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RECAPS AUG. 26 – AUG. 30



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope had a difficult time processing the devastating information about Liam being in Paris to meet her at the same time that she took off to marry Wyatt. Ivy and Aly created a diversion with Wyatt in order for Hope and Liam to get some alone time. Ridge explained to a shocked Brooke about the drawing impairment that he has been secretly dealing with. Wyatt grew concerned about the future of his marriage to Hope now that she knows that Liam was in Paris to meet her. Ivy confirmed for Hope the story that Liam told her about him saving her life. Quinn and Deacon stood aside with pleasure as they watch their plan take motion. Brooke was appalled by Bill’s flippant attitude regarding the severity of Ridge’s debilitating condition. Knowing that Quinn’s gloating that her son got the girl, Wyatt warned his mother to stay away from Liam. Ivy confessed to Aly about her burgeoning feelings towards Liam and her intent to help him get over Hope. Rocked by the news that the situation behind her marrying Wyatt wasn’t what she has thought, Hope made a decision about her marriage. Hope was presented with a gift that assists her in solidifying her decision. Carter leaned on Oliver for comfort as he told of his difficulties moving on from his broken engagement with Maya. Deacon paid a visit to Hope and asked her to put in a good word for him with Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke was reliving fond memories of her time with Bill and considered forgiving him for his past transgressions.

THIS WEEK: Ivy does her best to help Liam take his mind off of his heartbreak of losing Hope. Maya sets her sights on winning Rick back.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen told Brady she wants to make things right – and later came up with a plan on how to do just that. Will was furious when he figured out Sonny’s secret. A fed-up Abigail slaped Sami! Lucas ripped into EJ over the affair. Abigail warned Sami she has the means to destroy her. EJ made inroads with Sami. Sonny and Will had a major fight! Daniel caught Kristen in John’s hospital room. Aiden and Hope continued to clash while denying their feelings for each other. Theresa caught JJ and Paige in a compromising position. Jordan asked Rafe for a favor. Clyde flirted with Kate. Aiden and Hope had an intimate moment followed by a confession from Aiden. Abigail and Ben enjoyed a bit of romance when they got locked in a storage room together. The ice between EJ and Sami began to thaw.

THIS WEEK: Victor comes clean with Maggie. Julie runs into EJ.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Unaware of her true intentions, Michael and Kiki arrived at Ava’s for dinner. Levi was forced to take some dangerous measures. Dante looked to Sonny for clues on who might have stolen the Aztec jewels. Both Britt and Elizabeth continued to butt heads as they vied for Nikolas’s affection. Meanwhile, Britt helped Nathan stay strong during the recent turn of events. Ava changed her strategy after Kiki made a revelation about Luke. In the interim, Julian warned Ava not to disappoint Luke. Carly attempted to smooth things out with Franco over the Sonny situation by inviting him to a romantic dinner. Later in the evening, Scott shared some information with Franco about Carly that came as a bit of a surprise. Lucy reminded Scott that he eventually needs to choose between her and Bobbie. Julian visited Sonny and offered him a truce. Dante and Nathan were shocked by an unexpected discovery. After a clash with Ned, Tracy desperately tried to get some news to Luke about Lulu. Sam and Patrick bonded over their past during a game of pool. Silas questioned Nina why there was a Critchon Clark card in Rafe’s things. At the end of the day, Nina had a romantic proposition for Silas. More clues about Levi’s past were revealed along with his mysterious connections. Franco was quietly growing more suspicious of Carly and Sonny. Olivia consoled Dante. Maxie pushed Levi’s patience to extremes. Meanwhile, Anna, Dante and Nathan started to put some clues together about Levi. Silas and Nina discussed their feelings for each other and what their future might bring. Liz confronted Nikolas about having feelings for both her and Britt. After returning home, Britt walked in on Brad and Lucas.

THIS WEEK: Elizabeth makes a decision regarding her and Nikolas. Dante and Nathan trace some vital information.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon accused Victor of putting Mariah up to seducing Nick. Later, Nick was taken back when Sharon said she doesn’t know or care where Mariah is. Meanwhile, Mariah told Ian she’s leaving town and never coming back. Ian assured her that things can still work out as planned. Nikki hit her breaking point with her sobriety. The mounting tension around her proved too much to handle, and she poured herself a shot of vodka and downed it. Billy told Chelsea that they need to talk. Chelsea reminded him of their promise to remain just friends and co-workers, but Billy admitted he’s having a hard time with it. He apologized to her, and she told him she needs some distance. She planned to go to Los Angeles to work on her line for Forrester and hopes the time away will make her feelings for him go away. Billy told her he’s going to miss her, and she fought back the tears, and they said good-bye. Summer introduced Austin to Phyllis. While Summer went off to sign some papers, Austin had a oneon one with Phyllis and told her he wishes she would wake up for Summer. Meanwhile, Victor called Dr. Cutler to enroll Phyllis in the new treatment program. Later, he learned that Phyllis has been approved and is ready to start the treatment. Later, Jack and Kelly spent their first night together in their home. Colin’s cohort Kurtz wanted to use Jill and Lauren’s business to launder money. Colin told him to leave his family out of it, but Kurtz said he should reconsider. Cane saw their interaction and wanted to know what’s going on. But Colin covered with a lie, and Cane was disappointed that his father was obviously not telling the truth. Murphy came back to Genoa City for the anniversary of Katherine’s death.

THIS WEEK: Jill suspects Michael is having an affair and tells Lauren. Gloria expresses her own concern to Lauren about Michael and Avery working together, but Lauren insists she is not worried.

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