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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Putting her own feelings aside for her sister, Katie urges Ridge to start a life with Brooke again. Quinn pleads with Pam and Charlie to keep Wyatt’s secret by pointing out how Forrester Creations has benefitted from the jewelry heist’s publicity. Rick voices to Caroline his concern of Ridge breaking Brooke’s heart again. Hope and Wyatt’s road trip heats up. Brooke queries Katie on whether or not there is another woman in Ridge’s life. Pam breaks her promise to Quinn and seeks out Liam to spill Wyatt’s incriminating secret. When learning that Wyatt is the one behind the alleged jewelry heist, Liam becomes determined to let Hope know what kind of man she is in a relationship with. Unaware of what information is in store for her, Hope completely ditches her trust issues in regards to Wyatt. With the assistance of Pam and Charlie, Liam determines the exact location of where Hope and Wyatt are camping. He is adamant to tell Hope about the lie that Wyatt has been keeping. Brooke makes another attempt to get Bill to work on his relationship with Katie. In return, Bill tries to get Brooke to give up on her desire to have a future with Ridge. Wyatt presents Hope with a token of his affection to mark the crossroad they hit in their relationship. Brooke and Ridge discuss their future over lunch. Liam is confident that Hope will leave Wyatt once she hears the details about the jewelry heist. Determined to win Brooke back, Bill recruits Justin to dig up any dirt that he can find on Ridge. Rick becomes concerned about the company and his sister when Pam reveals to him about Wyatt’s HFTF publicity stunt.

THIS WEEK: With Ridge and Brooke sitting across the restaurant from them, Katie has a difficult time focusing on her lunch with Caroline. Wyatt tries to justify his actions regarding the jewelry heist in a desperate attempt to get Hope to forgive him.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kate, Sami and Gabi fear their secret will be exposed. EJ gives Abigail a stern warning. Lucas and Sheryl grow closer, while Rafe asks Jordan about her past. Eric tells Nicole he’s leaving town to sort out his future. Daniel realizes there’s still hope to exonerate Eric. With Bev’s help, JJ carries out the first part of his plan to stop Theresa’s reign of terror. Stefano tries to persuade Kate to have dinner with him. EJ warns Sami things must change between them – one way or the other. JJ scrambles to throw Theresa off track. Kate finds herself in a sticky situation. Fed-up Maggie declares she can no longer be Brady’s sponsor. Hope has another tense meeting with Aiden. Daniel and Nicole work together to clear Eric’s name – and eventually come up with an exciting breakthrough. Eric does some major soul-searching. JJ worries Theresa won’t take the bait. Rafe is furious when he learns about the latest developments in Gabi’s life. Daniel and Nicole decide to hunt down Dr. Chyka. Jordan comes to Rafe’s aid during a tense encounter.

THIS WEEK: Kate finds herself in a sticky situation. Rafe has a tense encounter.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The only way Sonny can protect Morgan is to vow he will break up with Ava. Meanwhile, the Jeromes start to turn on one another as tensions mount. Julian tries to get Ava to confess about what she knows about how Silas’s wife became comatose. Anna blindsides Duke but even after revealing the truth, he hopes to convince her that this is one situation he can control. While Sam is complaining to Dante about his new partner, Nathan, they talk about his recent breakup with Lulu. Nathan makes a cryptic phone call. He sees Lulu and they share their own stories of failed romance. When Heather tells the captive Carly that her plan is proceeding accordingly, Heather lets down her guard and Carly tries to use this moment to her advantage. Spencer and Cameron’s plan to win Emma’s heart takes them to the stables. The jailed Franco and Silas compare notes and believe they’ve both been framed. Ava vehemently denies to Sam any involvement in Silas’s wife’s attempted murder and divulges some crucial proof to prove her point. Kiki must convince Michael that Franco is being set up so she goes to the Miscavige Institute to see Heather. Robin braces herself when she arrives home and finds her door ajar.

THIS WEEK: Victor Cassadine returns to Port Charles with scandalous news and makes a dangerous demand to a Port Charles resident. A suspicious character escorts Kiki to the locked-up Heather’s room at the Miscavige Institute.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy brings Kevin print outs of all the posts from the grief chat room. Kevin tells Billy about the witness who claims to have seen the hit and run driver’s license plate and says that they’re waiting on a report from the DMV. Meanwhile, Adam assures Chelsea that he wants to marry her. Chelsea tells Adam that nothing will separate them again. Later, Victor tells Adam to either change his plans or he is going to the police. Jack and Kyle work to try and establish the trail of the drugs from Bonaventure to Victor. Hilary arrives with a sample of the drug. Kyle confirms to Jack that Bonaventure started selling the energy pill after they were under the Newman-Chancellor umbrella. Later, Kyle tells Victor that he is quitting his job at Newman-Chancellor. Nikki is shocked to find herself face to face with Ian Ward. Nikki is shaken to hear that Ian wants to get to know Dylan and plans on staying in town. Meanwhile, Dylan and Avery happily return to Genoa City and plan to spend the evening together. Chelsea goes to Billy and Victoria’s and asks to say goodbye to Johnny. Later, Chloe questions why Adam and Chelsea are rushing to go to Paris. Across town, Kevin tells Paul that he is working on getting information on the person who was posting to Billy in the grief chat room. Summer thanks Sharon for saving her and apologizes for taking the pills. Later, Summer asks Jack if he thinks Phyllis will ever come back to them. Devon asks Hilary if she would like to help with the event at the Athletic Club that will honor Delia. Lily welcomes Kelly’s input and tries to hide her annoyance about Hilary’s involvement. Stitch comes by to check on Billy and Victoria tells him that he left ours ago and she hasn’t seen or heard from him. Later, Victor goes to tell Victoria important news about the hit and run. When Lauren receives another surprise gift, Michael tells her that he wants to have the prints analyzed but doesn’t think that they should tell the police. Lauren questions what Michael is thinking as he heads out searching for answers.

THIS WEEK: Nikki tells Paul about Ian’s arrival in Genoa City. Sharon and Nick talks about the visions she’s been having of Cassie.

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