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RECAPS – MAY 26-30



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt tried to convince Quinn to delete the ‘selfie’ of her and Bill. Brooke and Bill continued to enjoy their time in Abu Dhabi, where they would soon be getting married. Ridge was upset that Bill gave RJ a sword necklace. Katie confided in Donna that she wishes Ridge would accept Bill and Brooke’s marriage. While emailing Ridge new jewelry designs Quinn added a surprise attachment. Ridge vented to Eric about needing to get through to Brooke before the wedding. Wyatt again pleaded with Quinn to stay out of Brooke and Bill’s relationship. Brooke and Bill enjoyed authentic Emirati cuisine at a private dinner on the beach. Bill gave Brooke a special, sparkly new gift. Ridge asked Quinn about the ‘selfie’ she sent him, and Quinn revealed that she and Bill had an affair. Bill worked with a wedding planner while Brooke still knew little about ceremony plans. While headed for Dubai, Ridge called Katie to explain why he has to stop Brooke from marrying Bill. Wyatt was upset at Quinn for showing Ridge the ‘selfie’ which sent Ridge to break up a wedding, but Quinn blamed it all on karma. Bill and Brooke prepared for their wedding. Ridge reminisced about a closed chapter while a new one is about to begin. Brooke and Bill’s wedding on the beach in Abu Dhabi began. Quinn admitted that she has complicated feelings for Bill. Wyatt told Hope that Ridge’s on the way to stop the wedding and Hope wanted to warn Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Ridge receives the ammunition he needs. Katie confronts Quinn about showing Ridge the ‘selfie’.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope arrived at the Kiriakis mansion with a search warrant. Someone confessed to shooting Nick! Nicole tried to locate Daniel, desperate to stop him from talking to Eric. However, the two men had already run into each other. Thanks to Bev, Paige made a startling discovery involving JJ. Victor came to a surprising realization about Sonny. At Gabi’s photo shoot, Abigail was thrown when Ben had a strong reaction to an innocent offer. After a run-in with John, Brady was tempted to use drugs once again. Marlena was jealous when she heard about Roman’s date with Giselle. A confession to Nick’s shooting continued to send shockwaves throughout Salem. JJ unwittingly played a part in Nicole’s downfall. Nicole angrily told Daniel they can no longer be friends! A shocking twist was revealed regarding Nick’s case. Jennifer overheard an eye-opening conversation. A desperate Nicole tried to save her relationship with Eric.

THIS WEEK: Hope suspects all is not what it seems. Sonny fears he is going to lose Will forever.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — As a struggle erupted between Ava and AJ, an unarmed person walked in on them, and AJ was shot! Obrecht confronted Anna about Faison’s disappearance. Another bittersweet moment occurred between Patrick and Robin. Victor told Patrick that despite his suspicions, Robin should remain hopeful. Sam and Silas arrived at the clinic to search for his comatose wife but were unprepared for what they found. Carly played AJ’s voicemail for an interested party. Kiki confronted Ava about why she slept with Sonny. Luke gave Julian an ultimatum in regards to his role with the mob. Patrick, Sabrina and Emma discussed names for the baby. Ric enlisted Cameron’s help in order to woo Elizabeth. Dante and Lulu discussed the future of their family. Sonny cornered Ava. Meanwhile, Olivia told Carly about Sonny and Ava’s affair. Luke had mysterious business at the Metro Court. Tracy confided in Lulu about Luke’s odd behavior. Ric wined and dined Elizabeth on a very romantic date. Both Dante and Shawn were shocked by Anna’s decision – but she had good reason. Ava had a trump card of her own to play against Sonny. Kiki broke reeling news to Michael. Alexis and Nikolas questioned Ric’s involvement with both Julian and Elizabeth. Luke had a surprise for Tracy, and later he came face to face with a mystery man. Sonny did not believe Ava’s claim. Luke questioned the identity of the covert man. Ric was caught off guard when he’s suddenly faced with criminal charges. Despite their shock in regards to Ric’s alleged misconduct, Elizabeth asked Alexis to represent him.

THIS WEEK: After being scorned, Olivia and Morgan lean on each other for comfort. Julian expresses to Alexis that he fears for his family’s safety.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon found the traffi c ticket from the night of the Gala, but she didn’t remember getting it. Though Nick dismissed it, Sharon thought it has something to do with her secret. Later, Sharon’s memory was triggered by standing at Cassie’s grave. Neil told his family that he hopes to have a future with Hilary and that he wants their support. Meanwhile, Hilary and Lily got into a heated argument. Later, Neil asked Hilary to move in with him. While they talked about their living situation, they kissed as Leslie arrived and saw them together. Leslie wanted to know what Ian’s end game is, but Ian wouldn’t tell. Later, Nikki and Avery worried about what Victor and Dylan could be plotting against Ian. Ian wanted to call a truce with Victor, but Victor was not interested. Later, Victor paid Dylan to find out what they need to do to get rid of Ian Ward. When Chelsea fished for information on Stitch and Victoria’s relationship, she started to suspect that Stitch knew about Victoria’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Billy saw something’s wrong with Victoria and began to worry. Later, Chelsea gave Victoria an ultimatum: Victoria has to tell Billy about the baby or else she will. Stitch confronted Chelsea about her involvement in Victoria’s personal life. Things started to heat up after Jack and Kelly went on their first date. Summer was surprised when she visited the Abbott mansion and she found Kelly with Jack. Jack and Kelly were troubled by Summer’s reaction. Nikki confronted Victor, and he maintained that he wants her to move back to the ranch. Jill finally agreed to let Colin out of the attic. After they got into an intense altercation, Jill made a shocking discovery! Soon after, the cops arrived and questioned why Colin was missing.

THIS WEEK: Sum mer finds comfort by talking with Austin. Sharon is surprised when Tyler comes to see her about Mariah.

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