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Recaps – Sept. 22 — 26



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope felt torn between her great desire to be with Liam and not wanting to repeat the mistakes that her mother made in the past. Quinn feared that her latest interference in Wyatt’s life may have pushed him away forever. Charlie and Pam filled in the Forrester Creations crew about the details of Quinn’s trip to Paris and how they obtained that information. Ivy paid a surprise visit to Quinn. Hope was unsure what to do when Liam gave her options of how they can spend their lives together. Knowing that Wyatt’s concerned about his future with Hope, Caroline provided her cousin with comforting words to ease his worry. Ivy angrily confronted an unapologetic Quinn about their brief interaction in Paris. Bill used the opportunity of talking about their children to make inroads with Brooke. Having had time to think, Hope returned home to Wyatt, making him worry about what she has decided to do in regard to their marriage. Wyatt made an emotional plea to Hope as to why she should remain in their marriage despite Quinn’s part in pushing them together. Ivy became regretful that she allowed herself to fall for Liam knowing that he’s still in love with Hope. Hoping to put their bad blood behind them, Wyatt reached out to Liam to apologize for every negative thing that has transpired between them recently. Eager to use Ridge and Caroline’s working relationship to her advantage, Maya attempted to put doubt in Rick’s mind about his wife’s loyalty. While speaking of Hope’s relationship woes, Deacon attempted to remind Brooke of their past together.

THIS WEEK: Ridge and Caroline share a magically artistic moment while she assists him with the latest collection of designs. Bill is given imperative information that he believes will help him get back into Brooke’s good graces.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — After months of bitter estrangement, EJ and Sami finally made love again! Brady ripped into Kristen, believing her drug to save John was just another lie. Marlena prepared to say her final goodbye to John. Kristen gave Chad advice about how to deal with his enemies. Theresa feared the truth about what she did to John was about to be exposed! Nicole urged Eric to go back on his word and testify against Kristen. Jennifer lashed out at Daniel for keeping secrets from her about JJ. Eve tried to double down on her plot against JJ. Theresa went to extreme measures to make sure her secret’s safe. Daniel made a sincere plea to a surprised Kristen. EJ made a full confession to Sami about the past. Hope gently broke the news to Caroline that she filed for a divorce from Bo. EJ declared his love for Sami with a new ring, and they privately exchanged wedding vows.

THIS WEEK: Clyde sets up a mysterious meeting. Rafe is unhappy when he finds Chad flirting with Jordan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco forced Kiki to tell him the truth about Sonny and Carly. Later in the day, Carly gave a loving birthday toast to Franco. Lucy decided to stand her ground with Scott. While questioning Luke’s possible motives against Sonny, Sam and Sonny affectionately remembered Jason. Robin quickly tried to get out of jeopardy. Max and Shawn made an attempt to bring Ava back to Sonny’s. After an unexpected person helped her, a distracted Ava made a dash to leave town. Robin was running out of options in order to find a way out of her predicament. Emma was still upset about her parents pending divorce. Patrick and Sam learned that the police are now investigating Luke’s involvement with the crash. When Sam left, Patrick learned some startling news. A worried Kiki listened as Franco made a shocking birthday toast. Robin had an opportunity to reach out to her loved ones. Ava’s plan suddenly hit a bump in the road. Franco was concocting up a scheme. Shawn brought Sonny some bad news about Ava. Kiki revealed her secrets to Morgan just as Michael walked in. Elizabeth tried to comfort an unidentified patient at General Hospital. Ava begged Morgan to help her, and he agreed. Sabrina was stunned to learn some news about Ava. Meanwhile, Julian confronted Sonny about Ava’s whereabouts. Later, Julian and Olivia were both disappointed to find out that Alexis and Ned were on a date. Nathan asked Maxie a question. Fluke sent an emissary to demand answers from Julian about Ava. In the interim, Sam and Patrick shared their suspicions about Luke with Alexis.

THIS WEEK: Morgan tries to convince Ava not to leave town. Due to circumstances, Shawn and Jordan’s relationship is tested.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon and Nick discussed their wedding plans and were surprised when Mariah came home. Things soon became tense, and an argument broke out between Sharon and Mariah. Later, Mariah heard Sharon talking in her sleep about her secret. When Summer learned about Nick and Sharon’s engagement, she decided to go see Phyllis. Meanwhile, Dr. Cutler found Phyllis’s bed empty. Summer started to get concerned when Dr. Cutler advised her to not visit for a few days. Later, Sharon asked Summer to be her bridesmaid. At the Underground, Mariah and Austin made up, and Summer started to feel insecure. Nick and Sharon arrived and asked Mariah and Noah to join the wedding party. Kelly started to worry when she overheard Jack talk about how inspired he was by Phyllis. Later, Abby gave Kelly some insight about Phyllis. Jack could tell something was wrong with Kelly and wanted to make her feel comfortable, so he enlisted Lauren’s help to redecorate. Lauren admitted it’s hard since Phyllis was such a close friend. Meanwhile, Phyllis tried to hitchhike her way back to Genoa City. Back at the station, Christine grew suspicious when she found Dylan at Paul’s desk. When Chris brought this up to Paul, Paul defended Dylan. Meanwhile, Dylan started to worry about Nikki, and once he left, she took a drink. Nick was wary of Victor’s response to his engagement to Sharon. Nick and Victoria wondered what Victor’s up to. Michael had to step in the middle of an argument between Stitch and Kevin. Later, he got worried when Kevin’s going out of town and wouldn’t say where or why. Victoria had an emotional run in with Stitch who admitted he has a confession to make. Victoria agreed to let Stitch say what he needs to tell her, but they were soon interrupted. Nikki persuades Victoria to help her throw a wedding shower for Sharon. Billy and Chelsea go on their first official date in the park.

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