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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt was in complete and utter shock at the generous gift that was willed to him by an old friend. Deacon was impressed by Wyatt’s determination when he learned how Hope’s exbeau plans to use his newly acquired gift to his advantage. Ivy was introduced to the Forrester Creations staff and was offered the position vacated by a disgraced former employee. Knowing that Maya could break her silence at any moment, Oliver attempted to diffuse the situation with Aly. Although grateful for his job back at Forrester Creations, Wyatt couldn’t help but be troubled by seeing Hope and Liam together. Oliver attempted to explain himself to Aly as he described the contents of Maya’s recording. Maya was on the receiving end of Carter’s wrath when he confronted her about disrespecting their relationship. Ridge’s accident became clearer as he put the pieces of the puzzle together of the events that led to his fall from the helicopter. Justin told Bill of his encounter with Ridge and how he sensed that their secret may soon be revealed. Aly turned to Darla for advice on what to do about her situation with Oliver. After gaining Carter as an ally, Oliver learned the motivation behind Maya’s recent behavior. Knowing that Ridge was getting closer to remembering the details surrounding his accident, Bill masked his concern from Brooke. Determined to win Aly back, Oliver made a gallant grand gesture to prove his feelings for her. Still piecing together the events surrounding his accident, Ridge forced himself to remember every detail. Brooke assured Bill that they will finally tie the knot when they are certain that Ridge’s condition has completely improved. Ridge made a revelation to Bill, Brooke, and Katie about what happened on the day of his accident.

THIS WEEK: Alison to erase any traces of evidence that lead to him being the one flying the helicopter that Ridge fell out of. Brooke is torn about whom to believe: Ridge or Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Theresa and John faced off over Brady, and their heated argument ended in violence! Will and Sonny were stunned by Sami’s news. Eric urged Sami to abandon her plans for revenge. Hope and Aiden reacted to their unexpected romantic moment. Brady feared he may have killed his father! Theresa scrambled to save her own skin. Sami made another move to destroy Abigail. Abigail and Eve got into a huge, public fight. EJ made an emotional plea to Sami. Sami was caught off-guard when Kate made an unexpected move. Jordan’s worst nightmare came true when she came face-to-face with Clyde. Marlena was horrified when she learned of John’s condition. Will received an assignment which might put him at odds with his loved ones. Sami overheard a stunning secret.

THIS WEEK: Daniel gives Brady grim news about John. Theresa fears her lies are about to be exposed.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina was spooked at the hospital, and Franco came to her aid. The Quartermaines were hopeful about a potential cure for Alice until Obrecht rained on their parade. Sonny was livid with Carly when he learned Franco almost shared their secret. Maxie was determined to get to the bottom of who ratted out Levi to immigration. Olivia was excited about possibly being a grandmother again. Dante and Lulu were curious about what Sonny’s flash drive could contain. Tracy rubbed it into Michael that Kiki and Morgan are getting closer. Sonny threatened Franco about almost revealing the AJ secret. Nathan was cornered with strong evidence against him regarding Levi’s visa. Lucas tried to explain his love life trepidations to Julian and later ran into Brad and Felix. Jordan was offered a dangerous proposition involving the mob. Port Charles said goodbye to a loved one. Due to recent events, Nina pondered if she should come clean to Silas. Michael probed Morgan about his relationship status with Kiki. Tracy promised Alice to do everything she can to save her life but only with strings attached. Elizabeth was taken aback when she found Nikolas and Britt together at Spencer’s day camp. Nina overheard some incriminating evidence that could be used to her advantage. Anna encouraged Patrick to not give up on his marriage. Maxie threw Nathan out while Levi hit Maxie with news that he might be forced to leave Port Charles.

THIS WEEK: Nikolas is on to Spencer’s shenanigans, causing Spencer to make a drastic attempt to get his father’s attention. Obrecht puts the pressure on Anna to clean up the Port Charles drug problem.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer worried that no one will take her relationship seriously with Austin. Austin went to see Nick and asked for his support. Kelly also encouraged Jack to support Summer. Later, Jack realized that a year ago he found out Summer was his daughter. Dylan worried that Avery’s good intentions toward Austin could backfire. Later, Michael told Dylan that he’s being called as a witness for Ian in his suit against Nikki. Meanwhile, Ian taunted Nikki until she finally exploded and had to be restrained by Michael. Ian said he isn’t interested in settling – he planned to see Nikki in court. Dylan tried his best to rein in his anger as he and Avery argued about Austin. Nikki told Michael she might have something that can help beat Ian in court. Later, Victor and Ian came face-to-face once again. Lily was annoyed that Devon had taken Hilary’s side again and suggested that Abby and Devon go on a date. Sparks flew as Hilary and Devon were in close quarters together in the GCAC laundry room. When Devon told Hilary that he’s leaving town for good, but she asked him not to go. Meanwhile, Neil told Lily he misses his daughter and wishes she could be close to Hilary. After not getting anywhere, they changed the subject and discussed how they’re worried about Devon. Cane told Hilary that if she has feelings for Devon, she needs to let Neil go. Lauren told Jill that she wants to expand the boutique. Though Jill wasn’t sure about it, Colin thought it’s a great idea and offered to be a business partner. Sharon admitted to Mariah that although it doesn’t make sense, she felt guilty seeing Summer with Jack and Nick. Meanwhile, Victor secretly asked his assistant to bring him the latest studies on coma patients. Sharon told Dr. Mead about her recent flashes of memory and tried to piece them together.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea tells Billy that she needs to be honest with him. Traci returns to Genoa City and shares important news with Abby. Later, they plan an Abbott family dinner.

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