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RECAPS – MAY 12 - 16



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Oliver advised Thorne that in regards to his relationship with Taylor, being honest with Aly might be a bad idea. Realizing that Taylor and Aly had both been gone awhile, the two men began to worry that they might have run into each other. In the photo studio, Taylor prevented Aly from leaving and tried to explain her relationship with Thorne. When Oliver and Thorne arrived a dismayed Aly asked her father to explain the horrible things that Taylor had just told her. Taylor was shocked when Aly made an impassioned request of Thorne and he agreed. Ridge attempted to convince Brooke that Bill was not good for her or for R.J. Thorne and Taylor were concerned about Aly’s reaction to news of their relationship and discussed Aly’s emotional health. Oliver did his best to comfort Aly and assured her that he’s there for her. They discussed Darla and how she would feel about this situation as well as fear and forgiveness. Katie told Ridge that their current situation with Brooke and Bill called for compromise but Ridge refused to budge. Aly made a surprising request of Taylor. Ridge and Bill verbally sparred, each trying to one-up the other. Thorne turned to Brooke for advice about Aly and Taylor. Aly asked Taylor to tell her about the night her mother died. Taylor emotionally broke down as she told her the story. Thorne returned to the Forrester CEO office and was surprised by what he witnessed between Aly and Taylor. Bill informed Brooke that he’s going to move forward in formally welcoming Wyatt into the Spencer family. Bill revealed to Liam that he wanted to take Brooke on a trip far away from all of the drama both in her professional and her personal life. He decided to take her somewhere that Ridge had never taken her before. Brooke and Hope discussed Hope’s love life. Brooke told her daughter she’s proud of her for taking the time to make the right decision.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt officially becomes a Spencer. Katie and Ridge begin to make wedding plans.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Someone was murdered in dramatic fashion – and practically half the town’s a suspect. The victim’s loved ones said a tearful farewell. As accusations flew, several relationships were tested by this sudden turn of events. Marlena made a startling discovery related to the murder case. Brady delivered disappointing news to Theresa. Jennifer comforted a guilt-ridden Abigail. Daniel confronted Nicole with the truth! Jennifer admitted to Eric she isn’t entirely comfortable with Daniel and Nicole’s relationship. Hope put Sonny on the spot when she brought him in for questioning. Sami was guilt-ridden over the decision she and EJ made. An emotional Nicole admitted all to Daniel. Hope confronted EJ with an incriminating photo! Will made a confession to Hope. Abigail and Ben shared their first kiss! Daniel ordered Nicole come clean with Eric – or he would! Hope continued her investigation by questioning Abigail and Kate.

THIS WEEK: Sami gets caught in a tense situation. Kate worries when she realizes her gun is missing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — The Nurses Ball continued with unexpected guest arrivals as well as more uplifting performances. While major scheming took place behind the curtain, new and former loves were rekindled. Someone would use their moment in the spotlight to express feelings for a special person. As the Nurses Ball ended with a crescendo – some residents were left heartbroken while others were thrilled with what lies ahead. Jordan and Alexis had an uneasy first meeting. Anna and Duke shared a romantic time at the Ball. Shawn and Jordan recalled the details of their past relationship.

Lifelong friendships were put to the test. Carly and Franco came up with a passionate way to distract themselves. The day after the Nurses Ball, Alexis pressed Julian to consider leaving the mob. Duke and Sonny discussed a plan to take down Julian. Meanwhile, Luke tried to get a read on how much Sonny actually knows about the Jerome operation. Luke avoided Tracy’s advances. Michael appointed himself as the new CEO of ELQ, which did not bode well with Tracy. TJ overheard Jordan’s suspicious phone conversation, which a nervous Jordan attempted to cover. Dante and Lulu made an important family decision. Julian set up a meeting with Luke to discuss the future of their partnership.

THIS WEEK: Liz makes her choice in love. Anna has a final answer for the anxiously awaiting Lulu and Dante.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki and Dylan shared a nice moment as mother and son. Meanwhile, Victor had another tense run in with Ian Ward. Victor went to see Connor and was surprised to see Billy outside Chelsea’s door. Later, Billy told Chelsea his plan to get the dirt on Stitch. Across town, Victoria met with Dr. Chiverton. Stitch figured out Victoria went to the doctor and searched for her test results to see what she’s hiding. The battle between Jill and Colin got dicey when Cane was concerned that he had not heard from Colin and went to see Jill. He grew more suspicious when he found Colin’s wallet and saw a Bonaventure business card inside. Later, Victor paid Jill a visit, asking if she was behind his recent troubles with the law. Victor then asked Noah to testify on his behalf. Lily decided to find a new man for Kelly. Meanwhile, Summer apologized to Jack for getting upset about Kelly. Kelly asked Lily to set her up with a date. Lily tried to play matchmaker with Kelly and Neil, but both seemed to have other people on their mind. Later, Jack ran into Kelly and wondered if fate had anything to do with it. Hilary and Neil snuck off from work together and Neil told Hilary he wants to go public with their relationship. Mariah’s presence in Genoa City continued to trouble Abby. Chelsea told Victor it wasn’t too late to tell Adam he loved him. The Fisher-Baldwins met for family dinner at the Athletic Club. When Gloria mentioned she found an aphrodisiac that has worked wonders for her and Jeffrey, Chloe devised a plan to steal it. Meanwhile, Kevin discussed the state of his marriage with Michael and Lauren. Dylan explained to Stitch what happened with Ian and was surprised when Stitch seemed to know a lot about the law.

THIS WEEK: Chloe puts her plan into motion. Abby tries to get more information about Mariah from Leslie.

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