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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Unaware that Quinn is hiding the closet eavesdropping, Brooke makes a big admission to Bill. Liam begins to speculate on Aly’s feelings for him when she invites him to dinner. Oliver photographs Maya for HFTF and shares with her his history with Hope. Later, Oliver photographs Aly for the company directory and she becomes embarrassed by all of the attention he is showing her. Katie and Ridge bask in their newfound love. At a Forrester Creations meeting, Ridge takes charge and fires an integral player on the team. Tension rises amongst the group when he subsequently tells Rick that this tenure as President needs to end now. Brooke turns to Eric for his support of Rick. Brooke, Rick and Hope are not happy as they listen to Ridge attempt to convince Eric to allow him to have Rick’s job. Family secrets come spilling out as Rick explains his anger to Ridge about Brooke and Brooke explains to Eric that Ridge has left her for Katie. In the photo studio, Aly and Oliver flirt. Ridge, Rick, Brooke, Hope, Caroline and Carter await Eric’s decision about Rick and Ridge. Eric makes a surprise decision and creates a new team to work together, namely Brooke and Ridge. Ridge is unrelenting in his opinion that HFTF is costing Forrester Creations more than money which causes Brooke to go off on him. Ridge backs down, but threatens Rick one more time that he won’t be president for long. Later, Ridge confides in Brooke that he is upset that she told Eric about he and Katie. Brooke makes a startling declaration to Ridge about his future, both personally and professionally. Brooke wonders if Eric has a hidden motive behind the decision that he’s recently made. Ridge has to hold himself back from punching his half-brother, Rick. Katie arrives unexpectedly and learns of Ridge and Brooke’s shared position.

THIS WEEK: Maya becomes unsettled when she witnesses an intimate moment between Oliver and Aly. Eric gives Ridge his unabashed opinion on his relationships with Brooke and Katie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole tries to cover up what she’s doing when Liam catches her trying to dispose of Chyka’s evidence. Jennifer tells Daniel she thinks Nicole lied to her. Aiden confronts Hope over what she said about him to Kayla. A distraught Marlena turns to EJ and Sami to help her out of a crisis. Kayla sympathizes with Caroline and helps deal with her fears. Ben is clearly smitten when he meets Abigail for the first time. Sami’s past threatens to prevent EJ from coming to Marlena’s rescue. Liam breaks into Jennifer’s house – not knowing Daniel and Nicole are on their way. Theresa and Brady get caught in a compromising position. Sami and Adrienne’s rivalry flares up and neither of them are about to back down. Liam sets up Daniel to look bad in Jennifer’s eyes. Nicole is stunned when Eric reveals he cannot marry her! She wants to know why, but Eric is through communicating with her about this. Liam plan against Daniel works and causes trouble for Daniel with Jennifer.

THIS WEEK: Daniel wants to explain, but will Jennifer listen? Nicole looks for more answers.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Monica uses everything she knows to help AJ win the battle of his life. When Nikolas arrives at Elizabeth’s, he senses that something is very off — as though she’s not alone! Nathan tells Madeline his theory about Silas’s alibi. An unlikely person is asked to bring down Ava. When Luke meets with Julian, he presents a scheme that could destroy Sonny. Tracy confronts Kiki about her compromising position with Luke. Silas and Kiki share an emotional moment. GH marks its 51st anniversary show with love, life and nostalgia. With the knowledge of AJ’s shooter weighing on them both, Carly and Sonny bond and reflect on their stormy history. Bobbie learns that Noah is in love with someone else, while Lucy is determined to end her affair with Scott for good. Now that Carly knows who shot AJ, a deeply concerned Sonny wonders if she will keep his secret. Meanwhile, Julian is suspicious of Ava’s good mood. Dante and Lulu are stunned to hear who will be representing Britt in the embryo case. Shawn freaks out when he learns about Jordan’s new job. Nathan, Sam and Silas are forced to work together — but who in the world is their target? Once Sonny comes clean about AJ, Carly contemplates keeping his secret from Michael. Ava eavesdrops on a staged conversation about Nakamura. After her tense encounter with Nikolas, Britt turns to Brad for comfort about Ben. Meanwhile, Obrecht’s master plan heats up as she plots her next move. Lulu visits Elizabeth seeking advice about Ben. Another disturbing twist is revealed in the Nakamura case. A nervous and anxious Ava runs into Morgan, who wonders if she’s telling all she knows.

THIS WEEK: Shawn questions Jordan about her new job, worried about her past. Nikolas is relieved when he finds out Ric didn’t spend the night with Elizabeth.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — When Billy bumps into Kelly and asks what’s upsetting her, she tells him that they shouldn’t be talking since they promised to stay away from each other. Kelly tries to reassure Billy that everything will be fine as Victoria walks by and notices their discussion. Meanwhile, Stitch gets a call informing him that his divorce is final and that his wife plans on taking his son out of the country. Later, Victoria bumps into Stitch at The Underground. Avery has a heartto heart with Jack about Phyllis as they discuss how they intend to handle her long-term care. Neil and Hilary get stuck sharing a hotel room in Oklahoma after their plane was grounded for mechanical problems. They bond over March Madness and junk food. Ian Ward tells Leslie he wants to cut a deal. Lily and Lauren meet to discuss the upcoming fashion show at the Athletic Club. Lily confides in Lauren that she isn’t so sure Cane is happy working at the club thanks to Victor’s new challenge for him. Meanwhile, Victor asks if Cane figured out who set him up. Lauren mistakenly congratulates Abby and Tyler on their engagement after she read a post about them on GC Buzz. Abby is taken aback when Tyler says that it’s not a matter of “if” they get engaged, but “ when.” When Sharon tells Dr. Mead that she wants to go home, Nick volunteers to help her recover. Later, Victor surprises Nick by saying he hopes Sharon recovers. After Nick leaves, Sharon bumps into the Cassie imposter and asks why she is still in town. Nick brings Sharon home to Noah and Faith.

THIS WEEK: Kelly admits that she hopes that Victoria and Billy can put their marriage back together. Courtney tells Summer that she’s really a police officer.

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