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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Although grateful for the generous gift that Wyatt has given her, Hope feels compelled to reject the present out of respect for Liam. Now knowing the truth about Bill’s involvement in the accident in Abu Dhabi, Ridge insists that Brooke not go through with her wedding. Armed with information about Hope and Wyatt, Ivy begins to see the true side of her new coworkers at Forrester Creations. Suspicious that Wyatt is still pining away for Hope, Liam suggests that Wyatt pursue a relationship with Ivy. Bill humbly attempts to explain the reason behind his actions against Ridge in Abu Dhabi to Brooke. Ridge continues to attempt to convince Brooke that marrying Bill would be a catastrophic mistake. Hope is perplexed by the friendship that has been building between Wyatt and Deacon. Seeing the gift that Wyatt has given to Hope, Liam becomes irate and demands that she give it back. Knowing that the word about Bill’s involvement with Ridge’s accident is out, Deacon pays a visit to Brooke to see how she’s holding up. Deacon makes a plea to Brooke for them to at least be friends. As part of his plan to win Hope back, Wyatt convinces Rick to call an impromptu press conference. Hounded by the media at the press conference, Hope is put on the spot about whether she will accept Wyatt’s gift. Meanwhile, a helpless Liam is forced to watch Wyatt’s public display of affection for Hope. Knowing what kind of man that Bill is, Deacon implores a torn Brooke to sever all ties with him. Refusing to lose Brooke over the incident with Ridge, Bill makes one last ditch effort to win her back. Liam is disappointed that Wyatt would try to win Hope back, but is even more upset that she seems to be falling for it. In front of Deacon, Bill asks Brooke to please forgive him for his part in Ridge’s accident. Deacon becomes a major interference in Bill’s attempt to apologize to Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Having stormed out of his heated conversation with Hope, Liam finds comfort from Ivy. Quinn returns to Los Angeles a changed woman.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen returns – and she’s up to no good! Brady’s fate is decided. Marlena gets a bad feelings regarding John. Nicole informs Eric of her decision. Kristen demands answers from Daniel. Eve blackmails Theresa into helping her out with a medical situation. A vengeful Sami drags Kayla into her mission to destroy Abigail. Will decides to strike back at his mother. Abigail is furious when she learns of Sami’s latest stunt. Has Sami pushed her too far? Kate floats a mysterious proposal to Victor. Daniel is horrified when he realizes what Kristen is planning for Brady. Eric wrestles with his feelings for Nicole. Abigail and Sami have a major standoff! EJ is stunned by Victor’s revelation. Kristen uses force to get what she wants from Daniel. Rafe is curious when he catches Jordan with Clyde. Sami drops a bomb on Jordan. Clyde gives Ben a stern warning.

THIS WEEK: Eve seeks help from Maggie. Daniel turns the tables on Kristen!

GENERAL HOSPITAL — After walking in on Silas and Nina, Sam thinks he has moved on. Olivia crashes in Ned’s room. Carly tries to convince Sonny that Franco will not reveal the secret about AJ, while Ava tries to convince Franco to give her the recording. Mickey discovers the truth about Jordan and is determined to bring her down. An explosion targeting Alexis causes Julian to seek deadly revenge. Julian confides in Jordan about who was responsible for the explosion. Later in the day, Jordan tells Anna about the aftermath of Julian’s actions and gets closer to uncovering the identity of “the mob boss.” Molly blames Julian for the threat against her family. Nina quickly covers-up her ruse and tells Nathan to fight for Maxie. Lulu questions Maxie’s true feelings for Levi. Ned overhears Tracy talk to Luke about Alice. Meanwhile, Alice gets a surprise visitor. Julian lashes out at Luke for the threat against his family, whereas Luke wants to know what Ava has on Sonny. Dante starts to investigate the lead Jordan has on the possible mob boss. Franco snoops around Carly’s computer, but gets caught. While Nikolas continues to fret over Spencer, Britt is torn about telling him the truth. Josslyn is keeping something hidden in her room. Tracy learns about a possible eleventh hour cure for Alice. Julian tells Sonny he knows the truth about AJ. Ava fills Julian in on her latest business deal. Brad tries to encourage Britt to come clean. Silas cannot remember his night with Nina, but she shares a surprise with him. A revelation prompts Sam and Patrick to get the goods on Nina.

THIS WEEK: Silas tells Kiki about his relationship status with Sam. Britt continues to help Nikolas find Spencer, but she and Spencer’s original scheme quickly gets derailed.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki and Ian’s trial begins and things get tense in the court room. Nikki shares her journal entries with the court, explaining why she couldn’t keep Ian’s baby. Nikki overhears Paul talking to Dylan and regrets the mess that she has brought upon them. Victoria is rocked when Stitch finally opens up to her about his past. Kelly and Jack then have to keep Stitch and Billy from fighting. Lily comforts Kelly after she admits that she isn’t sure where things stand between her and Jack. Dylan is blindsided when Stitch comes clean to him about his past. Billy and Nick get into an argument when Nick says Victoria still wants nothing to do with him. When Billy goes to see Victoria, things don’t go exactly the way he had hoped. Meanwhile, Kevin shows Chelsea more compromising information he found on Stitch. Chelsea then admits to Billy why she didn’t tell him the truth about Stitch right away. Later, Kevin ends up in hot water! When Devon and Hilary are alone in his car, Devon says he doesn’t believe that she really loves Neil. Cane worries about Hilary and Devon when he finds out they’re alone together. Meanwhile, Neil then gets a call from his realtor, letting him know he can pick up the keys to the dream house he bought for Hilary. Abby and Tyler get into a heated argument after Abby sees Tyler with another woman. Leslie blames all of Tyler’s troubles on Mariah. She then finds out that a date has been set for Austin’s trial. Later, Abby joins Traci for their spa day and Traci gives her some advice. Sharon has another flashback of what happened with Phyllis in the stairwell. Meanwhile, Austin goes to the Underground looking for a job and meets Mariah. Sharon then comes in, telling Mariah she had another memory today, and Nick overhears. Later, tensions rise between Summer and Mariah.

THIS WEEK: Victor learns that Phyllis is a candidate for a new treatment. Phyllis’s finger begins to twitch.

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