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RECAPS – 1/21-1/25

ALL MY CHILDREN – Angie was stunned to find that Quentin was actually her son Frankie, who suffered the same mysterious symptoms as Greenlee. Angie believed that the source of Frankie and Greenlee illnesses might be linked to Aidan’s property. Greenlee later was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Kendall was shocked when a representative from Hyperion came to see her, explaining that they wanted to publish her novel as soon as possible. Annie told Richie that she’d get tested as a possible donor only if he confessed all his crimes on paper and then disappeared from her life for good. He had no choice but to accept.

THIS WEEK: Erica deals with a financial crisis.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Holden hid the syringe he found in Lily’s hand, but Margo later recovered it. When the police tested the contents, Holden was arrested for Dusty’s murder. Lily urged Bonnie to defend Holden, but he lied to protect Lily. Emily was guilt-ridden about Dusty’s death. Rosanna tried to get Paul to give their marriage one more chance. Barbara learned that she couldn’t have surgery until her tumor shrinks. Brad broke his leg after a fall and needed around the clock care. Katie agreed to do it, but assured Jack she would not be sleeping in bed with Brad.

THIS WEEK: Parker resists seeing a psychiatrist.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Taylor freaked out when she found that Nick had saved a box filled with photos and souvenirs of his marriage to Brooke. Rick learned that Brooke is baby Jack’s real mother and pushed Nick to reunite with Brooke. Taylor warned Brooke to stop reaching out to Nick, like sending him text messages. Brooke countered that she wouldn’t go after Nick and Jack, but only if Taylor got her life together. Nick had second thoughts about staying with Taylor. Jackie urged Nick to stop Brooke from marrying Ridge and make a family with Nick and Jack. Donna was stunned when she went to meet Eric in the hotel only to find Stephanie instead.

THIS WEEK: Ashley asks Rick an important question.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – When Kayla was at just the right moment to conceive a baby, she was thrilled to find Steve waiting outside the door with flowers, ready for romance. Marlena refused to give up on getting the real John back. John had flashes of memories. To find out what Stefano did to wipe out John’s memories, Marlena gave Stefano truth serum. Stephanie told Steve that Ford had raped her and later Chelsea admitted to Crawford that his son is dead. Chloe and Shawn were close to finding Claire. Stefano offered to get Lucas out of jail if he’ll get Johnny away from EJ and Sami.

THIS WEEK: Anna and Tony return to Salem.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sonny proposed to Kate, who gave her answer by abruptly running away. An unseen assailant attacked Alexis. Sam came to Alexis’ rescue, causing the perp to run off before being recognized. Alexis received a text message threatening both her and Sam. Mac discovered that the results of the DNA test from Georgie’s murder investigation were missing. Logan’s temper flared when Scott suspected he might have stolen the DNA results from the PCPD. Coop maintained his innocence when Logan confronted him with the incriminating DNA test results in hand. Ian Devlin, a newly arrived doctor at GH, got the attention of the nurses.

THIS WEEK: The killer makes a move on Sam!

GUIDING LIGHT – Bill pretended to set fire to Company to get revenge on Coop. Doris apologized to Ashlee and offered to make peace with Buzz. Olivia confessed to Natalia and Gus that she’s been coerced by Alan to break them up. Alan was disturbed that someone was harassing him on the anniversary of Sarah’s death. Reva confronted Jonathan about going after Alan. Lizzie believed she was pregnant and that Bill was the father. When she discovered she wasn’t, she tried to get Bill to make love. She ran off and was nearly hit by a car. Jonathan appeared to save her.

THIS WEEK: Lizzie has questions for Reva.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – One of Asa’s ex-wives, Pamela, claimed that she was Jared’s mother. She and Jared were revealed to be in cahoots in their elaborate lie. Todd attacked Rex, holding his face over the stove and threatening to turn the burner on. Blair confessed to Todd that she’d been seeing visions of Margaret and admitted her conflicted feelings about Sam. Jessica, posing as Tess, cozied up to Jared in his bedroom. Jared called the doctor and orderlies from St. Ann’s to enforce the standing order to re-institutionalize Jessica should she ever revert back to Tess. Nora was determined to prove that Lindsay faked her psychotic break.

THIS WEEK: John blackmails Todd into helping Marcie.

PASSIONS – Ethan worried for Theresa’s safety when Pilar let it slip that Theresa would risk her life for him. Meanwhile, Juanita became Theresa’s unlikely hero when the hitmen closed in. Theresa escaped the flying bullets, but was soon thereafter cornered and knocked out. When she awoke, Juanita informed her that she was being used as bait to lure Pilar to Mexico, where their whole family would be killed. Pretty activated the device in Fancy’s brain, causing her to lash out everyone in the room. As a result, a furious Sheridan forbade Fancy from being near Marty. Noah and Paloma, Kay and Miguel decided on a double wedding.

THIS WEEK: Pretty manipulates Fancy into seducing Noah.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS – The judge ruled that Victor was to give Nikki a generous divorce settlement, but Nikki was to hand over N.V.P. to cover her loan. David met with an unknown man who called him Clark and promised to pay him in full in two weeks. Michael tried to suggest they take a new plea of self-defense, but Victor wouldn’t hear it and fired Michael. Heather blew off a witness that alibied Victor for Ji Min’s murder. At a press conference, the four finalists in the “Fresh Face Of Jabot” contest were announced, including Lily and “Marina.” Later, a suspicious Cane exposed “Marina” as Amber.

THIS WEEK: Kay is struck down by a medical crisis.

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