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RECAPS – MARCH 10 - 14



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke had a difficult time assimilating the news that Ridge and Katie gave her. Aly turned to Pam for information on Wyatt and Quinn. At a Forrester Creations meeting, Wyatt pitched a unique jewelry line collection to the team. Everyone but Aly seemed to like Wyatt’s concept. Wyatt vehemently defended himself and his mother’s art to Aly. Everyone looked to Eric to decide whether or not to proceed with the line. Katie defended herself to Brooke who accused Katie and Ridge of having an ulterior motive: revenge. During the team meeting at Forrester, Eric became annoyed at Aly as she continued to try to prove her point about Wyatt and Quinn. Pam stuck up for Aly. When Quinn continued to stir the pot, Eric played mediator between she and Aly. Rick and Caroline got romantic in the steam room. Wyatt asked Hope to make a giant move forward in their relationship. Aly tricked Charlie into telling her the truth about the diamond heist. Not realizing what he’s done, Charlie believed that Pam told Aly something that they promised they would never tell. Wyatt attempted to convince Quinn that if this new collection was displayed right, they would win over all of their current office adversaries. Quinn shared that she’s worried that Aly would be their downfall. Aly was surprised by Hope’s reaction when she revealed a secret about Wyatt. Donna was shocked when Brooke confided in her about Katie and Ridge. Liam faced off with Wyatt and Quinn and accused them of being two-faced. Pam revealed to Charlie that she wasn’t the one who spilled the beans about the diamond heist. Aly was stunned when Hope told her not to call the police and that she already knew about Wyatt’s role in the diamond heist. On the Forrester office bridge, Aly and Quinn got into a heated argument, which soon turned physical on the Forrester office bridge.

THIS WEEK: Brooke makes a promise to Ridge. Quinn finds Aly and cautions her to stay away from Hope and Wyatt.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES —EJ received stunning news about Abigail. Eric refused to have sex with Nicole! JJ realized he has something in common with his mystery girl. Jennifer was upset when she learned she’s the target of a smear campaign. EJ and Abigail panicked over her possible pregnancy. Rafe pulled out all the romantic stops to prevent Jordan from leaving town. JJ tried to impress Paige but ended up putting his foot in his mouth. Victor offered his help when Sonny confided his mistrust of Nick. Marlena sought answers from Dr. Chyka. Stefano and Nicole had an ugly confrontation. Abigail realized she didn’t trust EJ. JJ’s mortified when his past came back to haunt him.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer receives a malicious piece of mail. Marlena blasts John, then seeks solace in Roman’s arms.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly confronted Sonny and made a demand from him. When Anna had questions for Morgan about AJ’s shooting, Morgan had his own opinion about the guilty person. A reluctant Duke admitted to Anna information about one of the shooting suspects. Ric thanked Alexis for sending work his way, but she became livid when she found out his plans for Molly. Luke’s uncharacteristic behavior created an awkward moment with Monica. While he continued to piece together what happened the night AJ was shot, Michael was taken aback when new information came his way. Meanwhile, Julian and Ric appeared to have a mysterious involvement with one another. Alexis and Molly battled it out over her living arrangements. Felix was blindsided when he saw Lucas and Brad together. Sonny perceived how worried Michael was about AJ’s condition and tried to comfort him. Julian issued a stern warning to Carlos. Britt told her mother she was engaged to Nikolas but wondered if Obrecht will reveal her secret. Silas told Kiki the details about what happened to him in NYC unaware that someone was eavesdropping on their conversation. Ric had an offer for Liz that put Nikolas on edge. In order to figure out what really happened the night of AJ’s shooting, the stymied Anna and Dante continued to question more people. Emma asked Patrick a difficult question regarding Robin, which left Patrick more frustrated than ever. Monica enlisted Patrick’s help in the effort to save AJ. Sabrina got information that may fill in some blanks about Carlos’s recent activities. Lulu dreamed Ben was her son but kept it to herself. Spencer had a plan to woo Emma. Luke’s continuing out-of-character behavior affected Kiki.

THIS WEEK: Morgan finds Kiki in an unexpected predicament. Shawn has a startling encounter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy told Jack that he hopes that his marriage isn’t damaged beyond repair. Meanwhile, Abby ran into Stitch and tried to play matchmaker for him and Ashley. Stitch asked how Ashley has been doing, and later Abby learned that Stitch’s going through a divorce. Later, Victoria ran into Stitch at the hospital, and she told him that Billy knows she kissed someone. Later, Billy warned Stitch to stay away from his wife. Nick told Noah about how Victor kept Adam’s secret about the hit and run and how that ultimately set things in motion that led to his demise. Sharon saw them talking and Nick invited her to stay for lunch. Noah left as Nick and Sharon enjoy the time alone. Later they headed home, and the sexual tension was almost too much for them to handle. Meanwhile, the Cassie imposter went to see Victor and told him he’ll have to find someone new to spy on Sharon. When the Cassie imposter told him that she doesn’t think she can get Sharon to reveal her secret, Victor reminded her that he’s paying her a lot of money and trusts that she’ll find a way. Later, the Cassie imposter broke into Sharon’s house again. Chelsea got angry that Victor doesn’t think Adam could be alive and accused him of even hoping that Adam’s dead. Abby told Jack that she’s glad that Victoria and Billy are going to work things out despite Kelly’s involvement. Later, Jack called Kelly and asked her to meet him for lunch. Meanwhile, Lily found out that Kelly has left her job at the foundation because of Billy. Lily knew that Kelly had been through a lot and she told her that she would help her figure out her next move. Later, Kelly thanked Jack for inviting her to lunch. Jack knew that Billy and Victoria could get through this, and he knows Kelly’s road’s tough but she could move forward. Dylan tried to break up a heated confrontation between Stitch and Billy. Stitch told Billy to fix his marriage.

THIS WEEK: Nikki leaves as Paul tries to reassure Christine that Nikki’s gesture was nothing more than a thank you. Victor isn’t thrilled when the Cassie imposter shows up at his office.

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