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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke felt blindsided by Deacon when he showed up at her door expecting an answer to his proposal. Fresh from her trip, Caroline returned to a perturbed Rick who vented to her about his frustrations regarding Ridge’s lack of designs. Deacon trusted that Brooke will soften her attitude towards him after spending a warm morning with him and Hope. Katie felt obligated to defend her fiancé when Rick became demanding regarding Ridge’s work. Ridge discovered that his ability to draw has returned but not without the assistance of Caroline. With Rick pressuring her about the reason why Ridge has been slacking with his designs, Katie felt compelled to reveal the secret. Ivy confided in Aly her true intentions towards helping Liam get over his heartbreak. Having overheard the conversation with Aly, Hope confronted Ivy about her intent. Ivy hosted an Australian-themed barbeque at the Forrester mansion and invited her closest friends. Liam became a bit concerned when he realized that everyone at the barbeque was coupled up. Quinn paid a visit to Bill and made a bold confession, hoping that he would become her ally. Hope shared her feelings about the possibility of Liam moving on with Ivy to Wyatt.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt urges Hope to move on. Bill reels from Quinn’s confession.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen stunned Marlena with a revelation. Brady surprised Theresa with a kiss. Kayla delivered bad news to John’s loved ones. Nicole’s attempt to manipulate Eric backfired. Kristen made a power move that sent ripples throughout Salem. Marlena was faced with a tough choice. Theresa’s high quickly hit a low when it came to Brady. Sami and Nicole got into a nasty tiff. Eric was horrifi ed by Marlena’s huge request. Kristen and Theresa faced off over Brady. Aiden threw caution to the wind with Hope. Sami accused EJ of secretly working with Stefano. Kate and Sami tried to prevent Stefano’s imminent return to Salem. Eric gave Kristen his answer. Clyde met with his competition. Abigail tried to work things out with Ben.

THIS WEEK: Ben has a decision to make about Abigail. Stefano makes a dramatic entrance.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Port Charles said goodbye to a loved one. Due to recent events, Nina pondered if she should come clean to Silas. Michael probed Morgan about his relationship status with Kiki. Tracy promised Alice to do everything she could to save her life but only with strings attached. Elizabeth was taken aback when she found Nikolas and Britt together at Spencer’s day camp. Levi took extreme measures with Maxie and Lulu. Sabrina was stunned about new revelations regarding her car accident. Kiki accidentally eavesdropped on Sonny and Carly. Later in the day, Silas opened up to Kiki about his feelings for Nina. Nina informed Silas that they should move forward with their plans to have a baby. Ava made another attempt to convince Franco to help her get the AJ recording. Sonny updated Michael and Morgan on the status of Lulu. A mystery man was revealed in conjunction with Levi’s plot. After learning some information from Obrecht about what happened to Faison, Britt questioned the true identity of Nathan’s father. Sabrina randomly bumped into the person she suspects caused her crash. With the help of Silas, Patrick got closer to the truth about his accident and shared this information with Sabrina. Nina disclosed her baby plans with Franco. Carly asked Kiki for a big favor. Sonny calmed Carly’s fears about the truth being exposed. Rosalie suspected that Nina has another plan up her sleeve. Ava told Julian about her recent bizarre encounters. Meanwhile, Alexis and Julian continued to long for each other. After her recent visit to Crichton-Clark, Sam still thought Nina’s lying. Sabrina and Patrick disagreed about who is the culprit behind their accident, and Sabrina made a vow. Franco attempted to form a relationship with Josslyn. Later, Spencer and Josslyn plotted a way to keep Emma and Cameron apart. Nina conspired with Rosalie to take down the next name on her list. Kiki confided in Morgan. Emma started acting out because she misses Robin and later overheard some disturbing information.

THIS WEEK: Emma shares this news with Spencer and as a result, he makes a confession. Sam warns Silas to watch his back with Nina.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack revealed to Summer that he has asked Kelly to move in with him. Summer told Austin that Jack might have given up on her mother, but she won’t. Later, Kelly started to wonder if Jack really was ready to let go of Phyllis. Determined to prove his commitment to Kelly, Jack put all of Phyllis’s things in a box and sealed it closed. Victor was frustrated by Phyllis’s lack of progress and showed her pictures of Sharon and Summer in hopes of getting some kind of reaction Meanwhile, Nikki urged Victor to forget about Sharon’s secret. Later, she attended an AA meeting and came home to Ian at her doorstep. He told her they had unfinished business. Stitch told Victoria that Abby kissed him. When he explained Abby did it to make Tyler jealous, Victoria said Abby used him and so did she – she just wanted to hurt Billy. Stitch thought it may have started that way, but didn’t end that way. He then asked if this was Victoria’s way of saying goodbye. Later, Billy confronted Victoria about their divorce. He reminded her that he proposed to her four years ago today and wanted to know why she picked today to send him the final papers. He asked her if she would still marry him if she could go back in time and she admitted she would. Filled with hope, Billy asked if the divorce was off. Later, Ashley told Billy she had a plan to distract Stitch away from Victoria. Ashley returned to Genoa City and shared with her brothers that she has come up with a new fragrance. Meanwhile, Neil realized he can’t go back to work yet and went to see a doctor about his sight. Later, Jack told Devon that he noticed the chemistry between him and Hilary. Colin went to Cane for some business advice. Cane agreed to help, but only if Colin came clean about his mystery meetings.

THIS WEEK: Malcolm is on mission and comes back to seek family harmony. Nikki makes a new friend that could be a bad influence on her.

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