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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt was extremely caring and understanding when Hope vented to him her frustrations regarding the possibility of Liam dating Ivy so soon after their breakup. While talking about their similarities and their many respective plots to break up Hope and Liam, Quinn became turned on and attempted to seduce Bill. Despite Liam’s concerned that he’s still hooked on Hope, Ivy offered to assist him in moving on. Maya was forthcoming with Carter about her plan to win back Rick by doing whatever it takes to end his marriage with Caroline. Rick and Eric questioned Ridge’s recent behavior and whether or not he’s up to designing the upcoming collection. Caroline became suspicious as to why Ridge has taken such an interest in wanting to design with her. Maya told Rick that she still loves him and assured him that Caroline’s not the right woman for him. Feeling pressured to deliver the kind of sketches that Ridge’s anticipating, Caroline interrogated him about what’s really going on. Determined to get what she wants, Maya shamelessly threw herself at an uninterested Rick. Brooke and Katie made a conscious effort to get their relationship back on track over lunch at Il Giardino. Ridge confessed to Caroline about his inability to draw. Wyatt paid a visit to Bill with a proposition that would greatly benefit him and Hope but leave Liam in a lurch. Suspicious that Caroline and Ridge have been spending so much time together, Maya came up with a way to win Rick back. Hope was particularly blunt with Ivy about her feelings regarding Liam’s vulnerability and readiness to date again. When Bill tells of Wyatt’s recent request, Liam became irate and refused to lose out to his brother once again.

THIS WEEK: Bill gives Quinn the benefit of the doubt regarding her reasoning for pushing Ivy into the Seine. Ivy implores Hope to allow Liam some space to move on with his life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kate pressured Sami to back up her lie to keep Stefano out of Salem. Clyde made a pitch to EJ. Jordan decided to talk things out with Rafe. Will got a new job offer. Sami and EJ had a major breakthrough in their relationship. Abigail locked herself and Ben in the storage room, so she could confess what’s in her heart. Despite trying to ignore her feelings for Aiden, Hope had a romantic fantasy about him. As JJ and Paige started their first year at college together, Eve plotted to break them up. Kate was wary of EJ and Sami growing closer. Aiden and Nicole bonded much to Hope’s dismay. Paige was a little uneasy when JJ hinted he would like to be more intimate with her. Jennifer was hurt when Daniel wasn’t quite as ready to reconcile as she thought. Daniel and Kayla informed Brady that they have a drug that could cure John. Theresa was horrified by Kristen’s news. Will attempted to patch things up with Sami.

THIS WEEK: Someone figures out what Theresa has been hiding! EJ is blindsided by an unexpected arrival.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Patrick was close to telling Sam the truth about what he discovered at Crichton-Clark but was quickly distracted by Spencer’s surprising information about the car accident. Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Nathan found themselves in unexpected jeopardy. In the interim, Dante and Lulu discussed Luke’s recent strange behavior and were stunned to see a surprise visitor. Meanwhile, Maxie and Nathan discussed their true feelings. Obrecht shared some vital information with Anna. Both Britt and Victor questioned if Nathan is Victor’s son. Despite being tempting by Sonny, Carly tried to resist her attraction to him. Nathan made a bold confession. Dante and Lulu faced an unforeseen challenge. Levi was out for blood. Victor took matters into his own hands in regards to Nathan’s paternity. Anna demanded answers from a hesitant Obrecht. Spencer admitted to Emma, Patrick and Sam that he thinks Luke was behind the car accident. Julian tried to win back Alexis while Alexis set her sights on another man. TJ wanted to know whose Shawn’s mystery woman. Jordan tried to convince Ava to reveal the mob boss, but Ava was suddenly distracted. Jordan came to Ava’s aid. Sabrina was in a dark space and slowly started to plot her revenge. With the recent information about Luke’s possible involvement in the accident, Sam and Patrick changed the strategy of their investigation. Nina pressured Rosalie to begin her scheme to bring down another person on her list. At the end of the day, Rosalie joined Michael, Kiki and Morgan for pizza where Rosalie later overheard some secret information. Lulu was in serious danger.

THIS WEEK: Obrecht makes a scandalous confession to Victor. A special patient tries to fight off restraints.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mariah came by the Underground, and Summer was taken aback when Mariah said she wants no part of the Newman family. The two then got into an argument, and Mariah went to clean out her locker. Summer filled Abby in on what happened while Mariah confided in Austin. Later, Abby cautioned Summer about Austin being nice to Mariah. At the coffeehouse, Mariah asked Kevin to get her out of town. Avery was thrown off by Dylan’s attitude towards Paul. Later, Paul learned he has received the Distinguished Citizen’s Award, and Christine planned a surprise party to celebrate. When Christine invited Avery and Dylan to the party, she decided she needs to clear the air with Dylan. Victor came home to Nikki who asked where he was, but Victor evaded. Their argument soon escalated when Victor asked why Nikki turned to Paul for help. Later, Victor resorted to threats against Dr. Cutler when he has no news to report on Phyllis’s condition. Nikki was worried she’s been recognized drinking at a roadside bar and met a woman named Maureen. Nikki and Maureen began to bond over their problems. Later, Maureen saw a newspaper and realized who Nikki really is. Jack had a dream about Phyllis, and Kelly was nervous that Jack’s having second thoughts about their relationship. Later, Jack told Kelly that it’s his love for her that’s keeping him from going to check on things at the clinic. Victoria filled Victor in on Ashley being back at Jabot. She soon started to wonder if Victor wanted her to spy on Stitch to get information on their new product. Hilary was shocked when Lily came to her defense after Neil snapped at her. Malcolm arrived to Genoa City to everyone’s surprise.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea has a dream about Adam. Billy admits that he misses Chelsea and wants to know what comes next for them.

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