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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge showed Brooke the ‘selfie’ of Bill and Quinn. Katie told Quinn that she and Bill deserved each other. Bill admitted to having a fling with Quinn before he and Brooke were back together. Wyatt and Hope decided not to let family drama interfere with their relationship. In order to get away with Brooke, a furious Ridge punched Bill. Wyatt reminded Quinn that her actions are hurting people. Ridge’s actions had dire repercussions. Brooke looked on terrified as a terrible “accident” occurred over the Persian Gulf. Katie left Ridge a voicemail when she got a feeling that something bad had happened. Liam tried to convince Hope that Quinn and Wyatt are not good people. Brooke pleaded with Bill for help. Bill called Liam to let him know about Ridge. Brooke had one last person to tell but struggled with the life altering news. Brooke told Katie the terrible news about Ridge. Liam confronted Quinn in the Ridge/Brooke/Bill scenario. The Forrester and Logan families gathered around Katie to offer assistance. Bill struggled with his guilt. Katie and Eric took a private jet to Abu Dhabi. A master manipulator and his pilot discussed their role in the accident and their shameful game plan. Liam told Hope that he wants Wyatt out of her life for good. Katie placed all the blame on Quinn’s selfish behavior. Wyatt assured Hope that he does not condone his mother’s behavior. Eric told Katie that he supports her relationship with Ridge. A brotherly rivalry was taken to a new level after careless and disrespectful words were spoken. Hope was shocked to see a violent side of Wyatt after he punched Liam. Katie and Eric remained a rock for each other on their way to Abu Dhabi. Liam stood by what he said about Quinn. Katie and Eric arrived, and Brooke updated them on the situation. Quinn promised Wyatt that she won’t let him fall for her actions.

THIS WEEK: Hope makes a big decision in her love life. Wyatt defends his mother.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — The truth about Nick’s murder was revealed – and several lives would never be the same. Eric confronted Nicole over her deception! Jennifer pondered the fallout of her decision. Protective of Rafe, Sami ripped into a stunned Jordan. Marlena learned a stunning secret about a family member. An emotional Nicole made a final plea to Eric and begged for his forgiveness. Brady lost it when John tried to come between him and Theresa. Nick’s murderer prepared for life in prison – but had one last confession to make. Ben was alarmed when Paige recognized him. An emotional Hope broke down in Aiden’s arms. Brady and John’s fight spun out of control – and Theresa had a front row seat.

THIS WEEK: Hope can’t seem to get things under control. The fallout over Nick’s murder continues.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Julian assured Lucas he will protect him. Alexis had diffi cult news to tell Molly about Ric. Nikolas found Elizabeth distraught. Patrick and Sabrina wondered if the car accident was intentional. Sam and Silas found a new level of intimacy. Nathan deliberated on whether or not to share news about Nina with Silas. Sonny insisted that Ava prove her claim. Mindboggling news threw Carly and Morgan for a loop. Sam learned that Rafe’s in trouble. Molly had her suspicions regarding Julian. At the end of the day, Danny’s birthday party was filled with surprises. Nathan gave moral support at Maxie’s custody meeting with the judge. Levi and Mac shared an overwrought exchange. Morgan was not the only one who demanded that Ava come clean. After Sonny told Carly about his predicament, he questioned his next move. A shocked Carly and a brazen Ava got into a fiery altercation. Sonny begged Morgan to forgive him for sleeping with Ava. Sam confided personal feelings to Alexis about her relationship. Elizabeth and Patrick discussed their families. Carly had a proposition for the artistically frustrated Franco. Silas tried to reassure Sam. Nathan was confused upon learning new information. As Maxie and Nathan shared a close moment, they were unexpectedly interrupted.

THIS WEEK: Sonny takes charge and lays down the law to Ava. Morgan reveals his quandary to Kiki.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy asked Kevin to dig into Stitch’s past. Later, Kevin received unexpected news! Meanwhile, Stitch decided he needs to tell Victoria the truth about his past. Across town, Victoria thanked Chelsea for keeping her secret but told her to stay away from Billy. Later, Victor went to see Victoria and found out about her pregnancy. Back at Chelsea’s place, Billy asked Chelsea to help him get Stitch out of Victoria’s life. Tyler got a text message from Mariah saying that she needs him, but he deleted it. Tyler tried to win Abby back with a kiss, but Abby still wasn’t sure she can trust him. Sharon shared her new developments about the date of her traffic ticket with Dr. Mead and tried to get closer to uncovering her secret. Avery cautioned Summer to not get involved with Austin. Summer went off with Austin, and things started to heat up between them. Lily was still upset about Neil dating Hilary, so Cane planned an elaborate surprise for her birthday and sent her on a scavenger hunt. Meanwhile, Jill and Colin looked for information on Katherine’s necklace. Things got complicated when Colin’s plan went awry! Later, Lily wanted Hilary to prove she cares about Neil by walking away, but Hilary did not listen. Devon was blindsided when he overheard Hilary tell Neil she’s ready to move in together. Victor was touched by Nikki’s concern when Victor was bombarded by a reporter at the Athletic Club. They found themselves locked in a kiss, and Nikki was left wondering what the future will hold for the two of them.

THIS WEEK: Victor asks Nikki to move back to the ranch. Avery confronts Ian Ward.

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