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RECAPS – JUNE 9 – 13



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn was determined to redeem herself with Wyatt when he declared that she’s the reason for the recent misfortune in his personal life. Word quickly spread throughout Forrester Creations about the series of events that occurred in Abu Dhabi. Hope made a definitive decision about which Spencer brother she wants to spend her life with. The general consensus around Forrester Creations was that Quinn’s entirely responsible for the unfortunate incident that took place in the UAE. Wyatt took the news hard when Hope told him that she could no longer condone or accept Quinn’s antics. Quinn lashed out at Liam for his continued interference in Hope and Wyatt’s relationship. A long-overdue proposal of marriage was made for a couple who have endured many adversities throughout their relationship. Aly and Oliver’s bond continued to grow with Maya looking on with suspicion and possibly jealousy. When Maya warned Oliver to stay away from Aly, he filled her in on his true feelings. Rick sealed Quinn’s fate as an employee at Forrester Creations. Quinn’s heart was crushed when Wyatt delivered devastating news. Hope told Liam about the day that she spent with Wyatt at the Big Bear cabin. Carter cautioned Maya to keep her nose out of Oliver and Aly’s relationship and not to reveal the recording that she made. Aly assured Oliver that she will see to it that he will never be fired from Forrester Creations. Hope got an unexpected visit from Quinn who pleaded with her not to make Wyatt pay for his her transgressions. Quinn further explained to Hope the current state of her relationship with her son.

THIS WEEK: Quinn happens upon a mysterious man at Bikini Bar as she drinks away her sorrows. Wyatt comes up with a plan to smooth things over with Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole lashed out at Daniel and Jennifer for destroying her relationship with Eric. Abigail was stunned when she learned about a long-buried secret. Bev tried to set Paige up for a fall. Gabi was surprised when Kate reached out to her, and they bonded. Daniel and Jennifer disagreed over the situation with Nicole and Eric. Eric asked Nicole to remove her engagement ring. Marlena laid into Sami and Kate over what they did to Nick. Julie confronted Nick’s killer. Jennifer made an admission which deeply wounded Daniel. EJ discovered upsetting news about Kate and Stefano. Sami and Marlena learned Eric had called off his engagement to Nicole. Rafe pushed Jordan away. Gabi shared a tearful farewell with Rafe, Will and Sonny before leaving to start a new life. Hope tried to stop Julie from making a bad situation worse. EJ and Sami warned Kate she better not try to convince Stefano to derail their wedding. Will realized Sonny has been keeping a secret from him. Daniel and Rafe’s friendship took a hit over a revelation from the past. Ben comforted an emotional Abigail, which led to a kiss.

THIS WEEK: Victor and Theresa face off over Brady. Jordan fears Kate has ratted her out to Sami.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Julian questioned his loyalty to the mob, but Luke continued his threats. Jordan knew she must make an important decision when she received crucial information. Sam had staggering news for Nathan. Morgan lamented to Michael his situation. Sonny and Ava persistently taunted each other with intimidations. Julian instructed Jordan on their next moves. Duke and Anna argued about the mob. Later in the day, both Anna and Jordan found themselves in a predicament. Ric’s supporters and detractors plotted for and against him. Britt was infuriated when she saw Nikolas and Elizabeth in a tender moment. Silas had to make a decision on whether or not to come clean. Anna informed Ric about some new evidence in his case. TJ surprised Rafe who was partaking in some illicit activities. By end of day, Rafe was in a bad place. Over at the PCPD, shots rang out! Anna took charge in a moment of pandemonium at the PCPD. .

THIS WEEK: Silas is pressed to tell the truth. Anna reveals her new plan to bring down the mob.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy overheard Victoria tell Nikki she has a doctor’s appointment. When Billy asked if he could go with her to it, Victoria made it clear she wants to go alone. Victoria and Nikki then saw Jack with Kelly and were not pleased. Victoria went to her appointment, and Jack introduced Kelly to Nikki. After Nikki was less than welcoming, Kelly told Jack that she understood the reaction and that the Newman’s should get the same pass that Summer did. At the Newman ranch, Victor told Dylan there might be another way for them to deal with Ian Ward. Nikki came home and heard the end of their conversation, worrying that Victor was egging on Dylan’s rage over Ian. Nikki brought up the kiss they shared. She said she loves Victor but sometimes that isn’t enough. Victor asked where this leaves them. Chelsea overheard Stitch talking to his ex-wife Jenna and got the information she needs for Billy. After learning that Jenna lives in Australia, she convinced Billy that he has to go there to talk to her. When Chelsea decided to go to Australia with Billy, Anita wondered if things have started to become romantic between them. Meanwhile, the mystery man watching Connor’s nursery was filled with rage as he watched Billy hold Connor. Later, Kelly found out that Victoria’s pregnant and that the baby might be Stitch’s. Kelly spilled this news to Jack, and he was confused why Stitch would tell Kelly before Billy told him. After Victoria returned from her doctor’s appointment, Stitch asked if he has a chance with her, or if her heart will always belong to Billy. Summer was surprised when Austin said he will be leaving town soon. She tried to persuade him to stay with a kiss just as Jack and Kelly arrived in the park to see them together. Lauren was worried that Christine might be trying to rewrite history by giving Paul a child. Christine insisted she isn’t just trying to make Paul happy – she wants a baby too. Sharon offered Mariah a job at the Underground. Later, Noah was shocked when Mariah arrived at the bar, and Nick told him that she’ll be working there now. A reluctant Noah agreed to keep an eye on Mariah for him. Sharon then called Nick out on wanting Mariah to screw up, so he can run her out of town. Neil asked Hilary if she has a problem with their age difference.

THIS WEEK: Neil makes an important decision about his future with Hilary. Chelsea tells Billy she has a plan to get Jenna to talk.

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