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RECAPS – 1/28-2/1

ALL MY CHILDREN – Greenlee’s condition took a turn for the worse. Angie began an experimental treatment on Frankie, but he went into cardiac arrest. Although Angie determined that Greenlee and Frankie’s cases weren’t identical, she knew the experimental treatment could kill them. Adam secretly listened in on Krystal and JR’s conversation via the listening device he planted in JR’s ring. Adam learned they were teamed up against him. Erica watched a taped speech of Samuel Woods, a politician who vowed to make the rich and powerful accountable for their crimes. Ryan couldn’t remember the last four years of his life, including that he was married to Annie.

THIS WEEK: Tad comes face to face with Jesse.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lily remembered that she did not kill Dusty, but found him already dead. Bonnie refused to represent Holden unless he fought for himself. Rosanna shocked Paul by confessing her sins to Margo. Paul later discovered that Rosanna had lapsed into a coma. When Jack and Carly believed Sam, Parker grew resentful. Kim was thrilled when Bob regained consciousness. Paul urged Emily to help him expose Chris for the evil he’s done. Brad tried to propose to Katie, but she rejected his romantic overtures. Sofie was tempted to steal back her baby girl, Hallie, when she saw the infant in Barbara’s care. Casey was released from jail.

THIS WEEK: Chris reminds Emily that he has dirt on her.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Rick visited Taylor and nearly caught her drinking again. Donna finally broke down and told Eric the truth that Stephanie has blackmailed her to end her relationship with him. Eric convinced Donna to let him handle Stephanie. He then pretended to move back to the mansion to reunite with Stephanie. Nick had doubts about Taylor, bringing James Warwick to L.A. to treat her. She assured James that she’s in control. Ashley asked Rick if their romance could be rekindled. Taylor invited Brooke and Ridge for a dinner party, then sprung a surprise wedding on them.

THIS WEEK: Taylor is having hallucinations about Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Marlena succeeded in putting Stefano into a drug-induced coma, then lied and said he had a stroke. Unable to communicate, Stefano was hospitalized. Marlena and John went to Ireland to uncover his lost memories. Bo, Hope, Belle and Shawn also went to Ireland to find Claire. In New Ross, the Salemites found that Colleen Brady was still alive. She instructed Crystal to give Claire back to Belle and Shawn. John realized that his mission was to get Colleen. Sami was able to leave the safe house, but was concerned that Allie was sick. Tony and Anna returned to Salem to start an ad agency.

THIS WEEK: John makes a shocking discovery about Colleen.


Maxie found Coop hanging, apparently having killed himself. The police found the missing forensics report in his pocket and deduced he was the Text Message Killer. Jason, however, thought otherwise. Tracy sued Monica for malpractice, prompting Monica to evict Tracy from the mansion and freeze her assets. Liz told Lucky of Sam’s deception, causing him to throw Sam’s lies in her face. Sam was later attacked but fought off the killer. Monica, Liz and Carly all got behind the wheel when they shouldn’t have. In a moment of anger, Robin told Patrick she was pregnant, but maintained the lie that he wasn’t the father.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli and Maxie join forces to find the real killer.

GUIDING LIGHT – Marina tried to coerce Cyrus into a quickie wedding. Harley was stunned when Cyrus left Marina for her. Cassie sent Josh and RJ away, determined to "fix" Will herself. Gus was determined to help Olivia get her heart transplant. Lizzie was furious when she learned that Jonathan faked his and Sarah’s deaths. When Jon tried to get away with Sarah again, Will set him up to be caught by the authorities. Lizzie sided with Jonathan and they agreed to care for their daughter together, a development that made Bill jealous. Dinah tweaked Jeffrey by suggesting that he’s Reva’s lap dog.

THIS WEEK: Harley contemplates going public with Cyrus.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Todd told a reluctant Blair he wanted a real marriage, and they made love. Rex confronted Roxy demanding answers about his father, but she remained tightlipped. Rex enlisted Natalie’s help as he tried to find out who his father really was. Desperate to keep her secret, Roxy lied and told him that Charlie was his father, which Charlie denied. John put the screws to Todd, saying that either Todd uses his power to sway public opinion in Marcie’s favor and get the authorities to go easy on her or John would send Todd to prison for his role in kidnapping Gigi and Shane.

THIS WEEK: Ramsey thinks he and Todd should silence Gigi for good.

PASSIONS – Juanita reneged on her deal with Pilar and vowed to kill Theresa on the spot. Theresa and Pilar later escaped Juanita’s compound and made a run for it. Meanwhile Ethan received a mysterious call from Mexico, alerting him of the danger. He was later stabbed, and the trail of blood right to Viki. Luis was shocked by Pretty’s verbal attack, unaware that Pretty was manipulating her with her handheld device. Pretty toyed with Fancy’s mind-control implant, making her seduce Noah and destroying any chance of a future with Luis. Endora used magic to firm up a wedding date for Noah, Paloma, Kay and Miguel.

THIS WEEK: Juanita tortures vital information out of Pilar.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – After learning that she had a mini-stroke, Kay handed Chancellor Industries to Jill and asked Nikki take over Jabot. Per Kay’s suggestion, Cane carefully told Amber they’d never get back together. Heather blamed it on Paul when the D.A. told her to drop the case against Victor. Victoria woke up and J.T. asked her to marry him again. Gloria and Kevin concocted a plan to buy a poison using Jeff’s credit card to set him up for attempted murder. Nikki and Victor signed their divorce papers, after which Neil told them that the judge ruled in Nikki’s favor on the $75 million lawsuit.

THIS WEEK: Gloria schemes to drive Jack and Sharon out of their home.

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