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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge aggressively put pressure on Justin to admit his and Bill’s participation in the almost fatal accident in Abu Dhabi. The situation became even more heated when Bill arrived just in time to defend his trusted associate. Having overheard Brooke and Katie talking about Ridge’s suspicions, Deacon became intrigued about the topic and decided to do some digging on his own. Having seen a change in Deacon, Hope convinced Brooke and Katie to allow him to help out. When Brooke confronted him about the allegations, Bill vehemently denied having any involvement in Ridge’s accident. Deacon used his charm and his history of involvement with Alison to get answers about Bill’s dealings in Abu Dhabi. Brooke became suspicious as to why Bill’s in such a rush to get married but still agreed to marry him that day. Katie commissioned her assistant to dig through Bill’s financials to help her prove his guilt. Bill planned a trip to Catalina to make sure that all of the final preparations for his and Brooke’s wedding have been made. Wyatt returned for his first day back at Forrester Creations with a lucky charm in his pocket. With new information in-hand, Katie was having a difficult time processing that Bill is guilty of what Ridge was accusing him of. Ridge devised a plan to get Bill to confess to being the conspirator of the accident in Abu Dhabi. Katie confessed to Brooke the true reason why she wasn’t happy about the wedding that was to take place that afternoon. In order to get Bill to confess to his transgressions in Abu Dhabi, Ridge gave him a taste of his own medicine. Thoughts and emotions regarding Wyatt’s return to Forrester Creations were mixed and vocalized at a company meeting. Wyatt revealed a secret to Ivy that concerns Hope and HFTF.

THIS WEEK: Hope begins to realize the real reason why her father returned to Los Angeles. Wyatt presents Hope with a generous gift.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — EJ made another heartfelt attempt to get through to Sami. Eric and Nicole found themselves in a moment fraught with sexual tension. Jennifer angrily confronted Daniel and Eve. Paige admitted to JJ that she’s starting to wonder if she knows him as well as she thought she did. Caroline pressed Sami to answer a tough question, and Sami finally broke down. Jennifer blasted EJ over his affair with her daughter. Ben made a big confession to Abigail. Hope was flustered when Kayla realized she has feelings for Aiden. Sami and Will had a major fight when he demanded she drop her revenge against Abigail. Jordan was deeply shaken after an encounter with Clyde. Rafe realized Kate’s feelings for him may be deeper than he thought. Hope was horrified when Ciara invited Aiden and Chase to join them on their vacation. Eric met with the bishop and learned drastic measures must be taken to clear his name – and it all depends on Nicole. Brady informed Maggie he’s making a major life change.

THIS WEEK: Marlena gets a bad feelings regarding John. Nicole informs Eric of her decision.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Patrick was grilled about his professional actions, which could put his job in jeopardy. After Rafe’s accident, Scott pressured Anna about her plan to end Port Charles’ drug trafficking problem. Spencer enlisted Britt’s help, but he took his latest ploy a bit too far. Lucy and Bobbie argued over their affections for Scott. Julian questioned Jordan’s involvement with Mickey. Maxie had a startling revelation for Nathan, Mac and Felicia. Jordan filled Anna in on her latest strategy to find out who is Julian’s boss, while Mickey probed into Jordan’s past. Lucy and Bobbie cornered Scott to make a choice. Morgan and Rosalie bonded in the park. Ava solicited Julian to come to her aid in order to rescue her from Sonny. Before Julian will help her, he forced Ava to reveal the goods she has on Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny was stunned with what he discovered at home. Nina’s schemes had managed to put Sam and Silas’ relationship to the test. Carly interrupted a close moment between Franco and Nina. Patrick told Anna he has no choice but to move on and put his life back together. Alexis wanted Molly to move back home. Julian threatened to leave the mob after a revelation, but Mickey reminded him the cost of defiance. In the interim, Sonny assigned Shawn to find out information about Mickey. While both Jordan and Shawn were trying to incriminate Mickey, they found themselves in an unexpected moment of passion. Sam told Patrick about her relationship status with Silas, and she asked for Sonny’s help. Nina continued her plan of revenge by deceitfully seducing Silas. Tracy updated Luke on her latest status to take over ELQ. Sam was confounded when she walked in on Silas and Nina in a compromising position.

THIS WEEK: Jordan’s life is at risk because her cover is about to be blown. An explosion pushes Julian over the edge.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon watched as Hilary tried to surprise Neil with tickets to the White Sox. Devon admitted to Cane that he doesn’t know what to do about his feelings for Hilary. Later, Devon bumped into Hilary and Neil while they enjoyed a date at The Underground. Neil got called away on an emergency business trip, and Devon ended up having to drive Hilary home. Sparks flew between Billy and Chelsea as they ended up kissing again. Billy left and Chelsea found the handkerchief she carried when she married Adam. Later, Kevin went to see Chelsea with big news about Stitch. The Abbotts prepared for a big family dinner. Austin admitted to Summer that he’s not sure how he’ll fit in with her family. Summer realized there are a lot of things that Austin and her haven’t discussed yet. Meanwhile, Jack and Kelly were the first to arrive at the Abbott mansion for dinner, and Abby made it known that she’s no fan of Kelly. Tensions rose as Summer and Austin arrived. Meanwhile, Kelly begged Jack not to tell Billy about Stitch’s secret. Abby asked Kelly why she lied about Stitch being her brother. Victoria told Stitch she’s having the paternity test tomorrow. After he left, Nikki asked what Victoria hopes will be the outcome of the test. Billy was rocked when Victoria told him Stitch will be with her at the paternity test appointment. Kevin swiped Barton’s ID from his coat pocket and hacked into the hospital computer. He’s able to get into Stitch’s personal records and his eyes went wide at what he found. Chelsea admitted to Kevin that she thought getting involved with Billy was a mistake. Victor tried to get the ball rolling on the new treatment for Phyllis without her family knowing. Summer went to visit Phyllis and Dr. Cutler informed Victor.

THIS WEEK: Paul takes Christine’s advice and agrees not to testify, but goes to court to show his support. When Nikki’s trial is underway, Ian and Dylan take the stand.

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