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WEEK OF: 2/11-15

ALL MY CHILDREN – Recalling her one night stand with Aidan, Kendall panicked when she thought she might be pregnant. Ryan and Annie went on rather awkward "first date" to try and get to know each other again. Jesse remained adamant that Tad not let anyone know he was alive. Later, fate threw Angie and Jesse together for the first time in two decades. Samuel Woods agreed to be on New Beginnings, where the sparks flew between him and Erica. Babe was determined to get JR to be Richie’s bone marrow donor. JR discovered the listening device Adam planted inside his family ring.

THIS WEEK: Jack becomes a green-eyed monster.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Parker was arrested for killing Sam. Margo forced him to recreate the shooting but when he did, Parker couldn’t remember the details. The D.A. contemplated trying Parker as an adult. Chris testified in Sofie’s defense, explaining that she has been going through postpartum depression. Emily connived with Craig to find out where Lucy and Johnny have been hiding out. Henry was unable to tell Vienna that he lost the diner in a poker game. Matt, a guy who Casey met in prison, blackmailed Casey into stealing from the bar’s register at the Lisa’s restaurant. Paul surprised Meg with the news that he bought Worldwide.

THIS WEEK: Vienna is stunned by Henry’s actions.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Rick let Taylor know that he finds her very attractive. She was stunned, but secretly pleased. Nick confronted Brooke and asked her to reconcile with him. Brooke told Nick that she’s in love with both him and Ridge, but she was committed to a future with Ridge. Nick kissed Brooke and told her that in time she will come back to him. Stephanie investigated Eric and found out that he’d been lying to her. She learned he was still having sex with Donna. Stephanie knocked on the door at Eric and Donna’s clandestine love nest, demanding that they let her in.

THIS WEEK: Thanks to Donna’s action, Storm faces prison.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – On the jet ride back to Salem, the sabotaged plane began to go down. John and Steve worked frantically to fix the jet. Grandpa Shawn refused to use the oxygen mask to save himself, giving it to Bo instead. Belle and Shawn removed their masks to declare their love for each other before they die. Lucas gave a DVD to Sami for baby Allie. Kate begged Roman to save Lucas from prison. EJ was upset when Sami revealed that now that they are safe from Stefano, she and the children are moving into their own home. Chelsea admired Caroline and Victor’s enduring romance.

THIS WEEK: A woman names Ava threatens Kayla and Steve’s future.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sonny and Claudia are equally shocked to learn they are on opposing sides of the mob. Although Liz was tortured by her fear that she caused Sam’s accident, Nikolas admitted to her that he thought he might have run down Sam with his car. After grieving over her receipt of Stan’s ashes, Epiphany had a heart attack. Tracy learned Luke was working at and living about Kelly’s. The text message killer decided on Alexis has his next victim. Kristina shut down after spotting the killer outside her window. While Michael was trying to dispose of his loaded gun, it went off.

THIS WEEK: Sonny comes across a lifeless body… that he recognizes!

GUIDING LIGHT – Gus and Natalia were married, but because of Nat’s actions, Olivia missed her chance to get a new heart. Olivia asked Nat to give her Gus as a way to repay her. Beth went to Alan and made him think she left Rick. Her water broke and she gave birth to Bernadette Bauer. In a rash moment, Reva blurted out the truth that Alan, not Rick, was the baby’s father. Cassie was furious with Josh and Reva for continually siding with each other against her. Rick threatened to take Jude from Harley permanently because of her indiscretion with Cyrus. Marina overheard Harley and Cyrus planning a liaison.

THIS WEEK: Alan is determined to get the baby away from Beth.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Gigi told Rex he wasn’t Shane’s father. John used the threat of prison time for the attempt on Gigi’s life to force Todd to publicly defend Marcie. Allison taunted Jessica and Natalie inside the Lord mausoleum by not revealing the secret she said she knew about Mitch Laurence and Jessica’s family. Hoping to break Allison’s silence, Jessica locked her inside the mausoleum, where Allison found what she was looking for inside Victor Lord’s crypt. After escaping, Allison tormented Roxy with a secret they shared from the past and forced her to attend the Go Red Ball with Allison in disguise.

THIS WEEK: Jared tells Natalie he’s in love with her.

PASSIONS – Ethan and Theresa managed to escape but fell into new peril as sharks encircled them. Luis and Miguel also fought off sharks as they searched for their sister. Gwen was stunned when Rebecca suggested she kill Pilar to keep their secret. Ethan regained consciousness after washing up on shore, determined to risk his own life to save Theresa. The Demon Elf brought new chaos into Tabitha and Kay’s life. Kay grew angry with Tabitha for breaking her promise by using the magic bowl of water. Sam found Ivy’s lifeless body; unaware that he was the latest victim of Esme’s stalker.

THIS WEEK: Pilar must answer Luis and Miguel’s tough questions.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – After Daniel and Amber woke up together, she immediately started to look for new living arrangements, prompting Daniel to suggest they start dating other people. Hope devastated Victor Jr. by announcing she was dying of pancreatic cancer and that Victor was his father. As the Fresh Face Of Jabot, Lily became concerned about her weight. Lily told Cane that she loved him and tried not to be hurt when he didn’t say it back. On Valentine’s Day, Lily brought Cane to a suite at the GCAC decorated like Paris, where they made love. Neil surprised Karen with singing lessons from Pat Benatar.

THIS WEEK: A death in Genoa City rocks an otherwise strong man.

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