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RECAPS – MARCH 17 - 21



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke attempts to persuade Ridge that she is the woman he should be with by reminding him of all that they’ve shared throughout the years. He appears to be taken by her charm. Donna calls Katie out on whether or not she’s interested in Ridge as a means of revenge against Brooke. Eric demands to know why he was never told the truth about Wyatt and the diamond heist. Wyatt attempts to explain himself and offers to confess to the police about his crime. Rick makes a decision about Wyatt’s future.Katie is pleasantly surprised when Ridge comes home and tells her about setting Brooke straight. They come to a realization about their future together. Brooke invites Bill over and shares the news about Katie and Ridge. She is surprised by his reaction. Later, Bill comforts Brooke about losing Ridge and tells her that she is the only woman that he wants. Aly is upset after Eric tells her that Wyatt and Quinn are here to stay and demands that she stop her bad behavior toward them. Once home, an emotionally exhausted Aly believes she sees her mother Darla. Darla and Aly have a long conversation in which Darla gives her daughter advice about the Forresters.Bill visits Rick in his office and informs him that Ridge left Brooke for Katie.

THIS WEEK: Katie and Ridge revel in their new found love. Alone at the Forrester Mansion, Brooke begins to drown her sorrows over losing Ridge.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Daniel confronts Nicole with the reassembled evidence he found in her room. Jennifer takes action to figure out who’s been harassing her. EJ is mortified when Sami suggests she knows why he was sneaking around. Adrienne questions Abigail about her secret. EJ assures Abigail he will be a part of his child’s life no matter what. They then meet with a doctor to determine whether or not she’s pregnant. Sami and Lucas bond over their past. Theresa is surprised when Liam says he wants to get to know her better. Rory and Bev play a prank on JJ – which may end up hurting his chances with Paige. EJ and Abigail receive the results of her pregnancy test.

Ben is upset to learn Jordan is staying in Salem because of Rafe. Brady is jealous when he catches Theresa with Liam. JJ is mortified when he learns what Rory and Bev have done.

Nicole sets up a seductive scene to lure Eric into lovemaking! Maggie explodes when she walks into the living room and discovers Theresa and Brady in a compromising position!

THIS WEEK: Hope and Aiden come to a new understanding. Kate finally makes good on her promise to have dinner with Stefano.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — AJ is running out of time and Michael must now make a life or death decision about his father’s medical treatment. Epiphany sees how Patrick’s emotions and even his anger over Robin’s absence is starting to show. Nathan’s true motives are revealed when a family member pays him a visit. Alexis surprises Molly and TJ by giving them her blessing. TJ and Shawn receive a shocking blast from their past. Ava questions Julian about his involvement with Ric. Sonny asks Alexis for a favor. Elizabeth is frantic when she discovers Cameron has gone missing! Lulu confides in Lucas about her feelings towards Ben. Britt feels guilty about keeping her secret from Nikolas, and Brad gives her some advice. A previous love appears and cautions Nikolas about his engagement to Britt. Patrick provides some dire news about AJ’s condition that leaves Michael feeling guilty and Monica apprehensive. Just as Ava makes a proposition to Sonny, Morgan walks in and interrupts them. Before the party, Britt decides to destroy some incriminating evidence about Ben’s parentage. Alexis’s date to the engagement party is unaware of her ulterior motive for inviting him. Shawn demands to know what his visitor’s true motives are for coming to Port Charles. Luke makes Kiki uncomfortable when he confronts her about their incident. As Britt and Nikolas’s engagement party begins, a relieved Britt believes she is in the clear about her secret. Ric gives young Cameron some love advice regarding Emma. Unaware of her true intention, Molly and Sam are surprised to see who Alexis has brought to the party. The sight of Alexis’s date causes Sam to confess to Silas about her romantic past. Dante shows off baby Ben to Sonny and Olivia, while Lulu continues to grapple with her maternal feelings. Will a guilt-ridden Brad be stopped from confessing the truth about Ben? The engagement party really heats up when Elizabeth finally learns the secret about Ben. Now she must contemplate on how to best deal with this revelation.

THIS WEEK: Sonny consoles a heartbroken Spencer. Sam’s admission to Silas sparks a romantic moment.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Cane tells Lily that he is following up on Victor’s belief that someone set him up with the Bonaventure drug scandal. When Lily tells Cane that she doesn’t want him getting involved with Victor, Cane insists that he doesn’t want his old job back. Colin asks Cane why he is lying to his wife. Chelsea meets with Jack about the fashion show at the Athletic Club and grows uncomfortable when he starts to question her about Victor. Hilary arrives and Jack informs her that he wants her to be the liaison along with Neil to Forrester Creations. Jack tells Hilary that he’d like her to go on a business trip to Los Angeles with Neil. Victor tracks down the homeless man that the police questioned after Adam and Billy’s car accident. The man tells a shocked Victor that he saw a man crawl out of the car before the explosion. When Stitch warns Kelly to stay away from Billy, Kelly suggests that maybe Stitch is the one that needs to stay out of Billy and Victoria’s marriage. Billy reveals to Kelly that Stitch and Victoria kissed. Billy asks Victoria to please let him come home, but she isn’t ready to forgive him yet. Victoria tells Billy that she is taking Johnny to spend some time with Reed. Jill tries to find information on Walter Shepherd and Rachel Berenson. Sparks fly between Jill and Colin as they bicker over their treasure hunt. Later, Jill admits to Lauren that blackmail was the reason that she married Colin. Colin tries to get Jill to admit they love each other despite the lack of trust between them. He tells her never to be scared of loving him.

THIS WEEK: Paul opens up to Nikki about his discussion with Ian Ward. Nikki suspects that Ian is up to something.

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