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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Oliver and Aly kissed by the Forrester pool. She opened up about herself to her new love. Later, Oliver and Aly played in the pool with an underwater camera. Maya attempted to get Carter on board with her about Oliver taking advantage of Aly, but instead of taking her side, he wondered what the real reason is that his fiancée is so invested in Oliver’s behavior. Quinn was moved by Wyatt’s response when she queried him about why he didn’t propose to Hope. When Liam arrived, he and Quinn traded insults. Brooke and Hope discussed how her recent predicament would affect Hope’s relationship with Wyatt. Quinn eavesdropped on Hope and Brooke’s private conversation. Later, she attempted to tell Wyatt that he has reason to worry. Brooke confided in Rick about trying to help Bill get his company back from Katie. Oliver was moved when Aly shared her feelings about losing her mom and a special memory that Darla left for her daughter. Liam offered Hope a “challenge” in regards to her relationship with both him and Wyatt. Liam set the stage for a romantic dinner with Hope. Her future with both Liam and Wyatt hinged on her willingness to show up at his house. Wyatt told Quinn to relax when she voiced her concern that Liam was winning Hope back. Brooke, Rick, Eric, Carter and Maya prepared for a Forrester board meeting. Shocked reactions occur when Oliver stated that Aly would be the perfect woman to carry a Forrester family tradition forward. Oliver and Aly showed strong feelings for each other that no one else noticed. Hope told Wyatt about Liam’s ultimatum. Aly decided to confide in Caroline, who in turn gives her advice. Maya confronted Oliver and insinuated that he doesn’t have Aly’s best intentions at heart. Their conversation caused Maya to become even more determined to protect the young Forrester heiress. Liam continued to prepare dinner for Hope while she and Wyatt discussed Liam’s actions and how he’s still so invested in her. Wyatt wondered if Hope’s invested as well. Carter and Maya disagreed about the situation with Aly and Oliver.

THIS WEEK: Oliver becomes a comfort to Aly. Two mysterious people kiss in a romantic setting.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — All hell broke loose at the DiMera mansion when the photograph of EJ and Abigail was discovered!

Marlena and Jennifer shared their concerns about the DiMera family. Nicole dug up dirt on Liam and uncovered startling information. Daniel’s career was on the line as he faced a disciplinary hearing at the hospital. Thanks to Liam, Jennifer found incriminating evidence in Daniel’s apartment. Nick subtly convinced Gabi that Sami’s plotting to take her baby away! Jennifer investigated the evidence she found against Daniel. Nicole was stunned when she met Liam’s ex-wife. EJ angrily confronted Kate. JJ got upsetting news about Paige. Nicole began to realize Liam was not only crazy but dangerous. Theresa feared the Liam situation’s getting out of control. Gabi and Nick met with Aiden to draw up their own custody agreement for Arianna.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer is alarmed by Liam’s behavior. There is a new strain in the relationship between JJ and Paige.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — An upset Michael turned to a tormented Sonny for comfort over AJ’s pending funeral services. Spencer came face to face with Luke and told him exactly what he overheard him say about his Uncle Sonny. Patrick was surprised when Sabrina showed up to attend Emma’s dance recital. Ava threatened a jailed Carlos and warned him not to reveal the real reason he was at the Quartermaine’s. Nik and Elizabeth shared an emotional moment, which was interrupted by Ric, who vowed to fight for her love. Franco attempted to get information on Ava by forming a bond with Carlos while they are both in jail. Carly ran into Ava and taunted her about her role in AJ’s death. Sonny walked in on Luke and Spencer, just as Luke was coercing Spencer to keep quiet. Later, Sonny found Ava looking for Kiki at the Quartermaine mansion. Ned tried to warn the disbelieving Tracy that Luke’s up to no good. Emma had mixed feelings toward Patrick and Sabrina’s surprising news. Port Charles gathered to pay their respects to AJ, and Monica was upset when Sonny showed up at the service. Despite Ava’s looming threat, Franco was persistent about getting Carlos to reveal the secrets about Ava. Spencer snuck into Emma’s recital to warn her that she might be in danger. Luke was concerned about what Spencer knows. Meanwhile, in order to convince Tracy of Luke’s wrongdoings — Ned, Kiki and Morgan set a trap for Luke. A jealous Ava saw Morgan and Kiki comforting each other. Patrick, Emma and Sabrina were put in harms’ way. Anna and Nathan assessed the aftermath of a dire situation. Franco filled Carly in on Carlos’ admission, but new circumstances made him wonder if Ava made good on her warning. Spencer decided to let Sonny know about Luke’s plans.

THIS WEEK: Carly and Franco plan to tell Anna about Carlos’ revelation. Carlos confronts Ava about the aftermath of her threat.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — When Nikki told Victor that Ian Ward’s back in Genoa City, Victor vowed to never let him hurt anyone in his family again. Later, Victor had a chilling encounter with Ian in the park. Meanwhile, Paul grew concerned that Leslie’s defending Ian. Avery got ready for her first shoot and met Austin, her cameraman. Tyler and Abby got ready to bring their families together for their engagement party. Tyler admitted he’s a little nervous about joining the Newman and the Abbott family but assured Abby he’s more than ready to marry her. Meanwhile, Nick asked Sharon to be his date. When Sharon questioned how his family will react, Nick assured her that they have nothing to prove to anyone. When Ashley returned to Genoa City, Billy told her that he and Victoria had signed separation papers. Traci, Ashley, and Jack encouraged Billy to fight for Victoria and join them at Abby and Tyler’s engagement party at the Newman ranch. Hilary triesd to stay out of the way as things got awkward between Leslie and Neil. Later, Hilary and Leslie got into it, telling each other to stay out of Neil’s life. Noah set the stage for a romantic evening with Courtney in the Athletic Club, and the two of them made love.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea gets frustrated when Jeffrey brings Michael to the penthouse to start discussing Adam’s estate. Sharon asks Victor what she can do to change his mind about her.

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