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RECAPS – MAY 5 – 9



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill was ecstatic when Brooke gave him the papers, giving him back his company and custody of Will. Katie filled Ridge in on the story of how Bill conned her into signing the papers under false pretense of reconciliation. Ridge and Katie shared a painful moment as Bill, Will and Brooke entered the CEO office and Bill reclaimed his chair, clearly the king again. Having promised Wyatt that she will choose soon, Hope was still squarely in between the two Spencer brothers. Hope played with the kitten that Liam gave her as she remembered fantastic moments that the two of them have shared. A romantic proposal of marriage was made. Ridge and Katie looked forward to starting their lives together. Liam admitted to Quinn that he knew about her and Bill and then told her about everything that Brooke had done for his father, reiterating that she and Wyatt should find new lives. Later, Quinn reminded Bill that it was Brooke that got him his job back and threatened to blackmail him if he doesn’t give Wyatt what she felt is rightfully his. Brooke arrived at Katie’s house to try and explain her decisions and was floored when Katie announced her good news. Having Bill right where she wanted him, Quinn urged Wyatt to arrive at Spencer Publications as fast as he could. At a Forrester meeting, Ridge arrived and told the group about Bill being reinstated as CEO all because of Brooke. He went on to reveal that he and Katie are engaged. Over at Katie’s house, Brooke implied that the only reason that Ridge proposed to Katie is because of Brooke. Katie was firm that Ridge’s commitment to her is solid. Still skeptical, Brooke left and headed over to Forrester where she ran into Ridge. Quinn attempted to blackmail Bill into giving Wyatt what he previously gave Liam. Wyatt remained unaware of his mother’s deception. Aly and Oliver kissed. Oliver reminded Aly to keep their relationship a secret. Later, Aly talked to Oliver about her mother and wished she could share her new found happiness with her. Bill and Wyatt both decided that Wyatt will officially become a part of the Spencer family. Liam was surprised to learn of the new developments and was immediately wary of Quinn’s role in the decision. Liam and Wyatt traded insults, and Liam accused Wyatt of allowing his mother to run interference in his life. Quinn attempted to get Hope to make a decision between Liam and Wyatt and urged her to choose Wyatt.

THIS WEEK: Thorne becomes suspicious of Oliver and Aly’s involvement. Pam worries about Aly’s reaction if she sees Taylor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — After a confrontation with Nick, EJ decided to take drastic action! Abigail was stunned by Nick’s revelation. The animosity between Jordan and Kate exploded – which led to a huge catfight! Hope was appalled when she uncovered Aiden and Ciara’s plot. Sami started to get cold feet about her and EJ’s decision. Eric had a romantic surprise for Nicole. Paige finally got to the root of JJ’s behavior. Jordan admitted defeat to Kate and announced she’s leaving town. EJ assured a panicked Abigail he would stop Nick from exposing their affair. Realizing Nick truly is diabolical, Sonny took unexpected measures to protect those he loves. Nick pushed Will’s buttons and things turned violent. Daniel put all the pieces together and came to a reluctant conclusion. Eric and Nicole shared exciting news with Jennifer. Will was stunned when he found what Sonny’s hiding. Salem was rocked when a major character was shot in cold blood! Will realized Nick’s holding something over Abigail’s head.

THIS WEEK: Rafe confronts Jordan over her secret plans. Daniel makes a shocking discovery.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — An enraged Julian confronted Ava about her betrayal, and she desperately begged him not to hurt her. Sonny asked Shawn to check on Ava’s whereabouts. Olivia started to put the pieces together and figured out what Sonny has been hiding. A guilt-ridden Duke suggested to Anna they work together to help bring down Julian. Carly and Franco discovered a hopeful and new discovery in AJ’s still unsolved murder case. Just as Ned accused Luke of embezzling ELQ money, Tracy walked in on their confrontation. Sabrina questioned Carlos’ confession. Olivia approached Sonny about her suspicions, as he tried his best to delay the inevitable. Julian divulged stunning information about Ava to Shawn. Luke was caught off guard when Michael showed up at ELQ to talk about Kiki. Morgan reluctantly shared with Kiki the details of Sonny’s betrayal. Anna was suspicious of the evidence Carly and Franco might be hiding in regards to AJ’s case. Obrecht delivered startling news to the General Hospital staff, which also left Lucy dumbfounded. Michael was infuriated when he learned about the shenanigans Luke has been playing with Kiki and decided to work with Ned to bring him down. As the Nurses Ball 2014 began, several popular Port Charles residents were noticeably absent from the Red Carpet and stuck at home watching the festivities on TV. Old and new loves percolated while others found themselves in awkward situations.

THIS WEEK: Maxie and Nathan argue about Levi’s influence over her. Mac meets resistance with his Nurses Ball routine.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor was surprised when Sharon asked for his help in uncovering her secret. He revealed to her that Phyllis knows what she’s hiding. Stitch confronted Kelly because he’s nervous she’s going to blow up his life again. He wanted to know if she’s going to tell people his secret and she said she wouldn’t. She didn’t forgive Stitch for what he did but said it’s time they both moved on. Meanwhile, Billy asked Jack to get whatever information Stitch’s hiding out of Kelly. Summer figured out that Jack’s seeing Kelly and accused him of cheating on her mom. Meanwhile, Kelly was excited for her night with Jack, and Lily helped her prepare for it. Chelsea was floored when Chloe informed her of her next move. Billy came to see Johnny, and Victoria struggled with the weight of knowing who she wants to be with. Ian Ward went to see Paul at the GCPD and claimed that Dylan has been harassing him, but Paul said he needs a more substantiated claim. When Avery received flowers, Dylan thought Ian sent them. Avery considered quitting her show because of the stress it has put on her and Dylan’s relationship. Meanwhile, Dylan had a heated confrontation with Ian. Nikki and Victor found themselves at an impasse. Victor wouldn’t admit to anything but did his best to try to make things right between them. Later, Nikki and Dylan shared a nice moment while Victor and Ian Ward had a run-in.

THIS WEEK: Jill puts her plan into motion. Stitch suspects that Victoria is keeping something from him.

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