against Victor. Jack explained that it was Kyle’s idea and he needed someone he could trust. Victor and Nikki had a heated discussion about the changes she’s made to her will. Nikki insisted that Dylan will be a part of her will. Before Victor could respond, Dylan arrived to ask Nikki if she knew anything about his father, Ian Ward. Abby and Tyler headed off to Los Angeles for a romantic Christmas vacation. When they head back to their hotel room, Tyler asks Abby to join him in the shower. Once she left, someone snuck into their hotel room! Michael and Lauren enlisted Summer to help them out with Fen. Adam and Chelsea celebrated Connor’s first Christmas. They were interrupted by Chloe who was there with presents for Connor and fabric samples for Chelsea. Meanwhile, Victor gave Victoria shares of Newman- Chancellor for her to give to Johnny. She was touched by his gesture and pointed out that he loves Johnny as family even though he is not biologically his grandson. Victor told her that he saw what she was trying to do, and he didn’t plan on ever accepting Dylan as a part of their family.

THIS WEEK: Neil asks why Leslie has been avoiding him. Chelsea tells Adam that she wants Chloe to be Connor’s godmother.

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