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RECAPS – MARCH 24 - 28



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Rick found Brooke passed out in Eric’s living room and became livid when he realized why his mother had been drinking. Thorne returned from Paris and became concerned when Aly confi ded in him that she’s speaking to her dead mother, Darla. Thorne cautiously attempted to convince Aly to become more accepting of Wyatt and Hope. While in bed, Wyatt pitched Hope his idea for the newest HFTF line and told her that he’s going to present it to the team. Wyatt brought in a life-size cutout of Hope as he presented his newest concept to the team at Forrester Creations. Aly became outraged at Wyatt’s newest pitch and called Hope out on her participation. Brooke voiced her regrets about the past and the present to Donna. Pam recounted to Liam the story of how Aly’s mother died. She also tipped him off about what’s currently happening in the Forrester CEO office. Rick, Eric, Caroline, Quinn, Carter and Maya discussed the possible ramifications of changing the message of HFTF. Hope put her foot down with Aly and told her that the decision about the line is hers, not Aly’s, to make. While Aly and Hope discussed the situation, Liam and Wyatt argued about which way Hope will go and who knows her better. Later, Quinn watched as Liam surprised Hope with an unexpected gesture of his love. Rick filled Hope in on what happened with Brooke earlier at Eric’s house. He then put in a good word for Bill to his mom. Liam gave his father sound advice when Bill asked him to help him win Brooke back. Quinn told Wyatt that she isn’t threatened by Brooke, that she’s not the right person for him.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt and Hope share a romantic evening. Bill receives two surprise visitors, one welcome and one unwelcome, in one night.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nick uncovered Kate’s secret! Sami warned Kate not to fall for Stefano again. John tried to get Theresa out of Brady’s life. Rafe had a violent reaction to finding Jordan with Ben. Sonny and Will asked Marlena for a special favor regarding their upcoming wedding. Kate stirred up trouble for EJ and Sami. Abigail lashed out at EJ. Rafe learned the truth about Jordan and Ben’s relationship. Eric got disappointing news about his future with Nicole. Theresa had a shocking realization about Liam. After a blowup with Maggie, Brady sought out information about Theresa from Jennifer. Nick tried to plant seeds of doubt in Will’s mind about Sonny. Theresa made a surprising choice when she learned Liam’s true intentions. Marlena reached out to Nicole – who questioned her sincerity. John tried to reach through to Brady. JJ was thrown when he learned Paige knows a lot more about him than he realized. Nicole decided to dispose of the shredded evidence for good – but someone caught her in the act! Things heated up between Brady and Theresa, and they took things to the next level.

THIS WEEK: Hope is cautious about what she says to Kayla. Theresa makes assumptions about Brady that might be problematic.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The drama intensified throughout Wyndemere, as Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party was in full force. Elizabeth had her own way of handling the baby Ben revelation, while Dr. Obrecht threatened Brad if he exposes the truth. Alexis confronted Ric about being in cahoots with Julian. Dante tried to be sensitive to Lulu’s maternal feelings. Tracy walked in on a covert meeting with Luke. Lulu stunned the engagement party with a wild assertion that broke up the party. Sonny questioned Luke about the Jeromes and hinted that he believes that Ric’s tied to Julian. Julian was so offended by Alexis’s interrogation about Ric that it led to a heated argument. Silas and Sam were surprised to find his apartment ransacked and suspected who might be responsible. Dante and Lulu were appalled by Dr. Obrecht’s latest scheme involving Ben. While Britt tried to plead her case, an enraged Nikolas condemned her behavior. Lucas had hard questions for Brad about his part in Britt’s cover-up. Ric attempted to woo Elizabeth by trying to get her to forget about Nikolas. Silas and Sam called in Nathan to determine the motive behind Silas’s trashed apartment. In the interim, Nathan learned disturbing news about Nina. Kiki caught Ava ready to enter AJ’s room and updated her so- called concerned mother about his condition. Carly approached Kiki and Ava, causing Ava to taunt Carly. Dante prodded Britt about the Ben situation and apologized to Lulu. Nikolas was heartbroken over Britt’s actions. Silas made a startling admission to Sam about Nina while Anna pressed.

THIS WEEK: Monica lays into Sonny about his treatment of AJ over the years. A guilty Nikolas visits Elizabeth at home, but he is unaware that danger was lurking nearby.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — When Ian Ward’s ex-wife Willa stopped by the coffee house, she informed Dylan and Avery that there’s more to know about Ian, but first she needed to know that there was something in it for her. Dylan and Avery suspected that Ian put her up to this and told her they’re not interested in anything she has to say. Dylan worried that Willa might try and get money from Nikki. Meanwhile, Nikki told Paul that Dylan sent Willa packing.

Chelsea told Victor about the blocked phone call she received and that Billy wants her to stop looking for Adam. Victor called his P.I. to look into Chelsea’s phone records and also asked for Billy to be investigated until they find out exactly what happened to Adam. Meanwhile, Detective Harding and Paul met with the homeless man who was at the accident site. Leslie and Neil bumped into each other as he prepared to head out of town. When Leslie suspected that he’s already seeing someone else, she hurried off before Neil had a chance to clarify that he’s only going out of town on business with Hilary. While in Los Angeles, Neil and Hilary visited The Price is Right! Jack demanded answers as to why Victor had been checking up on Phyllis. Victor told Jack that he’s concerned for Summer and that he doesn’t want her believing that her mother will wake up if she isn’t really going to. Victor suspected that Jack set him up and was really behind the sale of the tainted drugs. When Colin pressured Cane about wanting to get back into the corporate world, Cane insisted that he’s not interested in getting his job back or proving himself to Victor. Cane insisted that he’s only interested in who wanted to tarnish Chancellor’s good name by manipulating him into buying Bonaventure.

THIS WEEK: Abby arranges for Tyler and Victor to get better acquainted. Billy asks Victoria if she was ever going to tell him she was back in town.

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