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RECAPS Sept. 15 – Sept. 19



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Armed with incriminating information against Quinn, Liam sought out Hope to find out if it would change her mind about remaining married to Wyatt. Quinn gave Wyatt insight into what was going on in her mind during her stint in rehabilitation. Liam confronted Quinn about being in Paris and pushing Ivy into the Seine. Hope confessed to Brooke her concerns about starting a family with Wyatt. Ivy spread word throughout the Forrester Creations’ office about Quinn being the cause of her tumble into the Seine. Hope made a revealing confession to Brooke about her marriage to Wyatt and their future together. After viewing the irrefutable evidence against her, Quinn fessed up to Wyatt about being in Paris. With the truth about Quinn’s involvement in the debacle in Paris out in the open, Wyatt and Liam raced to reach Hope first.

Hope was dumbfounded when she learned that it wasn’t fate that pushed her and Wyatt together in wedded matrimony but Quinn. Wyatt worried that Quinn’s continued meddling might have forever cost him the one thing that’s most important in his life: Hope. Quinn turned to an unlikely source for comfort and advice following her fall-out with Wyatt. Bill was begrudgingly forced to choose sides between his sons on the situation regarding Hope when Liam called him out on favoring Wyatt. Quinn relentlessly apologized to an unwavering Hope for manipulating her into marrying Wyatt. Hope was put on the spot when Quinn asked her whether or not she would question her marriage to Wyatt if the circumstances surrounding Liam’s absence in Paris were any different. Wyatt pled with Hope to not allow Quinn’s devious actions in Paris affect their marriage and future together.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Deacon learn that Quinn was behind Hope and Wyatt getting married in Monte Carlo. Quinn takes Liam’s threats seriously.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — An angry Chad confronted EJ. Kristen suggested to Daniel that they work together to expose Theresa. Brady was furious when Theresa told him that Kristen threatened her. JJ and Paige’s first college party went awry thanks to Eve’s devious plan. JJ was horrified when Paige received incriminating photos of him and Jill. Hope emotionally admitted to Aiden that she does have feelings for him. Nicole tried to offer comfort to Eric over the sacrifi ce he’s making for John and Marlena. Abigail was stunned when she ran into Chad. Chad had a surprising offer for Kate. Hope made a difficult decision regarding her future. Someone unexpected came to Jordan’s rescue. JJ tried to convince Paige that he was set up. Roman urged Sami not to reconcile with EJ.

THIS WEEK: Clyde uses Jordan’s past to keep her in line. Sonny gives Will unexpected advice about his new story.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Dante tried desperately to save Lulu from an unforeseen peril. Obrecht confessed to Victor. Maxie and Nathan joined forces in an attempt to save each other’s lives. Sam reminisced about her marriage to Jason as she and Patrick shared dinner. At the end of the day, screams were heard coming from a mysterious patient. Sam felt a connection to Patrick. Anna was taken aback by Obrecht’s sudden actions. In the interim, Anna, Obrecht, Maxie, Nathan, Dante and Lulu all found themselves in an unforeseen danger. Robin surprisingly ran into an adversary and was abruptly faced with a double threat. Spencer made another attempt to warn Nikolas about Luke’s plot against Sonny. After Sam and Patrick’s charged moment at dinner, they relayed their emotions to Alexis and Elizabeth. Sonny and Shawn formed a plan to retrieve Ava and bring her back to Sonny’s. A remorseful Carly planned a huge birthday party for Franco, and at the end of the day, she sought reassurance from Kiki that she would keep her secret. Meanwhile, an uneasy Kiki confided in Silas about the secret. Nina was in desperate need of Rosalie’s assistance in helping her destroy the next person on her list. Ava and Morgan had an honest discussion about their future with the baby.

THIS WEEK: Kiki has her suspicions about Rosalie. Michael informs Morgan about Rosalie’s inquiries.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick brought Sharon to the Coffeehouse. They discussed their past, and Nick told Sharon it’s time to make new memories. They went to a suite at the GCAC and made love. Meanwhile, Phyllis had a nightmare when her legs began to twitch. Paul got word that the blood on the driveway at the Newman Ranch belongs to Ian Ward. Dylan made some fishing lures as a gift to bring to Paul’s party. When Avery wondered if Dylan’s beginning to warm up to having a father/son relationship with Paul, Dylan insisted he and Paul can be friends. When Maureen spotted Nikki at the GCAC and referred to her as Sherry, Victors questioned why Maureen’s calling her another name. Maureen covered that she must be confusing her with someone else. Nikki told Maureen that she doesn’t really drink. Maureen told her that she can keep a secret. Later, Victor got a call from Phyllis’s doctor and was pleased to hear that she’s making progress. Friends and family surprised Paul with a party at the GCAC for winning the Distinguished Citizens Award. Later, Paul excused himself early from his party as he needed to get back to the station to work on a new development in Ian’s case. He then asked Dylan to come with him to the station. Dylan gave Paul his gift and left. Later, Paul showed Christine the gift and told her that he wants to believe Dylan isn’t involved in Ian’s disappearance. Michael and Lauren struggled with the tension in their marriage. Lauren suggested they see a counselor to get help with their problems, but Michael refused and rushed off to a meeting. Harding found Ian’s jacket covered with mud at the quarry. At Avery’s apartment, Paul spotted mud on Dylan’s boots. Dylan arrived and explained his story again to Paul. When he left, Avery laid into Dylan, but Dylan didn’t share Avery’s concern about Paul’s investigation. Hilary and Devon ran into each other and admitted they both can’t ignore their feelings. Hilary then got a call from Neil asking her to come home right away. Chelsea returned from Los Angeles and met Billy at the Rooftop Deck. Billy was jealous when he found her there with a guy.

THIS WEEK: Nikki decides one drink won’t hurt. Victor and Mariah find some common ground in both being survivors.

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