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RECAPS – FEB. 24 – 28



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope was flooded with memories of her numerous failed weddings as she filled Liam in on what had transpired at Brooke and Ridge’s wedding. Liam filled Hope in on his theory regarding Katie’s recent health scare. Bill and Quinn relived their torrid past together. Brooke interrupted a private and intimate conversation between Katie and Ridge. Due to recent events, Bill was convinced that he had been given a second chance to win Brooke’s heart back. Hope concocted a plan to allow Ridge and Katie time alone to explore their feelings for each other. Unaware of the true reason behind the last minute business trip, Brooke agreed to accompany Hope to Paris. Bill paid a visit to Brooke to make another plea to reunite. Wyatt was oblivious to the true meaning behind Quinn’s confession when she told him about her recent interaction with Bill. Wanting to rekindle their love for each other, Bill invited himself on Brooke’s trip to Paris. Ridge attempted to quell Katie’s overwhelming guilt about how her feelings for him may affect Brooke. Hope got an unexpected surprise en route to France. Aly confided in Thorne about her concerns regarding a few recent decisions that Hope had made in her personal life. Bill set Quinn straight about how what happened between them the other evening would never happen again. In turn, Quinn proposed that she, Bill and Wyatt try being a family. Eric and Pam discussed the disturbing secret that had been kept quiet by the Forrester family for years.

THIS WEEK: Aly attempts to convince Hope that Wyatt and Quinn are having a negative impact on the image of Forrester Creations. Old wounds are re-opened when Eric gets a surprise visit from a former friend and lover.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer wanted to reunite with Daniel – but he worried Theresa’s still a threat. Theresa and Brady bonded over drinks. Later, Brady had an uneasy feeling he’s being watched. EJ attempted to end his affair with Abigail. Sami blasted Nicole when she learned Eric was leaving the priesthood. A guiltridden Nicole tried to correct her mistake – but might end up exposing it instead. JJ came clean with Abigail. Sami and EJ set a wedding date. Brady accused Maggie and Victor of having him followed. Hope and Aiden were forced to work together. Gabi agreed to go out with T – but Nick schemed to nip that potential romance in the bud. The person spying on Rafe and Jordan was revealed. Nick drew Gabi close by playing on her insecurities. Jordan was confronted by her past. Hope clashed with Aiden when he made the wrong assumption.

THIS WEEK: Jordan was confronted by her past. Marlena made a deal with the devil.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — “General Hospital” celebrated another milestone with its 13,000th episode, unveiling new twists and turns in the relationship between teenagers Molly and TJ while Michael and Kiki discussed taking their relationship in a new direction. An unstable AJ tried to remember what really happened the night of Connie’s murder. More questions were raised when Shawn traced the money that funds Julian’s operations. Rafe got a surprise visitor. Patrick and Robin made a heartwrenching and emotional decision that will affect their lives forever. Now that Ava was in a bind, she wanted Carlos to do her dirty work. Julian shook up TJ when he had an overdue chat about what he might have told the PCPD about the warehouse shooting. Molly was furious with Alexis for interrupting her date. Alexis demanded to know why a man from Port Charles’ past had returned. Sam and Silas found another but dubious way to clear Silas’s name. Although AJ had his mind on other matters, he had reassuring words for a heartbroken Michael. Delia tried to give a warning to Sam, but she and Silas were romantically occupied. Sonny and Shawn had a lot to say to TJ when he told them what Julian wanted him to do regarding the shootout. When Nathan showed Kiki the file on her father, he let her know she might make some unpleasant discoveries. Sonny paid an unexpected visit to the Metro Court’s latest occupant. When Shawn told Alexis about Julian’s threats toward TJ, she questioned the trust she has for Julian. Sonny suspected ulterior motives for why a distant relative had returned to Port Charles and had a warning for him. Sam, Silas and Delia reviewed their scheme to throw suspicion on Nakamura.

THIS WEEK: Shocking news forces Silas to realize he must confront his past. AJ’s memory is jarred once again about the night of Connie’s death and he decides to go to Ava’s for answers.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Michael showed Lauren a postcard they received, and they realized it’s from Carmine. Lauren realized there’s nothing that would stop Carmine from returning to Genoa City. Following the tumultuous night at the Gala, Colin told Cane that he’s glad he could help him. Cane turned the tables and said that Colin had always enjoyed when someone was in his debt. Colin assured Cane that he had no intention of collecting on any type of debt. Colin asked Jill about the romantic dinner she promised him and suggested making reservations. Jill agreed to a kiss from Colin for information on the music box. Colin gave Jill a piece of paper with an important name on it. Nikki asked to check out the life coach that Summer planned on meeting with, but Summer reminded her grandmother that she’s an adult and intended to keep her eyes and ears open. Later, Paul realized that Nikki hadn’t told Victor that Ian’s in town. Meanwhile, Summer met with Ian, and he asked her to start by telling her everything about herself. He offered to do a personality test for Summer and said she must put herself completely in his hands. Summer decided to stay at the hotel with Ian and fill out the personality test. Across town, Dylan told Nick they should find Ian and convince him to leave town. Avery made them promise that they wouldn’t need a lawyer when they’re done with Ian. Dylan told her not to worry, but Nick refused to make any promises. Nick comforted Sharon who’s still nervous about continually seeing Cassie. Sharon admitted that she has worried about never being able to get better. Dr. Mead offered to have a session in Sharon’s home since she frequently saw Cassie there. Dr. Mead gave Sharon a new prescription. Chloe blamed Chelsea for letting Adam be a father to Connor. Victor, Chelsea and Kevin had a heated confrontation with Chloe. Kelly told Stitch that she’s in no mood for a lecture on how she ruined another marriage.

THIS WEEK: Neil pleads with Leslie to make things offi- cial and commit to him. Sharon confides in Noah that she is seeing Cassie again.

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