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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Maya took the focus off her transgression by playing the voice recording of Oliver to Rick and Caroline. Oliver joined Aly, Pam and Charlie for a fun night of medieval festivities filled with food, fun and jousting knights. Hope began to wonder if Quinn has anything to do with Liam’s unfortunate accident and injury. Deacon became curious about what Quinn’s up to as he observed her working on her latest project. Hope angrily confronted Quinn about being the cause behind Liam’s recent trip to the hospital. Fearing for his safety in his own home, Liam reacted with panic to every single noise that went bump in the night. Caroline had suspicions about Maya’s ulterior motive for playing the recording for her and Rick. Having had a wonderful night with Aly, Oliver was unaware of what’s waiting for him back at the office. Suspicious about what Quinn has been up to, Deacon questioned her regarding her whereabouts earlier in the evening. Head-over-heels for Oliver after their magical night together, Aly penned a love note to him. Oliver justified his feelings for Aly when Rick and Caroline confronted him about the voice recording. Wyatt assured Hope that Quinn might be manipulative, but she isn’t dangerous. Liam awakened to a nightmare. A shaken Liam recounted his terrifying encounter with Quinn in his home the evening before to Hope. Knowing what Quinn’s capable of, Wyatt angrily confronted his mother about whether or not she was the cause of Liam’s injury. Deacon got on Quinn’s bad side when he verbally hit her where it hurts with a comment about Wyatt. Brooke got a surprise visit that was accompanied with an unexpected proposition. Wyatt was taken aback by the serious allegations towards his mother that Liam and Hope had made. Bill and Deacon came face-to-face for the first time in years.

THIS WEEK: Quinn wants to get even with Liam. Brooke mulls over a proposition.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kate was stunned when she learned Clyde’s connection to Jordan. Jordan and Ben discussed their past and why they’ve been running all these years. Nicole tried her best to clear Eric’s name. Eve learned intriguing information when she finally got around to visiting her sister, Theresa. Sami and EJ’s wedding began! Rafe was given information which might put a damper on Sami and EJ’s big day. Theresa wasn’t pleased when Eve flirted with Brady. Jennifer reached out to Daniel. Chaos erupted at Sami and EJ’s wedding! Clyde contacted Kate about his future plans. Hope questioned Aiden about his deceased wife. Roman used Giselle to make Marlena jealous. EJ was certain Stefano was to blame for his troubles. Marlena and Roman rushed to Sami’s side to support their daughter.

THIS WEEK: Theresa shares a warm moment with Caroline. Paige confronts JJ about keeping something from her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Morgan and Kiki’s brownstone project was interrupted by Maxie and Levi’s protest. A jealous Franco intended to tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Meanwhile, Sonny returned home to discover that Ava had invited her mother, Delia, to stay at his house. Desperate to pay off his drug dealers, Rafe made up a story to Silas in order to get money. Sam and Patrick discovered the owner of the car that allegedly caused the accident. Sam continued to put more pieces together regarding the crash. Ava enlisted Delia’s help in order to protect her from Sonny. Nathan arrived at Maxie and Nathan’s protest and told them to clear out before he arrests them. Alice caught Tracy up to no good in Michael’s office. Lulu learned if she could carry the embryo to term. Ned and Alexis discussed whether or not Tracy and Luke might be in cahoots. Nathan and Maxie accidentally found themselves in a compromising position. Alice proceeded to tell Michael the truth about Tracy but suddenly got sidelined. Once they figured out who was driving the car, Patrick, Silas and Sam rushed to confront that person. TJ let Molly in on Rafe’s transgressions while Rafe made a discovery about Nina. Just as Rafe decided to come clean to Molly, they suddenly found themselves in peril.

THIS WEEK: Franco fills Carly in on Carlos’ admission. An impassioned Ava begs the tortured Sonny to not admit his guilt.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki got frustrated when Christine insisted that she not tell Paul that Dylan is his son. Meanwhile, Dylan snuck into Paul’s room as Paul slipped in and out of consciousness. Later, Nikki and Paul talked about the past and wondered if she would have kept Dylan if she knew Paul was the father. Victor told Victoria the news that Dylan’s actually Paul’s son. Meanwhile, Ian arrived at the hospital and asked what happened to his son. Avery responded by smacking him across the face. Ian didn’t back down and accused Nikki of lying to him. Later, Ian had a proposition for Leslie – he wouldn’t tell anyone that she revealed privileged information if she agreed to represent him. Victor and Nick decided to ramp up their plans to figure out Ian’s endgame. Summer asked Kelly to talk Jack into helping Austin. Later, she called Phyllis and told her how much she wished she were here. Summer told Austin she wouldn’t ever leave him because she loves him. Sharon invited Mariah to have dinner with her, Nick, Noah and Faith. While Faith warmed up to her, Nick warned Mariah not to get too close to his family. When Mariah accidentally left her purse behind, Nick discovered one of Ian’s business cards sticking out of the side. Mariah confronted Ian, asking if he had been playing her like he has everyone else in this town. When Jack and Sharon threw a wedding party for Hilary and Neil, Devon showed up after having a few drinks. Leslie arrived to tell Jack that Austin’s out on bail thanks to Summer and was surprised to learn about the marriage. Kevin agreed to help Billy and Chelsea dig up dirt on Stitch. Later, Chelsea told Victoria that she couldn’t have it both ways – either she wants Billy and cares what he does or she doesn’t. Meanwhile, Kelly confronted Billy for betraying her by going to see Jenna.

THIS WEEK: Kelly tells Stitch that Jack knows the truth about their relationship. Abby finds Devon drinking and offers to help him with his problems.

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