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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — As Aly discussed her hatred for Taylor with Oliver, Taylor had a serious conversation with Thorne about Aly. Aly opened up to her new love about how hard it has been to get over her mother’s death. Oliver and Aly revealed to one another what has drawn them to the other. Oliver asked Aly to keep a secret. Hope revealed to Wyatt what she agreed to with Liam. Wyatt did his best to convince Hope that it isn’t a problem, but inwardly he’s upset. Brooke and Bill talked business in the bedroom. Having just reunited with Brooke, Bill contemplated how he can be reunited with his company. Brooke silently knew she could make Bill’s dream come true but was still undecided about what to do. Wyatt confided in his mother about Hope’s new terms for their romance. After Brooke left, Quinn arrived and told Bill that Wyatt’s in trouble. Hope remembered big moments in her relationship with both Wyatt and Liam. Even though she’s been sworn to secrecy by Oliver, Aly revealed the truth to Caroline. Quinn brought Bill up to speed on what’s been happening with Liam, Hope and Wyatt and made a hefty demand of him. Oliver asked Aly to take a romantic trip with him. Liam received a visit from Bob Barker who helped prepare him for his animal awareness campaign. Katie and Ridge shared a loving moment in her office. Brooke was still unsure of what to do with the papers she has as she watched Bill play with Will. Brooke arrived at the offi ce to speak to Katie about Bill and caught her kissing Ridge. Later, she pleaded for her sister to allow Bill to have more time with his son. Hope and Liam traveled to the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter where they met Brandon McMillan and animal shelter workers who shared their stories with them. Liam and Hope continued their insightful tour of the animal shelter and met LA City Councilmember Bernard Park, spent more time with Brandon McMillan and continued to interview employees at the shelter. Brooke continued to attempt to get Katie to give Bill more access to his son and his job back.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt was distracted thinking about Hope and Liam but remained confi- dent that she would choose him in the end. Brooke shared her true emotions with Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer was stunned when Liam revealed his true colors – and things took a dangerous turn! Will freaked out when he read a draft of Gabi’s custody agreement for Arianna! Jordan admitted to Rafe she’s in love with him. Abigail questioned Ben’s intense overreaction. Nicole raced to Smith Island. Daniel made a startling discovery at his apartment. A desperate Theresa made a surprising confession! Sparks flew between Abigail and Ben. After Theresa’s confession, Daniel and Eric took off to find Jennifer. Nicole and Jennifer fought to escape from Liam – and in the process, someone got shot! EJ received new evidence to help him determine who sent the incriminating photo of him and Abigail. Ciara had a tempting proposition for Aiden. The jeopardy on Smith Island came to a deadly conclusion. Theresa feared her role in Liam’s reign of terror was about to be exposed.

THIS WEEK: Sami reached out to Abigail for help with Nick. Kate dropped a bomb on Jordan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carlos made a staggering confession to the PCPD, even after Ava warned him about the consequences. Michael suggested to Kiki that Ava might be more involved with AJ’s shooting than they suspected. Despite their big blowup, Olivia wanted to try and work things out with Sonny. Anna was suspicious of Britt and encouraged Nathan to watch her closely. Meanwhile, Britt provided an update for Patrick and Sabrina regarding their baby. Despite a new development in AJ’s murder case, Carly and Franco were determined to find out what Ava’s hiding. While Julian and Alexis shared a romantic dinner, Morgan interrupted them and provided suspect news to Julian about Ava. Per Michael’s suggestion, Kiki pumped Ava for information about her involvement with Carlos. Shawn threatened to tell TJ the truth about Jordan’s past. TJ was thrilled to tell Molly that he got accepted to college but admitted this news makes him miss his father. Nathan surprised Britt with an astonishing revelation. The shrewd Obrecht and savvy Madeline were both confident their individual ploys will get them out of jail. Jordan, appearing more intrigued with the Jerome family business, continued to show her loyalty. Luke suggested to Shawn that Ric might still be working with Julian. A mysterious man came to Port Charles with a special delivery. Patrick had an opportunity to get in touch with a loved one. Levi met Maxie’s parents, but Mac was not impressed. Madeline dropped a bombshell on Nathan and then told him to keep it to himself.

THIS WEEK: After several years apart, Ned and Alexis reminisced about their romantic past, as well as their current predicaments. Sam questioned Patrick’s odd behavior toward her. Sabrina learned about Carlos’s confession.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Stitch and Victoria went on their first official date. Later, Victoria talked to Dylan about Stitch and felt even more conflicted about her feelings for Billy. Lily and Cane became wary of introducing Colin to Charlie and Mattie and worried that he hasn’t really changed and were concerned that Jill has gotten so close to him again. Meanwhile, Jill stumbled upon shocking news. Cane figured out that Devon has a thing for Hilary and told him to go for it. Meanwhile, Hilary and Neil discussed what their kiss meant and things began to heat up again. Devon decided to tell Hilary how he really feels about her. When Kevin confronted Chelsea about what’s been happening with Chloe, the two decided that something has to be done. Later, Kevin and Chloe discussed how their marriage has fallen apart. Kevin admitted this isn’t how he pictured their marriage turning out, but he’s still there for her. Meanwhile, Billy paid Chelsea and Connor a visit after learning that Connor’s sick. Later, Chloe shocked Billy with her announcement! Jack asked Kelly on a date and told Billy he’s now seeing her. Later, Jack felt torn when Kelly brought up Phyllis. Across town, Stitch lost it with Kelly after she brought up his past. Billy overheard their discussion and asked Stitch to tell him what’s his big secret. Sharon admitted to Nick that she has a secret she’s been keeping from him.

THIS WEEK: Avery threatened to get a restraining order against Ian Ward. Nick told Sharon they’ll face the secret together and went to make love.

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