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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam and Wyatt confronted Hope about her predicament. Katie called Eric out on making Brooke and Ridge co-vice presidents. She was shocked when Eric told her how he really feels about the entire situation. Later, Brooke arrived and was furious at Katie for interfering with her life. Bill and Brooke reveled in their love. As Hope and Wyatt prepared to take off for another road trip, Liam hopped in the truck and kidnapped Hope! Wyatt desperately chased after Liam and Hope. Liam drove Hope to the cliff house and begged her for a chance to talk. Katie and Brooke continued to fight about their relationships with Ridge and Bill. Justin shared bad news about Spencer Publications with Bill. Bill became determined to get his company back and gain custody of Will. Hope and Liam shared a passionate kiss. Liam continued to attempt to convince Hope to move back in with him. Quinn demanded that Wyatt go to Liam’s and get Hope back. Karen arrived in town for a Spencer Publications Board meeting to hopefully get the company back on track. Hope remembered great times with Liam. Brooke called Karen and asked to meet in secret. When Wyatt arrived at the cliff house, he and Liam bickered. Hope made a choice. Liam and Quinn quarreled about Wyatt and Hope. Brooke attempted to woo Karen into firing Katie and hiring back Bill. Wyatt told Hope that he cannot stand the thought of losing her while Liam told Quinn that he’s the better man for Hope and that one day she will realize that. Brooke and Bill spoke from their heart to Karen about why Bill should be reinstated as CEO of Spencer Publications.

THIS WEEK: Oliver finds Aly by the Forrester pool and convinces her to help him with an underwater photo project. Katie pulls Donna into the middle of her fight with Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Off her ugly argument with Sami, Gabi made a surprising announcement to Will. Rafe was furious when he found out just how close Gabi and Nick have gotten. Suspicious Nicole grilled Liam about why he was at Daniel’s building. Liam tried to plant seeds of doubt about Daniel in Jennifer’s mind. Liam blackmailed Nicole! Daniel wanted to go after Theresa, but Jennifer talked him down. Will blasted Sami for attacking Gabi. Rafe punched Nick, who gave Rafe a chilling warning. Nicole tried to come clean with Daniel. Eric informed Marlena he’s going to marry Nicole. Marybeth stirred up trouble for JJ and Paige. Aiden made an admission to Marlena. Rafe was determined to figure out what everyone’s hiding about Gabi. Gabi freaked when Will brought up the idea of a custody agreement. Brady told a disappointed Theresa he has to stop seeing her.

THIS WEEK: JJ confides in Paige, and they share their first kiss! Rafe investigates Nick.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Dante told Lulu about Obrecht’s obscure proposition. Nikolas offered to help Elizabeth, which did not sit well with Britt. By default, Madeline had no choice but to reveal some scandalous news to Nathan. Michael put the pressure on Anna to find out who is responsible for AJ’s shooting. When Patrick joined Sabrina for her doctor’s appointment, an uninvited Carlos showed up. Sonny’s guilty conscience was haunting him just when Michael arrived to tell him they might have a suspect in AJ’s case. Meanwhile, Carlos ran to tell Ava that he feared he could be falsely accused of shooting AJ. As Jordan got ready for her first day of work, she and Shawn continued to argue about her job choice. Duke revealed to Shawn some information regarding the Jeromes. Ava and Julian confronted each other about their wrong doings. Ned returned to Port Charles and was surprised to learn his mother, Tracy, is engaged to Luke. Olivia tried to help Sonny out of his erratic state but was crushed by his hurtful words. Patrick and Sabrina learned the gender of their baby. Anna and Dante took Carlos in for questioning, while Ava tried to help him form an action plan. Jordan proved her loyalty to her new boss by confiding that she wants in on his covert business. Shawn shared Jordan’s past with Duke. Ned did not trust Luke’s true motives for marrying Tracy. Feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, Sonny believed there’s one person he can trust. Nathan dealt with some obstacles at home. Spencer was not happy when Nikolas told him that due to circumstances, he would be seeing a lot more of Cameron, his competition. Anna and Dante secretly arranged to obtain a DNA sample from Carlos. Lulu asked Britt about whether or not she should trust Obrecht’s latest offer. Luke tried to erase any doubts Tracy had about marrying him. Sonny tried to make things right between him and Olivia. Spencer wanted to warn Sonny that Luke’s out to get him

THIS WEEK: Luke continues to taunt Kiki. Carly is touched when Franco shares his new scheme regarding Ava.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — The residents of Genoa City prepared for the fashion show at the Athletic Club. Tensions rose between Hilary and Lily as they each tried to assert their authority. Backstage, Summer asked Kevin where Chloe was as things were starting to fall apart and Chelsea is MIA. When Lily declared that Hilary was ruining everything, Chloe arrived and took control of the situation as everyone continued to prep for the show. When Chelsea arrived at the Athletic Club, she was surprised to find that Chloe had made several changes without consulting her. Rick and Caroline Forrester arrived to witness a tense moment between Chloe and Chelsea. Jack helped smooth things over as Kelly and Abby took Rick and Caroline into the venue. Kevin urged Chloe to make peace with Chelsea. Stitch asked Victoria to have dinner with him again and said that he’d love to take her on a real date. Victor arrived to witness Stitch hanging out at Victoria’s. The Cassie imposter watched as Nick and Sharon spent time together at the park. Later, Noah bumped into Nick and Sharon and he told them that he’s happy to support their being back together. When Sharon shared that she’s worried about Victor’s reaction, Nick declared that Victor would just have to learn to accept it. Connie the stage manager warned Chelsea and Chloe that she wouldn’t stand for any more shenanigans between them. Summer watched as Kelly led Jack out to his seat to watch the show. At the Chancellor mansion, Jill admitted to Colin that she loves him. Colin got frustrated by the dead ends they’ve been hitting and told Jill that they’d solve the mystery one way or another. Kelly tried to get to know Summer and thanked her for all of her work on the fashion show.

THIS WEEK: Austin the cameraman helps put Avery at ease. Victor tells Nikki that he’ll make sure Ian Ward never hurts anyone in their family again.

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