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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill paid a visit to Katie, with his heart in his hand, asking for them to be a family again with their son. Liam vowed to get dirt on the Fullers after Quinn warned him to back off regarding Hope, Wyatt, and her company. While listening into a conversation between Pam and Charlie, Liam began to wonder if Wyatt’s the hero that he made himself out to be. When Brooke informed him about Bill wanting to reunite with Katie, she asked Ridge for a second change at a life together. Wyatt reaped the benefit of being a Spencer when Bill surprised him with a place of his own. Bill revealed to Wyatt the real reason behind his generous purchase. Quinn kept her eye on Liam as he probed Charlie about the events that took place on the night of the jewelry heist. Hope was touched when Rick voiced his support for her blossoming relationship with Wyatt. Wyatt put Hope on the spot when he charmingly asked her to move into his new home with him. Liam took Charlie to the Forrester boutique to walk through everything that happened on the night of the jewelry heist. While reviewing the security surveillance video from the night in question, Charlie made a startling discovery. Fresh from his encounter with Katie, Bill felt torn between the feelings that he has for both Brooke and Katie. The tension between adversaries was palpable when Bill paid a visit to Ridge with some advice about Brooke. Katie confronted Brooke about being the one behind Bill’s recent change of heart regarding his marriage.

THIS WEEK: Caroline comes up with an idea to puts Rick’s mind and body at ease. Brooke makes it clear to Bill where her heart really lies.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sami returned home from her trip and was thrown by what she overheard. Dr. Chyka broke into Daniel’s apartment to destroy his medical records – and was caught by someone unexpected! Marlena was stunned when Eric admitted he has feelings for Nicole. JJ considered telling Daniel about Theresa’s blackmail. Nicole and Eric found themselves in a dangerous situation thanks to Dr. Chyka. Jennifer came to Daniel’s rescue. Abigail felt the heat when Adrienne innocently blabbed to Jennifer. Julie confronted Kate about Nick. Eric and Nicole struggled to break free from captivity, but Dr. Chyka had other plans for them. Theresa figured out the key to getting what she wants from Daniel. Jordan confronted Kate about bringing Sheryl to town. Meanwhile, Rafe met Sheryl and was surprised to learn she knows Jordan. Theresa played mind games with Jennifer who then turned the tables by informing her of the other woman in Daniel’s life – Nicole. Jennifer warned Abigail to stay away from EJ. Jordan questioned Lucas about why he hired Sheryl. Believing they were about to die, Eric made a shocking confession to Nicole! Brady blew up at Theresa when she realized he’s drunk. JJ formulated a plan to bring down Theresa.

THIS WEEK: Julie is determined to find Nick. Gabi has more than enough hassles.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nathan rattled Ava’s cage by implicating her in Silas’s wife attempted murder. Sam had a theory about Ava’s involvement with Silas’s comatose wife. During a romantic night together, Sonny opened up to Olivia about his fears concerning Morgan. Franco and Bobbie had separate agendas for pressuring Scott to get on with the investigation of Carly’s disappearance. Nathan’s discovery of the source of Carly’s goodbye letter and whose DNA’s on a blood-covered knife provided even more damaging evidence against Franco. Kevin consented to the anxious Franco’s request to give him some professional help. Answers came to Shawn’s questions about Morgan’s loyalty to Sonny when Duke encountered Sonny and Morgan on the pier. Lucy confided her secret to Felicia after she had an intimate dream about Scotty. Heather’s reasons for stabbing Carly became apparent, and her masterful plan to frame Franco for murder was almost completed. It appeared the PCPD were closing in on what exactly happened to Carly and who’s responsible — but a crucial piece of the puzzle was still missing. Franco begged a skeptical Sonny to believe he would never hurt Carly and that he’s being framed. What they don’t know was that Heather was eavesdropping when Carly credited Sonny for making her see the light about Franco. Julian shocked Ava when he told her he has another longlost child, Lucas, and wants to be a part of his life. Lulu discovered Bobbie had yet to tell Lucas about his sister Carly’s disappearance. Bobbie had her reasons: she didn’t want Lucas to come to Port Charles for fear of meeting his father, Julian Jerome. Now that Lucas knew the news about Carly’s disappearance, he rushed back to be by Bobbie’s side in Port Charles. Scott was forced between a rock and a hard place to issue a warrant for Franco’s arrest.

THIS WEEK: Ava needles Sonny about Connie’s murder. Tracy asks Luke to go to the boathouse to get rid of a raccoon infestation.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — A photographer took a photo of Jack and Hilary, and she worried that people might think that she’s trying to go after Jack like she did with Cane. Sharon told Noah that she worried about letting him and Nick down. Sharon told Noah that sometimes she found comfort in talking to Cassie. Meanwhile, Nick told Victor that he recently visited Cassie’s grave. Friends and family gathered at the church for Connor’s naming ceremony. Chelsea was shocked when Victor arrived and Adam decided to let him stay. Nikki was curious to know why Adam let Victor stay at Connor’s naming ceremony when he didn’t want him to be a part of his life. Billy told Adam that he knew he set up the foundation in Delia’s name. Billy told him that he figured he set it up to thank him for donating Delia’s corneas. Billy told Jack that Adam’s the anonymous donor who set up Delia’s foundation. Chelsea told Chloe that she hopes he’ll be able to work things out with Kevin. Nikki asked Dylan not to follow up on the lead he found on Ian being in Indiana. Abby and Tyler began their search for a home and discussed the reality of what living together will be like. Paul reminded Michael that the best thing he could do for his family was to work on Fen’s defense. Meanwhile, Lauren met with Neil to discuss the unveiling of Chelsea’s line at Fenmore’s. Summer visited Fen and tried to make amends after turning him in during Christmas. Later, Summer rushed in late for a photo shoot. Chelsea was caught off guard when Adam suggested they finish what they started and move to Paris. Jack interrupted them and asked Adam why he didn’t throw Victor out of the church when he showed up to Connor’s naming ceremony.

THIS WEEK: Jack knows Victor has something on him, but Adam refuses to tell him what it is. Esmeralda gives Summer three energy pills.

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