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RECAPS – DEC. 30 – JAN. 3



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge expresses his disappointment after learning that Brooke has spent the past year in a relationship with Bill Spencer. The Spencer brothers go back and forth on whether Hope should return to Los Angeles with Liam or stay in Hawaii with Wyatt. Despite having the holiday blues, Katie contemplates forgiving Brooke. Katie is taken aback that Ridge knows about Brooke and Bill’s relationship, and by his concern for her wellbeing. Ridge and Katie commiserate over the parts that they played in pushing Bill and Brooke together. Liam makes one final plea for Hope to return to Los Angeles with him and go through with their plans to get married. Carter puts his law books on the shelf for the day when he takes part in a sexy photo shoot with Maya. Knowing that Hope is still hurting by the cancellation of another wedding, Wyatt plans something special with the intentions of cheering her up. Angered at what prevented him and Hope from walking down the aisle, Liam confronts Quinn about her being the cause. Bill makes it very clear to Brooke that no one, not even Ridge, will stand in the way of him being with the woman that he loves. Wyatt attempts to take Hope’s mind off of her sadness by sharing with her his favorite traditions of Hawaii.

THIS WEEK: Quinn and Donna compete in a powerplay over who has more pull at Forrester Creations. Bill attempts to make Brooke realize that Ridge is not the man for her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric and Nicole are stunned as Daniel accuses Brady of once again using drugs. Gabi, Kate, Sami, EJ and Sonny panic when it appears Will won’t keep their secret about Nick. JJ schemes to undermine Jennifer’s date with Liam. On New Year’s Eve, Sami and EJ work together to help Sonny. After a physical altercation with Daniel, Brady agrees to get help. Nicole fights her attraction to Eric. Jennifer catches on to JJ’s manipulation and calls him out on it. EJ gives Sami an ultimatum about their future. Will is rattled when he goes to the river and runs into someone unexpected. Gabi freaks out when Abigail gets a message from beyond the grave. Things heat up between Rafe and Jordan while Kate plots Jordan’s downfall. Daniel and Nicole save Brady from a dangerous situation. Eric struggles with his growing feelings for Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Daniel makes a stunning accusation. EJ gives Sami an ultimatum.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — It’s New Year’s Eve in Port Charles. The reunited Robin & Patrick and the newly romantic Sam & Silas ring in 2014 in emotional and touching ways. Maxie meets the handsome Det. Nathan West, whose arrival in Port Charles could spell trouble for Silas and Ava. Britt makes a revelation to Lulu. Britt hides her guilt about Dante and Lulu from Nikolas. A disbelieving Sabrina makes her own vow. At the stroke of midnight, Lulu makes a bold move with no point of return. Sonny confronts a guilty Morgan about the melee at the warehouse, daring him to just shoot him right now since that’s what Julian told him to do. Julian’s trust in Morgan is waning, and he mulls the threat TJ and Morgan posed in the shooting. Ava defends Morgan to Julian. Morgan tells Julian he wants out. Shawn makes a strong case to TJ. Rafe makes another play for Molly’s affection. A fearful Shawn tries to convince TJ not to take to the police what he knows about the warehouse shooting. Duke pumps Anna for information on the shooting. Jilted teen lover Rafe seeks an audience with Anna and revenge on TJ. Det. Nathan West keeps up the pressure on Silas. Ava becomes aware of the new evolution of Silas’s relationship with Sam. Nathan tells a suspicious Anna his reasons for moving to Port Charles. Silas gets a visit from Nathan. Franco freaks out when he thinks he sees Heather. Olivia reminds Franco that Heather’s other son, Steve Webber, killed someone.

Maybe it’s genetic. Carly defends Franco to Michael. Ava and Carly have a fierce argument. Julian isn’t about to consider Morgan’s pleas to let him out of the Jerome business. Sonny urges Shawn to get TJ out of town. Rafe wants to tell Anna everything. Nathan questions Silas. Sam tells Molly that she trusts Silas. Molly may be forced to tell Sam that Rafe will never be able to accept that she is with TJ again.

THIS WEEK: Morgan makes a big decision about his situation. What if the police find out that TJ witnessed the warehouse shoot-out?

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy bumps into Adam and learns that he has reunited with Chelsea. Billy declares that anything is possible if Chelsea would forgive Adam for all he has done. Alex tells Gloria that Kevin can’t give her any information about Delia’s investigation or Fen’s case. Gloria demands answers and a frustrated Alex leaves. Later, Gloria questions how Chloe has been coping during the holidays without Delia. Gloria watches happily as Kevin and Chloe share good memories of times with Delia. Jill discovers an unwrapped present under the Christmas tree and is shocked to find Katherine’s music box. Later, Hilary brings Jill the Bonaventure file for her to look over. Devon tells Jill and Hilary about the identity theft, and Jill warns him to be careful with whom he trusts. Courtney grows uncomfortable when Noah says that he wants to meet her family. Courtney starts to tell Noah about her family but is interrupted by a text that she has to deal with. Noah explains that he heard about Zach from Summer. Kyle gives his findings of Bonaventure to Victor. Victor tells Kyle that he doesn’t want any weak links in his businesses. Meanwhile, Adam tells Jack that he is bowing out of the plan against Victor and that he wants to focus on his life with Chelsea and his son. Jack tells Jill that he thinks it would be good if Billy was in charge of the foundation that was set up in Delia’s name. Jill thinks it’s a great idea and calls the charity to find out who she should speak with about Delia’s foundation. Billy finds Kelly crying in the park. Meanwhile, Victoria returns to her home to look for Billy after their flights to DC get cancelled. When Dylan questions Nikki about his biological father, Nikki tells him that she hopes he isn’t planning to go look for him. Dylan says that he has questions only Ian can answer. Before she leaves, Nikki asks Dylan to be careful. Traci and Ashley surprise Jack on New Year’s Eve and tell him that he needs to start living his life again. Jack grows resentful and feels that they want him to abandon Phyllis. Traci and Ashley maintain that they aren’t asking Jack to give up but they do hope he will continue to get out there and live his life. Later, Ashley asks Victor to try and make peace with Jack.

THIS WEEK: Sharon meets Stitch for the first time at the coffee house. Courtney assures Noah that there is nobody that matters to her more than him.

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