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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie and Ridge took another trip to the park where Ridge admitted his true feelings of love to her. Aly became alarmed to find Hope and Wyatt having sex. Aly freaked out at the site of Wyatt and Hope in bed. Hope had to take Aly into the other room to calm her down. Aly took her frustrations out on Hope. She believed that Wyatt’s changing Hope and the message for her line. Hope tried to tell Aly that Wyatt made her happy. At the park, Katie and Ridge heard music coming from an amphitheater and asked the musicians there to play a song for them. Their feelings for one another were apparent as they dance to the music. Katie finally admitted her feelings for Ridge. Katie and Ridge recited a poem together and basked in their love. They sobered a bit when they realize that they have to break the news to Brooke. On the way home from Paris, Hope confided in Wyatt that she purposely left Katie and Ridge home alone to figure out their feelings. On the plane, Brooke asked Wyatt and Hope to be her wedding witnesses. Katie prepared herself to tell Brooke that she and Ridge were in love. At the Forrester office, Hope confronted Ridge about leaving his family and Brooke the way Bill did with Katie. Brooke arrived at Katie’s house thinking they would be having breakfast. When Katie told Brooke that she’s in love with Ridge, Brooke did not take her seriously. At the office, Hope told Ridge the truth about her wishes for him and Brooke. Unable to take his mind off of Katie and Brooke, Ridge left the office to go see what’s happening with the two women in his life.

THIS WEEK: Aly confides to Pam that she has an issue with Wyatt and Quinn and asks if Pam does as well. Wyatt gives Hope a massage in the steam room.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nick threatened Sonny and later blackmailed Sami. Eric and Nicole went out for a romantic date, but the mood was ruined when Brady and Theresa arrived. Jennifer and Daniel’s reunion got off to an awkward start. JJ was smitten after an encounter with a beautiful young woman. Sami was thrown when Johnny claimed that Abigail loves Rafe. After another intense exchange with Ben, Jordan gave Rafe shocking news! Kate got a lead on Jordan’s past from an unaware Sheryl – much to Lucas’ dismay. John returned to Salem and delivered devastating news to Hope about Bo. Brady was not pleased to have his father back in town – and he made his feelings abundantly clear. Rafe was heartbroken and confused over Jordan’s decision. Sami and Hope got into a heated argument over Sami’s actions. Marlena tried to dissuade Eric from getting involved with Nicole. Later, Marlena ran into John! While working together, Hope and Aiden had a slight thaw.

THIS WEEK: John and Marlena make another attempt to communicate. Is Abigail pregnant?!

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny reiterated to Michael he would never upset him by hurting AJ, despite wanting revenge for Connie’s murder. Meanwhile, Anna confronted Duke to see what he might know about AJ’s attack. Shawn let Sonny know that he saw AJ arrive at Ava’s place. Victor agreed to give Dr. Obrecht info on Faison but only if she agreed to his random request. While Robin and Emma shared a special moment together as a family, they received an unwelcomed interruption. AJ confronted Ava about what he remembered the night Connie was murdered — and she pulled a gun on him! As a struggle erupted between Ava and AJ, an unarmed person walked in on them, and AJ was shot! Obrecht confronted Anna about Faison’s disappearance. Another bittersweet moment occurred between Patrick and Robin. Victor told Patrick that despite his suspicions, Robin should remain hopeful. Sam and Silas arrived at the clinic to search for his comatose wife but were unprepared for what they found. A prominent resident arrived at the scene of AJ’s crime just as the PCPD turned up. Unbeknownst to Sam and Silas, someone was secretly watching them at the clinic. Despite Tracy’s suspicions, Luke finally came clean and told her where he had been. Ric had a revelation for Elizabeth, but then they were interrupted at the ER. Elizabeth informed Michael about AJ’s dire condition. While AJ battled for his life, the suspects work on finding alibis. Anna continued to investigate the case and later made an arrest. Alexis considered representing the suspect. Michael rushed to AJ’s side in the ER and tried to put the pieces together on who might have shot his father. Alexis and Molly’s never-ending argument about TJ caused Molly to call Ric with an unexpected request. Luke told Tracy why he had to lie and then offered her a proposition.

THIS WEEK: Monica is less than thrilled with Tracy and Luke’s news. Carlos learns AJ was shot, and loyalties are tested when he discovers who was charged with the crime.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kevin told Chloe that she needed to start dealing with her grief. Colin informed Jill that if she thought she could solve the riddle on her own and cut him out, then she better think again. Jill didn’t think there was anything to cut Colin out of considering; she thought he was sending her on a wild goose chase. Kelly confronted Stitch about his soon to be ex-wife, Jenna. Later, Stitch ran into Victoria at the GCAC gym. She revealed that there was nothing normal for her and Billy anymore and she questioned if her marriage’s even worth fighting for. Meanwhile, Kelly was surprised that Billy wanted to see her considering how he reacted over the phone. Billy gently let Kelly know that in order to save his marriage, they couldn’t be friends anymore. Nick found a Ouija board at Sharon’s and asked if she was trying to contact Cassie. When the conversation turned to Sumer not really being Nick’s daughter and Sharon’s guilt crept in, she told him to forget about the paternity test and that Summer was his daughter in every way that counts. Across town, Courtney prepared a birthday surprise for Noah. Dylan thought that Ian still knew something and he wasn’t going to let it go. Avery explained to Dylan that this mess with Ian ultimately helped Nikki because she finally got to confront him about the past. Later, Jack and Nick encouraged Summer to talk to Nikki about what she’s feeling.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea asks Billy to tell her everything about the last time he saw Adam. Colin confesses that he only wants to prove to Jill that he is the man she deserves.

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