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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt received an interesting phone call concerning a mystery surrounding the death of Ricardo Montemayor. Knowing what his mother’s capable of, Wyatt interrogated Quinn about her involvement with Ricardo’s untimely demise. Brooke was unsure of what to think regarding her latest unexpected interaction with Deacon. Hope reaped the positive and negative consequences of accepting Wyatt’s gift. While getting ready for her whirlwind trip to Paris for the HFTF publicity tour, Hope pleaded with Liam to meet her there for a romantic rendezvous. Because of Hope’s lack of wiliness to cut Wyatt completely out of her life, Liam was reluctant to take her up on her offer. Worried about Quinn’s actions while he’s in Paris, Wyatt warned his mother to stay far away from Liam. Oliver felt slighted that he wasn’t asked to be the photographer at the Paris photo shoot. Hearing that Liam’s reluctant to meet Hope in Paris, hopeless romantics, Aly and Ivy, urged him to change his mind. Liam contemplated the trip and adding a special element to it: a wedding. Hope set Wyatt straight about her relationship and commitment to Liam. Wyatt’s heart was broken when Hope told him that she would be returning his generous gift to him after their trip to Paris. Hope and Wyatt arrived in Paris and took in the sites. Determined to make Hope his bride, Liam decided to take her up on her offer to meet her in Paris. Ivy’s work permit arrived allowing her to make the trip to France for the HFTF publicity tour. Aly and Oliver enjoyed their time together alone while the rest of the Forrester Creations crew’s out of the office. Rick and Felicia met at Forrester International to finalize all of the details for the photo shoot. Quinn made sure that nothing gets in the way of Wyatt and Hope’s trip to Paris. While on the plane to Paris, Liam told Ivy all about his romantic plans to meet Hope and make her his wife.

THIS WEEK: Hope is the main focus of a glamorous photo shoot positioned in front of the Eiffel Tower and at the Trocadero Gardens. The media hounds Wyatt about the death of Ricardo Montemayor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Daniel took action to make sure Kristen pays for her crimes. Sparks flew when Eric and Nicole headed to Rome to clear his name. JJ laid into Sami over what she’s doing to his sister. A livid Jordan confronted Rafe with the truth! After speaking with Jordan, a furious Rafe stormed over to see Sami. Adrienne was stunned when a vicious Sami turned the tables on her. Worried that Will was about to make a big mistake, Sonny asked Victor for help. Eric struggled to keep his feelings for Nicole under control. Eric and Nicole were questioned at the Vatican, and Eric’s fate was decided. Sami was flattered when she assumed Rafe wants her back. Jordan attacked Kate! A desperate EJ offered to make a deal with Victor. Eric made a huge decision about his future. EJ realized he may have a chance with Sami after all, but Kate was determined to see that doesn’t happen. Rafe tried to explain his actions to Jordan. Jennifer and Eve went head-to-head in court.

THIS WEEK: Marlena and Brady get bad news about John. Paige stuns JJ and Eve with her unexpected plans.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Patrick and Sam encountered several twists and turns during their investigation of Nina. Meanwhile, Silas told Kiki about his relationship status with Sam. Britt continued to help Nikolas find Spencer, but she and Spencer’s original scheme quickly got derailed. Patrick made a surprising discovery, while Sam got caught snooping in Nina’s files. Carly informed Franco and Nina about Spencer’s whereabouts. Britt discovered why her plan with Spencer went awry. Lucas suggested an enticing proposition to Felix and Brad. Sam tried to negotiate herself out of a predicament. Julian admitted his crime to Alexis. Sparks flew during Shawn and Jordan’s discussion about her involvement in a recent mob incident. Sonny touched base with Michael and Morgan regarding the sickly Alice. Olivia made her moves on Ned. Later in the day, Ned told Michael and Morgan they need to break the news to Alice about her health. Patrick decided to keep a new discovery from Sam. In the interim, revealing information was disclosed about the person responsible for Patrick’s accident. Molly told Silas she remembers something Rafe said about the car crash. After Julian admitted the truth, Alexis made a choice. An emotional Michael, Morgan and Ned reluctantly told Alice her fate. Carly comforted Sonny, while Nina witnessed their close moment. Nathan contemplated his true feeling for Maxie.

THIS WEEK: Carly thinks Ava should get a paternity test. Lulu learns whether or not she can proceed with the hormone treatments.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria admitted to Nick that if her baby is Billy’s, it might help him feel whole again. Meanwhile, Billy told Chelsea that while he misses Victoria, he likes being with Chelsea too. Chelsea told him they have to end things and gave him the file on Stitch that she got from Kevin. Later, Stitch asked Victoria to trust him. He then got a call from Barton, who needed to see him right away. Later, Victoria ran into Stitch and told him that she still feels like he’s holding something back from everyone. Billy met Victoria at the park to see Johnny and they ended up sharing a kiss. Victoria then saw Stitch entering the park, and she had to get in the middle of Billy and Stitch. Across town, Nikki worried about the outcome of her trial and struggled with the temptation to drink. Meanwhile, Ian Ward paid Dylan a visit. He wanted to split his winnings with Dylan if the judge rules in his favor. Ian told his attorney, David Sherman that he has another weapon at his disposal that the Newman’s will never see coming. Later, Nikki accused Ian of leaking her diary to the press, but he denied it. Michael shared his worries about Kevin with Lauren. Michael and Lauren planned for a romantic evening, but things didn’t go according to plan. Meanwhile, Kevin and Harding took jabs at each other, and Kevin was distracted at work. Later, Kevin bumped into Mariah, and they commiserated about the bad day they both had. At the Athletic Club, Hilary and Lily got into another argument, and things quickly escalated. Meanwhile, Abby and Devon’s date didn’t go as well as they hoped. Later, Hilary realized that she needs to make a decision about her future. Nick confronted Mariah about her mother and started to look into her past.

THIS WEEK: Austin tells Summer his trial is set for next week. Colin comes face-to-face with his cohort Kurtz, who knows the necklace is fake and needs him to pay up.

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