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RECAPS – MAY 19-23



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill and Brooke made a big commitment. The feud between Quinn and Liam boiled over when Liam found out that Quinn intentionally locked him in the steam room. Hope and Wyatt worried about their mothers. Ridge was less than thrilled about Brooke’s news while Quinn made a sexy last ditch effort to woo Bill. Bill refused Quinn’s advances, reminding her that he’s now engaged to Brooke. Ridge believed he knows what is best for Brooke and took her ring, informing her that she will not marry Bill. While discussing Spencer/ Logan love combinations, Wyatt reminded Hope that they’re just the right blend. A heated argument between Ridge and Bill escalated to a new level. An argument between Ridge and Bill was stopped by Brooke who demanded that Ridge return her ring. Donna informed Katie about Brooke and Bill’s engagement. Katie urged Ridge to leave Brooke and Bill alone, knowing that no one can stop them from getting married. A refreshing side of Quinn was revealed when she confided in Wyatt about her desire to be loved. Bill proposed an exciting and exotic idea to Brooke. Ridge was upset that he let Bill get him worked up but still struggled with the idea of Bill Spencer being a step-father to RJ. Liam tried to help Hope make a decision faster by surprising her with a kiss and the knowledge that Bill and Brooke were headed to the UAE. Wyatt arrived and one-ups Liam by telling them that Bill and Brooke are getting married on their trip. Katie and Brooke hoped that they could mend their relationship. Ridge tried to stop Brooke one last time. RJ was excited to wear the symbolic gift that Bill gave him. Bill and Brooke basked in their love while on the jet to Dubai. Bill insisted on keeping the location of their wedding a secret from Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Hope and Donna try to help Ridge accept Bill and Brooke’s relationship. Wyatt wonders what new scheme Quinn is devising when she reveals something shocking.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole and Eric made love! Sami and EJ received shocking news. Lucas landed in hot water when Hope caught him in a lie. Theresa put a damper on JJ’s first real date with Paige. Daniel gave Nicole an ultimatum. Eric told Marlena of his engagement to Nicole. John’s actions inadvertently pushed Brady further towards Theresa. Hope wasn’t pleased to hear what Aiden’s been up to behind her back. Nicole had a stunning proposition for Eric. Sami exploded when she learned Eric plans to marry Nicole. Gabi had an unexpected request regarding Arianna’s custody agreement. Kate accused Lucas of shooting Nick! A desperate Nicole came up with an outrageous lie to keep the truth from Eric. EJ questioned Kate’s feelings for Stefano. Abigail was horrified by EJ’s admission. Jordan and Ben worried about their past catching up to them. Nicole realized she’s running out of time and urged Eric to agree to her plan. Hope cornered Lucas with damning evidence, and he reluctantly made a confession about the night Nick was shot.

THIS WEEK: Sami blasts Kate for allowing Stefano back into her life. After confiding in Abigail, EJ urges her to keep quiet.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Luke showed up at Alexis’s house with a hidden agenda. Julian called a family dinner at the art gallery and asked Lucas to bring a date. Shawn considered having a private conversation with Jordan about a pending situation. At the hospital, Silas received flowers from a loved one. When Maxie received a notice to appear in court regarding her baby, Georgie, Nathan’s perplexed by her defensive reaction. Carly and Franco enlisted help from an old friend to investigate AJ’s murder case. The PCPD prepared to take down the mob. Following Julian’s astonishing news, all havoc broke loose. TJ learned the truth about his mother’s past and present — while Jordan threw Anna off guard with a revelation. Morgan pressed Sonny for answers about sleeping with Ava. Carly and Franco uncovered revealing information about the night AJ was shot. Elizabeth and Ric bonded. Molly consoled TJ as he grappled with the realization about Jordan. Duke made a disclosure to Sonny. Sam was confused about Julian’s announcement. Tracy found Ned in a precarious situation with Luke. Carly and Franco deciphered what to do with their newfound evidence. Luke was determined to seek revenge toward one unfortunate Port Charles resident. Julian pulled out his ace-in-the-hole with Scott.

THIS WEEK: An upset TJ decides to confront Jordan about her lies. After the Nurses Ball incident, Lucy is excited when Kevin has some news to share.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — When Jill learned that a Bonaventure card was found in Colin’s wallet, she tried to get information out of him about what he’s really up to. Later, Victor paid Jill a visit, asking if she was behind his recent troubles with the FDA. Noah was shocked when Victor asked him to testify on his behalf. Later, Jack figured out that Nikki walked out on Victor because of what he did to Sharon. Neil told Hilary he wants to go public with their relationship. Later, Devon got into an argument with Hilary. Lily was shocked to learn that Neil is now dating Hilary! Jack ran into Kelly and wondered if fate had anything to do with it. Later, Jack surprised Kelly with a romantic picnic at the loft, and she opened up about her past. Abby went to Victor, and he promised he would take care of Mariah. When Abby told Tyler that she enlisted Victor’s help, Tyler’s worried about how far Victor will go. To Nick’s displeasure, Sharon went to see Mariah in hopes that she could help her figure out something about the secret she can’t remember. Chelsea was shocked when Billy told her that Chloe asked him to have another baby and then drugged him. Stitch was surprised when Victor gave his approval of his relationship with Victoria. Billy overheard him and old Victor that Stitch isn’t who he says he is. Summer met Austin, who’s helping to produce Avery’s new show. When Avery arrived, she asked Summer to stay and help her with her shoot. Summer opened up to Austin about her complicated relationships with her family. Nikki was outraged when Ian Ward told her that his charges against him have been cleared and that he wants to be friends. Later, Victor threatened Ian and Dylan called Willa in hopes of getting more information on Ian. Leslie wanted to know what’s Ian’s end game, but Ian played his cards close to the vest. Paul and Christine had a romantic evening, excited at the prospect of having a baby together.

THIS WEEK: Chloe puts her shocking plan into motion! Lily is still reeling over news about Neil and Hilary!

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