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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn was pleasantly surprised that fate had brought her the one person that she thinks can assist her in reuniting Hope and Wyatt. The search continued for any sign of life from Ridge along the banks of the Persian Gulf. Liam surprisingly lent a sympathetic ear to Wyatt after seeing how much pain he’s feeling following the end of his relationship with Hope. Katie and Thorne prepared themselves emotionally and professionally for the possibility that Ridge will never come home. While walking along the shore of Abu Dhabi Beach, Brooke stumbled upon the answer to whether or not Ridge survived the accident. Hope spent quality time with Deacon. Word spread throughout Forrester Creations regarding the latest development surrounding Ridge’s accident. Justin expressed his concern to Bill that their involvement in the incident with the helicopter may soon be exposed. Eric and Brooke became alarmed when they noticed peculiar behavior coming from a loved one. Katie was extremely worried that she will never have the fairytale life with Ridge that she had hoped for. Quinn was pleased to learn that she seemed to be off the hook for at least one of her accused transgressions. The group at Forrester Creations planned for a bittersweet homecoming of those returning from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Bill anxiously awaited with anticipation to learn whether or not his involvement in Ridge’s accident had been discovered. Wyatt was less than thrilled when Quinn showed up on his doorstep bearing news that she thought will help her smooth things over with her son. Following her plea for forgiveness, Quinn convinced Wyatt to not give up on Hope.

THIS WEEK: Carter calls Maya out on her obsession with Oliver and Aly’s relationship. Katie and Thorne commiserate.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail was put on the spot when Sami asked for a huge favor. Despondent Rafe confided in Kate. John suspected Brady’s using again and called him on it. Theresa threatened to screw up JJ’s relationship with Paige. Nicole and Sami got into a huge catfight! Kate’s antenna went up when she spied Jordan and Ben together. Jennifer tried to work things out with Daniel. Will and Sonny tried to adjust to life without Gabi. EJ and Abigail ended up in a compromising position. Marlena blasted Nicole for what she did to Eric. Daniel met with a new patient – who is a former resident of Salem. Hope was impressed when Aiden came up with a way to save the gala. A major confrontation took place at the DiMera mansion! Nicole must make an important decision about Eric’s future. Jennifer took a trip down memory lane. JJ got a surprise when he went looking for Paige.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer is still reeling from bad memories. Paige does not take advice about Theresa.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Silas shared news about Nina to Sam – which she did not take lightly. Rafe was caught in an illicit act. Sabrina welcomed a surprise visitor. Levi and Nathan got into an intense argument. Anna stuck to her cover story and warned Sonny to keep Duke out of his vendetta against the Jeromes. After discussing the state of the mob, Julian wondered aloud why Sonny feels the need to protect Ava. Kiki and Morgan questioned what Sonny and Ava are really hiding. Meanwhile, Ava was stunned by some new knowledge. Michael had a plan to help Morgan deal with his woes. Franco moved into Carly’s, but her daughter, Josslyn, was slow to warm to him. Silas returned home and stumbled upon a chance encounter. Silas was blindsided by Sam’s actions. Per Morgan, Carly was flipped out over Sonny’s latest living arrangements. Michael announced ELQ’s latest project and at the end of the day received an unexpected visitor. Lulu confided in Olivia about a decision she’s contemplating. Maxie was surprised when an unforeseen person was summoned to her custody hearing. Alexis attempted to reason with Molly about her relationship with Julian. Luke put the pressure on Julian to reclaim his enterprise while Anna compelled Jordan to speed up her plan to bring down the Jeromes. Later, Jordan was forced to keep her cover from TJ. Silas was put to the test and pondered if Sam’ss really over Jason. Maxie learned the Judge’s ruling in regards to visitation rights for Georgie. JT and Molly commiserated about their mothers. Nina asked Silas a pointed question about Sam. An exhausted Lulu shared her choice with Dante.

THIS WEEK: Tracy has a new trick up her sleeve. Anna warns Alexis to be circumspect in regards to her relationship with Julian.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria was enraged when she found out that Billy’s going to Australia to dig up dirt on Stitch. Stitch prepared to tell her what he might find but got a call saying he had to get back to the hospital. Victoria left Billy a message, saying she knew what he’s up to and this won’t win her back. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Billy traveled to Australia to meet Stitch’s ex-wife, Jenna. When Billy thought Chelsea was asleep, he thanked her for coming with him and admited he’s happy to have her on his side. Once they get there, they posed as filmmakers producing a documentary, and Jenna allowed them to come in. Billy took the opportunity to snoop around Jenna’s house while Chelsea asked her questions. Jenna said she doesn’t want to discuss her ex-husband with Chelsea. Jenna then saw she has three missed calls from Stitch. At their next meeting, Jenna called Billy and Chelsea out on their phony business card and asked why they are really visiting her. Kelly once again told Stitch he needs to tell Victoria the truth about his past before someone else does. Stitch then got a call from Jenna who threatened to keep Max away from him forever if he tells anyone about his past. Stitch told Kelly he has to give into Jenna’s demands. Kelly reiterated that if Jack asked her directly about Stitch, she will have to tell him the truth. Summer told Austin she wouldn’t let him leave town without her. She said she wants to start a new life with him and things heated up between them. Later, Nick and Jack heard Summer tell Avery that she slept with Austin. Father Todd returned to Genoa City to visit Paul. Later, Todd sensed something was bothering Stitch and offered his guidance. Stitch went to the chapel to clear his head, and as he’s praying, Victoria walked in and wanted to know what he’s been trying to tell her. Lily was genuinely concerned that Hilary will break Neil’s heart and send him back to the bottle. Later, Leslie introduced Neil to her husband Barton for the first time. Abby and Mariah got into a catfight at The Underground. Noah then realized his wallet was missing, and everyone suspected Mariah. Nick blamed himself for the way everything turned out since he lied about Summer’s paternity test.

THIS WEEK: Sharon asks Nick to move in with her. Victoria admits to Abby that she’s still in love with Billy.

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