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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill hoped that the dirt that he had dug up on Ridge will change Brooke’s mind about continuing to pursue him. Rick left it up to Hope to decide what to do about Wyatt’s future at Forrester Creations and in her life. Sparks flew between Ridge and Katie as they spent time together during a play date with their sons. Caroline gave Liam a piece of painful advice. Feeling confi- dent about his chances of winning Hope back, Liam gloated when asking Quinn for an insincere favor. Liam let Quinn know that he knew all about Wyatt’s part in the jewelry heist. Katie and Ridge took their play date to a nearby park while trying to keep the topic of their conversations off of Brooke and Bill. Hope was put on the spot to make an immediate decision about Wyatt. Liam eagerly awaited word from Hope about whether or not she’s ending her relationship with Wyatt. Quinn confronted Pam about breaking her promise of keeping Wyatt’s secret between the two of them. Katie debated whether or not to confide in Donna her growing feelings towards Ridge. Wyatt set boundaries with Quinn about her meddling in his personal life. Tired of his constant interference, Quinn created a diversion to lure Liam’s attention away from Wyatt and Hope. Wyatt planned a romantic evening for Hope to sincerely apologize for not being completely forthcoming with her about the jewelry heist. Aly was the recipient of a glamorous makeover but unaware of the purpose for it. Oliver gave Liam advice regarding Hope. Ridge and Katie’s mutual admiration for each other blossomed as they recount how far they have both com following their failed relationships. Wyatt made a sincere promise to Hope that he will never again break her trust.

THIS WEEK: Liam confides in a smitten Aly. Hope is torn between her head and her heart on whether to trust Wyatt again.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail blasted Adrienne for gossiping about her and EJ to Jennifer. JJ received bad news about his case. Brady sought refuge at Daniel’s empty apartment, so he could drink in peace. However, it’s not long before someone unexpected discovered him. Kate alerted EJ and Gabi to a new problem. Sami came home early from a business trip and was poised to get the shock of her life. Daniel and Nicole tracked down Dr. Chyka’s hideout and prepared to make their move. Theresa fell for JJ’s trap! EJ scrambled to conceal the truth from Sami. Daniel and Nicole confronted Dr. Chyka and demanded information to clear Eric’s name. At the same time, Stefano ordered his henchman to neutralize Dr. Chyka, using any means necessary. Brother Timothy presented a new option to Eric concerning his future. Theresa was horrified when JJ revealed he set her up – but she’s not going down without a fight. Stefano’s henchman arrived just as Daniel and Nicole started to get information out of Dr. Chyka. Theresa took out her frustration on Brady. Hope had another disastrous meeting with Aiden. Daniel and Nicole’s mission took a dangerous turn. THIS WEEK: Theresa falls for JJ’s trap! Nicole and Daniel find themselves in danger

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Heather managed to get the bounded Carly into the Wyndemere catacombs, but then her murderous plan took a tumbling setback. When a jailed Franco was forced to tell Kiki the damaging truth about Heather, it’s all too much for Kiki and she passed out. When Franco tried to escape, an armed Dante demanded that he stop, or he will shoot! Robin found Victor Cassidine’s proposal incredulous, but he provided a pretty convincing reason as to why she should consider it. Emma asked if she will be getting a new baby brother or sister. Tension built as Sabrina realized she must make a life-altering decision. Britt and Patrick had a heart-toheart about Britt trying to trick him with the baby. Lulu found an allergic rash on Baby Ben, the same allergy Dante had. Britt was burning with guilt and hoped everyone, especially Nikolas, thought it’s just a coincidence. Dante and Nathan chased after the wounded Franco, who was intent on fleeing to the cemetery to confirm that Heather’s body is indeed buried there. Olivia thought she saw Heather. Mrs. McClain (guest star Shirley Jones), a widow and concerned resident of Port Charles, came across a suspicious gravedigger during a visit to her husband’s gravesite. She immediately took her suspicions to the PCPD. Liz schemed to enlist a reluctant Felix to test Ben and Dante’s DNA against each other. Britt was touched by Nikolas’ gesture when he made it clear to Liz that Britt’s his girlfriend. Julian and Carlos lamented about their personal situations during their first meeting since Carlos began “lying low.” Lucas came out to Julian and told him he’s gay. Sabrina told Patrick that she told Carlos the truth and braced herself for his reaction. The jailed Kiki’s revelation to Michael that she hid Franco in his apartment left Michael feeling betrayed.

THIS WEEK: A dismayed Julian tells a defensive Lucas that he’s uncomfortable with knowing his son is gay. Sonny tells Morgan that he will keep his promise to Michael and not kill AJ for murdering Connie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria and Victor discovered that Billy knows that Adam’s responsible for Delia’s death. Victoria was frantic to find Billy. Across town, Paul told a shocked Jack that he’s looking for Adam and that there’s a warrant out for his arrest. Christine prepared Fenmore for his sentencing after he made a deal with her to plead guilty to Carmine’s murder. Michael asked Christine to postpone the hearing until he can get the answers he’s looking for. Lauren pleaded her case to the judge, taking the blame for bringing Carmine into their lives. Later, Michael returned with new evidence! Anita consoled Chelsea who can’t forgive herself for not figuring out sooner what Adam had done. Chelsea admitted that it was a huge mistake trusting Adam again. Victor told Chelsea that she and Connor will always be part of the Newman family. Lily continued to share her disdain for Hilary’s idea over the theme for Delia’s benefit. Cane thought they might want to call off the event in light of knowing that the person responsible for Delia’s charity was also responsible for her death. Devon asked for Chloe’s permission to go on with the benefit for Delia’s foundation and offered to give back every dollar Adam donated and double it. In the park, Noah spotted Courtney in the middle of a drug deal. Courtney maintained that she never lied to Noah about her feelings for him. Nikki told Nick that Ian Ward’s in Genoa City. Nick blamed Dylan for bringing Ian to town.

THIS WEEK: Cane confronts Colin and demands answers about what he wants with his family. Nick and Dylan call a truce in order to help Nikki.

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