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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge steps on a resentful Rick’s toes when he takes control over a Forrester Creations’ staff meeting. Brooke is stunned when she learns that not only does Katie know that Ridge has returned, but he has already gone to see her. Katie makes a final decision about her future in regards to Bill. Wyatt attempts to quell Hope’s concerns when she starts thinking about all that Quinn has done to keep Liam at bay. While having a heartto heart talk with Caroline, Bill reflects back on all of the recent mistakes that he has made that have put him in his current position. When Ridge questions her feelings for Bill, Brooke assures him that her relationship with her former lover is a thing of the past. Donna attempts to convince Katie that Ridge’s return will change the focus of Brooke’s attention away from Bill. Bill and Liam commiserate about the similarities in the current state of their personal lives. Ridge questions Brooke’s motives about why she wants Katie to reunite with Bill. Katie is caught off guard when Ridge comes to tell her about his plans regarding his personal life and his residency. Bill storms into Brooke’s house hoping to get back into her life and her bed. Eric and Donna reminisce about their marriage and the good times that they shared throughout the years. Brooke turns Bill down and talks him into trying to make things work between him and Katie. When Hope confronts her about her misdeeds, Quinn makes an attempt to right her wrongs.

THIS WEEK: Hope is put on the spot when Liam asks her about her relationship status with Wyatt. Ridge offers Katie his support of her anger and resentment towards Bill and Brooke’s betrayal.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ pulls out all the stops to keep Abigail from talking to Hope. Per John’s request, Hope delivers life-changing news to Brady. Victor tries to apologize to Marlena – but it doesn’t go well. Later, Marlena has an unexpected message for Nicole. Daniel and Nicole team up to help Brady. Brady and Theresa have a rocky encounter at an AA meeting. Abigail and EJ argue about whether he’s telling the truth. JJ ends up in the middle of a sticky situation – which just may land him in jail.

Kate ropes Lucas into one of her schemes when she brings to town an old friend of Jordan’s. JJ fears he’s about to be caught with drugs. Hope realizes Ciara is having problems at school. Kate is eager to get information about Jordan from Sheryl but Lucas has reservations about using Jordan’s innocent friend. EJ fears he’s made a terrible mistake. Nicole conducts an emotional interview with Eric. Daniel has a breakthrough with Eric’s blood work and believes he’s close to exonerating his friend.

THIS WEEK: Nicole is rattled by Eric’s admission. Kate eavesdrops on Jordan and Sheryl, waiting for something incriminating about Jordan’s past to come up.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco freaks out when he thinks he sees Heather. Olivia reminds Franco that Heather’s other son, Steve Webber, killed someone. Maybe it’s genetic. Carly defends Franco to Michael. Ava and Carly have a fierce argument. Julian isn’t about to consider Morgan’s pleas to let him out of the Jerome business. Morgan makes a big decision about his situation. What if the police find out that TJ witnessed the warehouse shoot-out? Sonny urges Shawn to get TJ out of town. Rafe wants to tell Anna everything. Nathan questions Silas. Sam tells Molly that she trusts Silas. Molly may be forced to tell Sam that Rafe will never be able to accept that she is with TJ again. When Sam’s alone, Nathan shows up and she asks the detective what his visit is about? His response leaves her reeling in shocking disbelief. Heather is out for blood. Dangerous mental patient Heather is back in Port Charles gathering information for her master plan to bring harm to an unaware Carly. Franco threatens Ava to stay away from Carly but Ava, bully that she is, spews back her own threats. Nathan peppers Sam with lots of questions about Silas’s past, almost to the point of harassment. Then, Nathan drops a bombshell on Sam and reveals Silas’s dark secret. Anna knows the truth about the warehouse shooting incident and confronts the person who witnessed it all. Heather makes it look like Carly has left town — and Franco, behind forever. A saddened Franco goes to Carly’s house to patch up their recent squabble but it appears no one is home. Silas reveals his dark past to a shocked Sam. Nathan believes Silas’s story is a convenient lie. To protect his loved ones, Morgan reluctantly becomes a mole for Julian in Sonny’s organization but his sacrifice could turn deadly and dangerous. Although Franco realizes Carly has gone missing, Michael targets him for his mother’s disappearance. Heather forces Carly to write a goodbye letter. Carlos tells Sabrina he wants to be a signifi- cant part of her future.

THIS WEEK: Heather’s plan to frame Franco cuts to the chase. New evidence surfaces about Silas’s mysterious past.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer thanks Nick for the way that he raised her and tells him she appreciates the good influence he’s had on her life. Meanwhile at Crimson Lights, Courtney and Noah enjoy an afternoon together. When Courtney goes to get a drink, her phone rings and Noah goes to grab it and is shocked to find a bag of pills in her bag. Michael finds a box outside his door with no card or name on it. He opens the box to reveal a cake that says Forget Me Not. Adam tells Victor that he is meeting with Avery to make sure that Victor never has any legal rights to Connor. Victor meets with his P.I. who gives him a file with all the information he asked for on the hit and run. Victor goes to see Paul and asks what kind of punishment the hit and run driver might be looking at. Paul reveals that the driver will most likely pay a fine and spend up to twenty-five years in prison. Paul questions why Victor is so curious about the case. Later, Paul gets a call from Christine and is happy to hear that she is willing to make a deal with the witness in Delia’s case. Meanwhile, a possible witness to Delia’s hit and run is brought into the police station interrogation room. Alex leaves the door open so Kevin can listen. The witness admits that he has some charges against him and Alex tells him he will see if he can cut a deal with the DA. The witness tells Alex that he saw the car and the driver who hit Delia. Jill tells Kevin about her frustrations with Katherine’s music box. Jill gets a call from an antique dealer who believes that the music box belonged to someone famous. When Jill grabs the box and intends to get to the bottom of the mystery, someone unexpectedly puts a stop to her plan.

THIS WEEK: Sharon reluctantly tells Noah that she has been talking with Cassie. Nikki bumps into Avery and learns that Dylan went to try and find Ian Ward.

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