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RECAPS – 2/4-2/8

ALL MY CHILDREN – Angie figured out a way to save Frankie and Greenlee’s lives. Jesse insisted to Tad that his return from the dead must remain their secret, claiming that Angie and Frankie’s lives would be in danger if word got out that he was really alive. Ryan asked Kendall to bring him up to speed on what he had missed during the last four years and was stunned to learn that he and Kendall share a son. Ryan still felt love for Kendall but had no feelings for Annie. After being knocked unconscious by a drunk, Jesse was taken to the hospital while Angie was on duty.

THIS WEEK: Angie wonders if she’s seeing things.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Meg went against Craig, giving Montgomery Enterprises to Lucinda. Paul and Emily investigated Chris about Dusty’s murder. Neil, a lab tech who worked with Dusty, gave Lily information that led her to meet with Evan. Lily learned that Lucinda brought Evan to town to destroy Craig. Evan threatened to kill Lily unless Lucinda gave him $10 million. Carly discovered that Sam had lied to her. Parker tried to make Jack see Sam as a threat. Sofie wound up with baby Hallie but no money. In desperation, she returned to Oakdale with the baby. Gwen blasted Sofie and demanded she give her back the child.

THIS WEEK: Evan is exposed as a criminal.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Despite Taylor’s best efforts to convince Brooke to marry Ridge right there and then, Brooke said no. Later, Nick confessed to Brooke that he still loves her, but he was determined to stay with Taylor and the baby. With James’ help, Taylor realized that she had to confront Nick about his true feelings. Rick comforted Taylor after learning that she and Nick broke up. Stephanie was stunned that Brooke was baby Jack’s biological mother and declared her opposition to Ridge marrying Brooke. Ridge doubted that Eric really has given up on Donna and is ready to resume his marriage to Stephanie.

THIS WEEK: Stephanie suspects that Eric is still having sex with Donna.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – In Ireland, John was ready to complete his mission for Stefano by killing Colleen. She stopped him by revealing that she was his mother. Colleen later gathered the family to her bedside because her death was imminent and she had to tell them the truth about the Bradys and Dimeras. Kayla learned she was pregnant. Crawford decided not to press charges against Chelsea and the girls. Belle and Shawn agreed to try and make their marriage work. When Colleen and Santo’s spirits were united in death, Sami felt a connection with EJ. Bo received some terrible news about his health.

THIS WEEK: The jet ride home to Salem is filled danger.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Desperate to escape her attacker, Sam darted into the street and was hit by a car driven by either Carly, Nikolas, Monica or Elizabeth. To cover that she was drinking and driving, Monica reported her car stolen. Lucky didn’t believe Sam’s claim that she was attacker by the killer. Claudia was reunited with her father and made it clear she was taking over the family. Sonny couldn’t shake the memory of his night with Claudia. Maxie and Spinelli searched Coop’s room, where they were surprised to find Logan’s dog tags. Refusing to live in Laura’s shadow, Tracy ended her marriage to Luke.

THIS WEEK: The Text Message Killer makes another move on Alexis.

GUIDING LIGHT – Marina found herself turning to Mallet for comfort. Harley and Cyrus finally gave in to their deepest desires, but when Cyrus learned that Marina was injured, he rushed to be with her. Mallet was furious to learn that Dinah turned off his cell phone so he didn’t know Marina was in trouble. Bill told Alan he could arrange to get Lizzie and Sarah out of Jonathan’s life. Concerned about Alan’s interference, Jon asked Remy to get him a gun. Natalia locked Olivia in the bathroom to keep her from ruining Nat and Gus’s wedding day. Olivia then got the message from the transplant center that she had to go there immediately to receive a new heart.

THIS WEEK: Bill is confused about his feelings for Lizzie.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Ramsey threatened to go after Blair and the kids if Todd didn’t carry out their plan to kill Gigi and Shane. Adriana wondered if Rex was Shane’s father, but Gigi assured her he wasn’t. John presented Todd with an ultimatum – either Todd does everything to help Marcie’s case or John will send him to jail for kidnapping. Allison offered to reveal the secret she claimed she knew about Jessica’s family if Jessica got her out of St. Ann’s. Natalie was appalled when Jessica told her they were going to break Allison out of St. Ann’s to get her to spill the secret she’s keeping.

THIS WEEK: A gun-toting Allison sets her sights on Jessica.

PASSIONS – The sound of the Dark Side’s organ music alerted Kay that someone she cared about was about to die. Unaware that Kay and Tabitha were trying to rescue her, Pilar was held captive by Juanita, who tortured her into revealing where her family lived. With Luis, Ethan and Miguel hot on their tracks, Theresa freed Pilar and, after fighting off sharks, made it to a small boat. Juanita fired a rocket at the boat, much to everyone’s shock. Gwen, meanwhile, hopped on a plane to Mexico in hopes of preventing Ethan from discovering she was responsible for blackmailing Pilar and Theresa.

THIS WEEK: Esme’s stalker takes another victim.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Jeff and Gloria prepared to move into the Abbott mansion while formulating a scheme to drive out Jack and Sharon by furnishing it with tacky decor. Michael found Kevin and Gloria’s poison and assumed they were trying to kill Jeff. Victor insisted the D.A. fire Heather immediately. Determined to save her job, Heather pressed for additional evidence against Jack on the Ji Min case, but the D.A. refused to reinstate her. Nikki offered David a job at Jabot as Chief Operations Officer, while Phyllis hired Daniel at the magazine and Victor offered Neil Nick’s old job. J.T. and Victoria were married.

THIS WEEK: Victor leaves Genoa City under mysterious conditions.

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