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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge was shocked when Eric made him an offer to have his job as CEO. When Eric laid out the stipulations attached to the deal, Ridge was forced to make a decision. Katie and Brooke discussed the circumstances that they find themselves in, and neither was willing to back down. Maya became suspicious of Oliver’s intentions when she witnessed him out with Aly. Aly rushed out of the Bikini Bar after her encounter with Oliver. Once at home in her bedroom, Aly discussed Oliver with Darla. Ridge and Katie continued to bask in their new found love. Oliver and Aly talked about HFTF and each other. When Aly revealed to Oliver that this was her first kiss, he kissed her again. Aly made Oliver hide in her closet when Pam knocked on her bedroom door. Determined to win Brooke back, Bill barged into her bedroom and told her that there’s nothing standing in their way of being together. Ridge insisted to Katie that his commitment’s to her and that she should not worry about him and Brooke being co-vice presidents of Forrester Creations. Brooke and Bill passionately reunited. When Brooke informed Katie that she and Bill are back together, Katie headed over to see her sister. Meanwhile, Ridge confronted Bill who in turn provoked him by comparing Katie and Brooke. Hope caught Liam attempting to get the goods on Quinn. In a heated moment, Liam kissed Hope. Liam noticed that Hope was distracted and asked her if there’s something going on between her and Wyatt. When Bill arrived, he told them why he never gave up on Brooke. Hope began to let her walls down with Bill when she heard how much he loves her mother. Liam walked Hope out, and neither noticed that an important piece of paper had fallen out of her purse. Wyatt worried about Quinn when she revealed how she feels about Bill.

THIS WEEK: Brooke confi des to Rick that she and Bill have reunited. Quinn explains in full detail what she wants from Dollar Bill Spencer.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ was stunned when someone revealed they know about his affair with Abigail! Nicole’s mistake further fueled Marlena’s suspicions. Brady sought information about Theresa from Hope and Eric – then made a surprising decision. Hope and Aiden were dismayed when they realized they would have to continue working together. Lucas and Sheryl finally gave into their feelings – but Kate made a mistake that could ruin their budding romance. Hope overheard an intense conversation between Aiden and his son. Ben flirted with Abigail. JJ asked Paige out on a date. As Liam listened in on a conversation between Jennifer, Daniel, JJ and Paige, he figured out a new way to destroy Jennifer and Daniel’s relationship. Sheryl threatened to expose Kate! Rafe tried to get Jordan to open up about her past. Concerns about Gabi arose as Will and Sonny tried to enjoy their mini-honeymoon.

THIS WEEK: Abe comforts Maxine, and they grow closer. Kayla is forced to suspend Daniel.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — A blindsided Nikolas suddenly found himself in a dangerous situation. Britt surprised Lulu and Dante with information about Ben. Ava’s actions made Silas question the true suspect in Nina’s case. Morgan and Ava argued about possible lingering feelings for their exes. Nathan came clean to Sam about his connection to Nina. Alexis and Julian must decide if they should move forward with their romance. Ric severed his professional ties to Julian. Just as everyone started to decipher Obrecht’s latest scheme regarding Ben, the unthinkable happened to Elizabeth. Madeline made a revelation to Nathan regarding Nina. In order to help lift Carly’s burden, Franco tried to persuade her to trust him and share Sonny’s secret. Anna provided much-needed reassurance to a stressed out Lulu. For once, Obrecht was the one who was shocked when she came face to face with someone from her past. Besides Ava’s involvement with AJ’s shooting, Carly thought she was hiding something else. The newest Port Charles’ resident rubbed a leery Nathan the wrong way. Dante and Lulu were given some hope. Nikolas offered his full support to former flame Elizabeth. Ric set the record straight with Sonny. Meanwhile, Luke told Julian he had taken care of any suspicions Sonny might have. Nikolas was perplexed when Elizabeth asks him about his true feelings for Britt. His confusion heightened when he saw Ric console Elizabeth. Silas and Sam finally solved Nina’s case and were convinced this ordeal’s behind them. Obrecht was overwhelmed when she’s confronted with a moment of truth from her dark and mysterious past. Nathan and Britt commiserated over drinks and formed a bond over shared experiences from their past. Obrecht was anxious to share her secret. Elsewhere, Obrecht had a callous proposition for Dante in regards to his family.

THIS WEEK: Sonny confronts Luke about his recent unsettling conversation with Ric. Nikolas gives bad news to Spencer about Britt and Ben.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy surprised Jack at Jabot by handing him his resume and asking if he’s hiring. Billy informed Jack that he’s selling the restaurant because it’s too hard to be there without Delia; he wanted to commit to something more stable to win Victoria back. Jack agreed to hire Billy as Abby arrived, mentioning that she saw Victoria hanging out with Stitch at The Underground. Victor got a call from his P.I. regarding the information he wanted on Adam. Abby suspected that Jack’s pretending to be interested in Kelly to keep her away from Billy. When Abby warned Jack not to fall for Kelly, Jack reminded her that he’s waiting for Phyllis. When Avery planned on turning down the cooking show, Dylan told her that she’ll regret her decision and convinced her to go for it. Chloe grew angry when she felt like Chelsea’s cutting her out of their business. When Kevin told her to pull it together, Chloe admitted that she needs to take a new approach with Chelsea. Jack asked Summer to work behind the scenes with him for the upcoming fashion show. Devon informed Lily that Esmeralda wouldn’t do the fashion show with amateurs. When Lily wanted to replace her, Hilary reminded her that she doesn’t have the authority to do that. Devon demanded that Hilary and Lily stop fighting.

THIS WEEK: Neil receives shocking news! Stitch takes Victoria out for dinner.

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