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RECAPS – AUG. 18 – AUG. 22



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn had a convincing way to get Deacon to believe her innocence. She attempted to get him to agree to join forces with her to achieve a similar goal. Still reeling from her whirlwind trip to Paris and Monte Carlo, Hope reflected upon the recent events, which led up to her current situation. Bill had a heart-to-heart talk with Liam about life, love and family. Still having a difficult time dealing with his heartbreaking impairment, Ridge didn’t feel ready to share it with Brooke. Quinn and Deacon compared notes about their respective assignments and discovered an incriminating secret that could assist them in their plan. With his heart in his hand, Bill implored Brooke to forgive him and to focus on a proposed future together. With the assistance of Aly, Ivy attempted to right a wrong that she feels responsible for. Ridge voiced his regrets to Katie about getting involved with Brooke’s personal life because of the consequences that he’s suffering. Bill gave Wyatt strict instructions about any further interaction between him and Wyatt. A celebration was planned to mark a momentous occasion between two families. Armed with useful information, Quinn and Deacon plotted the next step in their scheme to keep Bill and Brooke apart. Ridge agreed to attend the party with Katie as long as he’s able to keep his secret between the two of them. Despite the celebratory theme of the occasion, not everyone was having a good time at Brooke’s party. Ivy applied pressure on Liam to tell Hope the truth about what happened between them in Paris.

THIS WEEK: Rick insists that Maya stop her attempt to pursue him because he is in a happy and committed marriage with Caroline. Deacon does what Ridge cannot.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Due to Will’s article, Sami was forced to change tactics with EJ. Kate confronted Will about the damning article. Hope uncovered Aiden’s lie. Eve surprised Theresa by sending her on a mysterious mission to speak with Paige. Nicole finally got her chance to confront Kristen. Brady struggled with his emotions now that Kristen’s back in town. Jennifer presented Eve with a one-time deal. Aiden and Hope awkwardly tried to discuss their feelings for each other. Will’s article is published – and all hell broke loose. Abigail received a huge shock. Kristen was affected when Eric gave emotional testimony at her grand jury hearing. Eve made her decision regarding Jennifer’s offer. Will and Sonny had a major argument over Will’s article. EJ ripped into Sami for once again going after Abigail. Ben came to Abigail’s aid. Clyde pressured Kate to help him make some new contacts. Sonny blasted Sami for screwing over Will. A desperate Sami turned to EJ for help.

THIS WEEK: Kristen manages to pull off a miracle in court. Daniel grows even more suspicious of Theresa.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly continued to fight her feelings for Sonny. Meanwhile, Nina tried to calm Franco down as his jealousy over Sonny and Carly grew. Nikolas admitted he has feelings for both Britt and Elizabeth but was soon tempted by Britt. Later in the day, Nikolas got an urgent call from Elizabeth. Evidence from the aftermath of the wedding was revealed. The fate of Alice’s health was disclosed, in the interim, Michael overheard a disturbing conversation between Tracy and Alice. Kiki visited Ava on her birthday. Nina ditched her physical therapy so she could attend Franco’s art therapy class. A suspicious Franco returned home and questioned Carly about what’s really going on with her and Sonny. Ned and Olivia decided to go on a platonic date to see a movie. With the help of Bobbie, Carly covered up from Franco the fact that Sonny was at her house. Ava and Kiki were overjoyed when the baby kicked but were soon interrupted when Ava got a disturbing request from Luke. Ned learned a revelation regarding Tracy. Jordan and Shawn shared an intimate secret. Sabrina returned to Port Charles and was caught up to speed on the events concerning Rafe. Looking for more evidence, Sam stopped by Silas’ in order to investigate Rafe’s belongings. Bobbie confronted Carly about her Sonny situation, while Franco opened up to Nina about where he stands with Carly. Shawn and Sonny revealed their love life secrets with each other. Julian continued to cover up the identity of his “boss” from Jordan. Luke told Julian what he expects from Ava. Ava alerted Julian on Luke’s plan. At the same time, Julian shared some revealing news to Ava about Luke and told her to be careful. Later in the day, Ava decided to invite Kiki and Michael to dinner. Carly tried to push Sonny away. Sam and Silas uncovered some new clues involving Rafe. Nina let Rosalie know she’s determined to have a baby with Silas.

THIS WEEK: Franco lets Michael, Morgan and Kiki know what Carly told him about her relationship with Sonny. Patrick lets Sabrina in on what he discovered at the clinic.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Leslie asked Avery to write a letter to the court saying that she accepts Austin’s apology to keep him out of jail. When Dylan found out about this, he’s furious. At the courthouse, Austin attempted to apologize to Paul and Dylan, but Summer could see that Christine wasn’t buying it. Meanwhile, things got tense between Dylan and Avery because of her defense of Austin. Later, Victor agreed to give Summer money out of her trust fund to pay Austin’s bail. Jack confirmed he said goodbye to Phyllis and was ready to move on with his life with Kelly. Jack wanted to tell Summer and he wanted Kelly to be with him. Nick fixed Mariah’s mother, Helen Copeland, a drink and she said she has the answers he needs about Mariah. She then ran away and Nick followed her. Nick was able to listen from a safe distance, hearing Helen warn Ian about Nick’s curiosity. Back in Genoa City, Devon comforted Hilary. Neil listened to the voicemail Hilary left him saying they need to talk, and Hilary struggled to tell him the truth. Later, Lily shared her worry with Cane that Neil will start drinking again.

THIS WEEK: Nina and Murphy appear on August 26 and 27 of Y& R during a special remembrance ceremony to mark the one-year anniversary of Katherine’s death.

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