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RECAPS – JAN. 20 - 24



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge comforts a visibly upset Katie following her upsetting conversation with Brooke. Pam becomes concerned by the sudden change in Charlie’s attitude when she brings up the topic of the jewelry heist. Knowing how close that she is getting with Wyatt and Quinn, Liam humbly expresses his concern for Hope’s wellbeing. Wyatt has a surprise for Hope that he anticipates will assist them in taking the next step in their relationship. Wyatt let’s Hope in on his grand scheme to mark the beginning of their newfound relationship. Quinn reminds Charlie of the consequences they all will face if the truth about the jewelry heist is revealed. Wyatt gloats to Liam about the trip he is taking Hope on and warns him not to interfere with their plans. Hope contemplates taking her relationship with Wyatt to the next level. Quinn thwarts Liam’s attempt to get Hope to reconsider her getaway with Wyatt. Before embarking on her road trip with Wyatt, Hope eagerly awaits Liam to arrive for their meeting. Wyatt and Hope embark on their camping trip up the scenic California coast as they get to know each other on a deeper level. Trying not to take sides, Caroline hints to Liam that it may be time for him to let Hope go. Quinn has an ulterior motive when she asks Pam to join her for lunch. Convinced that Pam is her new best friend, Quinn reveals the secret about Wyatt’s part in the jewelry heist. Rick and Brooke differ in their opinions regarding Hope jumping so quickly into a relationship with Wyatt.

THIS WEEK: Katie is pleasantly surprised by a dinner invitation she receives from a handsome gentleman. Hope and Wyatt bond while discussing the unexpected direction that their lives have recently taken.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole confesses the truth to Eric. Daniel, Marlena and Roman race against time to find Eric and Nicole. Brady decides to split town… and runs into Dr. Chyka. Abigail fears Will is on to her. Sami makes a decision about her relationship with EJ. Daniel finds Eric and Nicole… but is he too late? Sami finally reaches out to EJ. Julie enlists Hope’s help to track down Nick. Jordan is wary when she and Rafe end up hanging out with Lucas and Sheryl. Julie shares her stunning suspicion with Abigail – that something has happened to Nick. EJ demands information from Stefano. Brady is guilt-ridden when he realizes the consequences of his actions. JJ convinces Bev to help him neutralize Theresa. Hope gets shocking news about her daughter from a very angry father at St. Luke’s. Abigail demands to know if EJ killed Nick. Eric is faced with a difficult decision. Theresa uses Brady’s drunken state to her advantage. Hope butts head with Aiden over their children. Family and friends gather to celebrate Arianna’s christening, which ends with a shocking turn of events. Kate, Sami, Gabi, Will and Sonny grow worried as Julie and Hope make it clear they want to question Gabi about Nick’s disappearance. Abigail struggles with a moral dilemma.

THIS WEEK: Nicole confesses the truth to Eric. Arianna’s christening takes a shocking turn.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Luke is flabbergasted when he discovers the kidnapped Carly tied up at the boathouse. Can he rescue her before Heather comes back? Franco overhears Anna’s plans to arrest him and seeks shelter at Kiki’s. But when Michael tells her of the latest damaging evidence against Franco, she wonders if she made the right decision. Meanwhile, Lucas comes face to face with his real father – a man who isn’t known for having a soft spot. Liz overhears Felix apologizing to Sabrina for revealing her big secret to Patrick; and a surprised Felix learns why Patrick has taken such a handsoff attitude about the situation. When Kiki confronts Franco about the knife with his bloody fingerprints, he insists he’s being framed but why should she believe him? Franco hides when Dante comes to Kiki’s, giving her another opportunity to turn in Franco. Heather keeps mum on Luke’s fate and takes the still-captive Carly to a new location, the stables of Wyndemere. In a desperate bid for freedom, Carly attacks Heather, just as the young Emma, Spencer and Cameron arrive at the stables for a playdate. Meanwhile, Sabrina begs Liz to not tell Patrick her secret, a request that an uneasy Liz isn’t sure she can commit to. Lulu finds a shoulder to cry on regarding her separation from Dante. While Anna tells Nathan he’s running on borrowed time regarding Silas’s case, Sam does her own investigating by seeking out someone who might know how Silas’s wife was put into a coma. While a beleaguered Scott explains to Lucy about Franco’s arrest, he turns the discussion to her unreciprocated feelings which leads to yet another charged moment for the adulterous couple. Meanwhile, Felicia confides Lucy’s secret to Mac, who as Kevin’s best friend, storms over to Scott’s Metro Court hotel room to confront Scott with a stern warning.

THIS WEEK: The new chief of staff has reason to be upset. Felix looks forward to his date with Brad

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — After Summer is transported to the hospital, Nick rushes into Summer’s room wanting to know what happened. When Esmeralda tells Stitch that she gave Summer energy pills, Stitch takes them off to be tested. Later, Jack bumps into Esmeralda and is stunned to hear about Summer’s condition. Jack rushes to the hospital and Sharon explains what happened and Jack wants to know why Sharon called Nick and not him. Kelly brings Billy the paperwork that will put Billy in charge of Delia’s foundation. Billy makes it clear to Kelly that she should not come to his house anymore. Meanwhile, Chelsea decides that she wants to go to Paris after Adam shows her a house he found online. Noah catches Courtney buying drugs from Raven. Noah tells Courtney that he can handle the truth, but not another lie. When Kevin asks Chloe to give him a chance to help her, Chloe is adamant that it will never happen because he can’t bring Delia back. Kevin starts to tell Chloe that they have a lead in the case when Chelsea interrupts and shares that she is moving to Paris with Adam. Billy questions why Chelsea and Adam are moving to Paris all of a sudden. Adam plays it cool and tells Billy that the foundation is in capable hands and he is ready for a fresh start with Chelsea. Billy tells Adam that he has definitely balanced the karmic scales. Victor blames Jack for Summer possibly taking pills while she was modeling for Jabot. When Tyler heads out to work, Abby stays behind to explore the loft. The dark haired woman sneaks inside and locks Abby inside. The woman smashes Abby’s cell phone while Abby struggles to get out.

THIS WEEK: Michael goes to see Leslie in hopes that she can tell him who turned state’s evidence against Womack. Michael and Christine have a heated argument about Fen.

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