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RECAPS – AUG. 11 – AUG. 15



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Kristen is shocked when she realizes what Daniel has in store for her. A jealous Theresa warns Eve to stay away from Brady. Hope is stunned when Aiden tells her he has a date with Jennifer!Fearing time is running out, Marlena tries her best to get through to comatose John. Kristen makes a desperate attempt to escape Daniel – and to avoid having to answer for her crimes. Sami decides to file a restraining order against EJ! Sonny reads Will’s article – and worries his husband may regret publishing it. A jealous Hope questions Jennifer about her upcoming “date” with Aiden. Kristen stuns all her enemies with her return to Salem – and everyone’s worlds are turned upside down. EJ makes a major decision concerning Kristen. Brady receives shocking news. A livid Sami confronts Nicole for her part in Eric not being able to return to the priesthood. Kristen turns to Stefano for help. Marlena advises Brady on his next move regarding Kristen. Sonny feels guilty about the secret he’s keeping from Will. Clyde starts to make big plans for his future in Salem. Sami reads Will’s article – which leads to an explosive confrontation with her son! EJ warns Kate that Stefano might be gunning for her and Sami.

THIS WEEK: Clyde makes a deal with Ben. Rafe pleads his case to Jordan.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Liam finds himself in a troubling predicament when he must choose between his innate chivalrous side and his desire to be with the woman of his dreams. Hope has ambitious optimism that, by the end of the day, she will be united with her true love. Deacon’s timing with visiting Brooke is impeccable as they await word of the outcome of their daughter’s intended Parisian fairytale. Quinn watches in wonder as a simple act of hers plays itself out. Brooke becomes increasingly worried about her daughter’s well-being when Rick informs her that Hope hasn’t been heard from since the press conference and photo shoot. Quinn makes an important phone call to make sure that the other part of her plan is being carried out properly. Bill makes an additional heartfelt attempt for Brooke to forgive him. Hope is faced with a difficult decision. Deacon attempts to get Brooke to consider giving him a chance to make her forget about her recent heartbreak. Bill gets tipped off by a reliable informant about the elaborate plan that Wyatt has in the works. Liam receives an unexpected phone call that completely rocks his world. Oliver woos Aly with a romantic gesture and a subtle reminder of their enchanting medieval evening. Deacon is at the right place at the right time to garner information surrounding Wyatt obtaining the inherited diamond. Word spreads quickly throughout Forrester Creations regarding the incidents that took place in Paris and Monte Carlo. Ivy feels immense guilt about her role which led to an unexpected series of events. Feeling that enough time has passed to heel the emotional wounds that he has caused, Bill asks Brooke to marry him.

THIS WEEK: Deacon analyzes and manipulates the evident presented before him that could help give him the upper hand in a particular situation. Quinn is interrogated regarding her part in how the diamond ended up in Wyatt’s possession.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Felicia almost catches Levi in a devious act. Meanwhile, Nathan is caught off guard after he confronts Levi about his alleged crimes. Mac shares some information with Maxie about Nathan. Silas tells Sam what Molly disclosed to him in regards to Rafe being forced to cause Patrick’s accident. An important test is performed. Lulu questions Maxie about her feelings for Levi. Levi’s true colors are revealed and lives are in jeopardy. In the interim, Maxie and Levi’s wedding begins. Sam lets Patrick know she will work with him to help find out who put Rafe up to the crash. Danger looms at the wedding. Olivia lets Sonny know whether or not they have a future together. Lucas extends a dinner invitation to both Brad and Felix. Britt barges in on Nikolas and Elizabeth’s lunch. A shot goes off at the wedding! Olivia makes an apology to Carly. Sonny gives Milo some romantic tips. At the end of the day, Sonny pays an unexpected visit to Carly. Franco and Nina suddenly find themselves in a compromising position. Brad, Felix and Lucas make a plan to meet at Brad’s place. As a result, Britt gets kicked out of Brad’s apartment and Nikolas offers to have her crash at his house. After Milo shares his romantic feelings for a particular person with Felix, Felix is inspired to find his own true love and blows off Lucas & Brad. Spencer is happy to see Nikolas and Britt snuggle by the fireplace at Wyndemere.

THIS WEEK: Carly learns about Franco’s whereabouts. Nina discovers that Ava is pregnant and later reveals a secret with Franco involving Carly and Sonny.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki fights the urge to drink at a bar outside town when she spots Devon, who is waiting for Hilary. Hilary and Devon decide they need to come clean about their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Cane goes with Neil to check out the house he bought for Hilary. Christine tries to distract Paul by taking him to the cabin for a belated honeymoon. When she runs off to the store, Nikki arrives to tell Paul about the tabloid and how reporters might find him. Paul comforts Nikki by putting his arms around her, just as Christine arrives back at the cabin. Christine tells Nikki she should turn to Victor instead of Paul. Nikki falters a bit, and Paul calls Dylan to come get her. Later, Christine surprises Paul with a romantic dinner but they are soon interrupted by a reporter and Christine angrily blames Nikki. Meanwhile, Victor’s interest is piqued when Nikki admits she went to see Paul while he was gone to warn him about the reporters. Chelsea bumps into Stitch and tells him she is sorry about what happened. Stitch figures out that Chelsea isn’t thrilled about the prospect of Billy and Victoria getting back together. Billy then arrives and Chelsea invites him to Connor’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Victoria runs into Stitch at the hospital and Abby interrupts the awkward moment between them. Summer and Austin try to buy a little more time not thinking about the pending trial that could tear them apart. Meanwhile, Jack is about to leave for his trip to see Phyllis when Kelly tells him not to go. Later, Victor reads an article on a successful coma doctor’s success and goes to meet with Phyllis’s doctor. Nick searches for information about Mariah’s past. Later, Sharon confronts Ian and asks about Mariah’s mother. Jill and Colin return from their trip and find a letter from Katherine.

THIS WEEK: Lauren confi des in Jill about what’s going on with Michael. Esther shows up to the police station, needing to talk to Kevin about Chloe.

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