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RECAPS – JUNE 23 - 27



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt apologizes to Hope for his mother’s transgressions and tells her of his plan to someday win her back. Misinterpreting what he sees, Liam demands that Wyatt remove himself from the party. Bill is unsympathetic with Quinn as she emotionally explains to him how she has singlehandedly ruined her family and her career. Ridge proclaims to his family and friends what gave him the will to survive. Brooke becomes anxious when she learns that Deacon is in Los Angeles and has reached out to Hope. She and Liam warn Hope about her desire to grow closer to her father. Having noticed Aly spending much more time with her new friend, Oliver, and feeling concerned about their age difference, Thorne confronts him about his intentions towards his daughter. Quinn quickly picks herself up and is back to her old tricks. Maya is put on the spot when Hope points out, in front of the Forrester Creations group, that there has been a noticeable change in her behavior. Aly happily shares with Hope and Caroline that she and Oliver have been dating. Quinn makes a last-ditch effort to convince Liam to allow Wyatt to continue working at Forrester Creations. Maya confesses to Oliver a significant regret from her past. Rick gets the surprise of his life during what he thought would be a relaxing session in the steam room. Deacon becomes suspicious of Quinn’s intentions when he stumbles upon her latest project. Liam turns to Wyatt for advice regarding how concerned he should be regarding Quinn’s threats. Maya overhears a conversation between Oliver and Aly that gives her cause for worry. Wyatt and Deacon become better acquainted over a bottle of Scotch as the details regarding Hope’s love life are recounted.

THIS WEEK: Oliver attempts to convince Aly that she should be the new face of the HFTF line. Mystery continues to loom over what Quinn has up her sleeve next.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail ends up in EJ’s arms. Jennifer inadvertently sets herself on a collision course with an old rival. JJ is thrown by a case of mistaken identity. Kate gives Jordan surprising advice. Jennifer has a stunning encounter with Eve! Rafe demands Jordan reveal her secrets. Will questions Abigail’s strange behavior. EJ chooses a best man. Jennifer fears Eve still holds a grudge against her. Brady seeks help from Maggie. Theresa figures out the key to keeping Brady by her side. EJ invites an unexpected guest to the wedding. Eve drops a bomb on Jennifer concerning Jack! Kate gets a major lead on Jordan’s past. Rafe comes to a decision about his future with Jordan. Brady falls deeper into Theresa’s clutches. Daniel blasts Nicole for not helping Eric. Kate travels to the Ozarks to meet a man who knows Jordan. As her wedding day draws near, Sami happily makes plans with an increasingly uncomfortable Abigail.

THIS WEEK: Kate’s search for Jordan culminates. Theresa manipulates Brady.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly warns Ava that she is watching her every move, but Ava thinks Carly just wants to be close to Sonny. Kiki helps Franco babysit Josslyn, and she suspects that Franco knows more about Ava and Sonny than he is letting on. Lulu is by Maxie’s side after the custody verdict. Nathan makes an accusation against Levi. On a romantic date, Silas admits he feels uncomfortable that Sam still wears her wedding ring. Meanwhile, Nina reveals her true colors and is out for revenge. Maxie is angry that Nathan suspects Levi of wrongdoing. Franco is jealous over Carly’s new bond with Sonny, while Ava provokes Sonny about her unborn baby. At the end of the day, Ava invites someone to Port Charles. When Nina makes an emergency phone call to Silas, he quickly leaves his date with Sam to help her. Sam reluctantly confides in Patrick about her vague misgivings regarding Nina. Michael is not pleased with Sonny’s living situation. In the interim, Spencer enlists his Uncle Sonny’s help with his latest romantic struggles. Carly insists to Franco that Sonny is not a threat, while Josslyn prompts Franco to seek out a new job opportunity. Sam tells Alexis that her date with Silas was thwarted by Nina, while Silas lets an apprehensive Nina know that he has a surprise to help her walk again. Obrecht devises a new plan for Britt to win back Nikolas. Carly shares with Sonny that Franco feels threatened by their recent bond. Obrecht, a huge Francophile, has a random proposition for Franco. Anna walks in on Nathan and Levi arguing about Maxie. Alexis gives a grieving Molly a very personal letter regarding Ric. Patrick tries to remember details about the car crash. Kiki senses there is something awry with Rafe.

THIS WEEK: Tracy continues her ploys to take over ELQ. Franco threatens Sonny when he catches the two of them in an embrace.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Leslie tells Nikki shocking information about Ian Ward. Later, Leslie tells Avery she may end up disbarred because she shared this confidential information. Before she can explain more, Ian shows up and tells Avery that what he knows is more valuable that anyone can imagine. Later, Victor overhears Ian tell Mariah that he is on her side. Ian advises Mariah not to tell Victor they know each other, but as Ian leaves Mariah’s room, Nick spots him. Victor and Nick decide to team up to figure out more information about how they are connected. Tensions rise at the hospital as friends and family wait for Paul to show signs of improvement. Shocking information is revealed as Nikki and Christine struggle to hang on to hope.Summer promises Austin she will get the money for his bail. Neil tells Hilary he wants to get married right away. When Cane persuades Devon to tell Hilary his feelings, Devon takes his advice and tells Hilary she can’t marry Neil. Later, Neil tells Hilary he understands if she wants to back out of the wedding. When Kelly pressures Stitch about his past, Stitch decides he has to break up with Victoria. Meanwhile, Billy wants Jack to find out what happened between Kelly and Stitch. Billy is shocked when Victoria tells him she wants a divorce. Meanwhile, Chelsea admits to Anita that she and Billy kissed and Anita tells her to pursue him.

THIS WEEK: Stitch goes to see Victoria with the intention of breaking things off with her. Colin creates a plan to get Katherine’s necklace from Jill but things go awry!

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