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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke was put in an uncomfortable situation by Bill when he proposed to her in front of her other suitor, Deacon. Fearing that she would lose her son forever, Quinn made an impassioned plea to Wyatt for him to forgive her transgressions in Paris. Brooke confided in Eric the truth behind what’s holding her back from pursuing a future with Bill. While commiserating over their failed plan to keep Brooke and Bill apart, Deacon and Quinn’s conversation took an unexpected turn. Brooke reminisced about how she and Bill became romantically involved and contemplated whether or not to pursue a future with him. Bill and Katie’s civil conversation about their current relationship was interrupted by a life-threatening incident. Fearing the worst about the current status of his marriage, Wyatt was rocked by Hope’s news that will change their lives forever. Having almost experienced a great loss, Bill and Katie made an agreement to get along for the sake of their child. Brooke made a life-changing decision about her future that affected many others. Katie was blindsided when Brooke told her that she’s moving to Italy and the reason behind her sudden decision. Eric was caught off guard when he received an unexpected visit from his long lost brother, John. Bill was supportive of Liam when he spoke of moving on with his life without Hope in it. Wyatt did not get the reaction he was expecting from Hope when he told her that Quinn’s already aware of their news.

THIS WEEK: Quinn confronts Hope about the distain that she feels for her and the desire to keep her out of the baby’s life. Brooke makes an outrageous request of Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Susan had an important message for EJ. Paige was shocked when she heard about a dark moment from JJ’s family history. JJ desperately tried to defend himself against Eve and enlisted Daniel’s help. Aiden and Hope’s first date did not go smoothly. Kristen and Susan had a major faceoff! Stefano was displeased when he learned EJ had reconciled with Sami. JJ freaked out when Paige confided what she overheard. Ben had a romantic surprise for Abigail. Sami couldn’t help but question EJ about Kristen’s accusation. Kate and Chad plotted to outwit Stefano. Clyde made plans to double-cross EJ. Paige was thrown by JJ’s odd behavior as he struggled with whether or not to come clean with her. Nicole and EJ had a surprisingly warm moment. Kate played mind games with Jordan concerning Rafe and Clyde. Eve slammed Jennifer’s relationship with Jack – and in return, Jennifer smacked her! Ben and Abigail made love for the first time!

THIS WEEK: Victor and Maggie are concerned about Hope’s emotional wellbeing. Marlena and John have a huge, emotional reunion.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco continued his ploy with Carly. Meanwhile, Carly and Sonny shared a close moment when they worried about how Ava’s actions could affect Morgan. Ava explained to Kiki why she enlisted Morgan’s help. Rosalie attempted to carry through with Nina’s plan but found herself in harm’s way. However, Rosalie quickly found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time when Michael’s life was in peril. Jordan warned Shawn about the threat against Michael. Tracy couldn’t deny that Luke’s stories aren’t adding up and attempted to contact Luke. Sam and Patrick continued to investigate Luke’s motives. Shawn rushed to save Michael from danger and quickly called Sonny and Carly to let them know Michael’s status. Franco revealed to Nina the details of his deceptive master plan. Out of desperation, Ava shared one of her secrets with Kiki and Morgan. As they continued to fight their attraction to each other, Alexis directly asked Julian if he’s working for Luke. Elizabeth continued to keep a close vigil over the mysterious

John Doe patient. While Sam took Danny to a checkup, Silas questioned Sam about her relationship with Patrick. In the interim, Danny accidentally wandered into John Doe’s room. Due to recent events, Julian encouraged Ava to keep a low profile. Sonny warned Julian not to mess with his family and denounced Alexis’s choice in men. Anna asked Jordan if she’s prepared to testify against Shawn. Kiki was incensed after Michael filled her in on his recent predicament. Maxie questioned her choices. Sam tried to pry Danny away from the mysterious patient. Patrick told Sabrina about whom he and Sam think were behind their car accident, but Sabrina was skeptical. Lulu tried to process some devastating news. Sonny had high hopes when Carly told him that she has something important to say. Kiki told Morgan she was hesitant about keeping Ava’s secret. Maxie’s reluctance led Nathan to make a bold proposition.

THIS WEEK: Monica shares the diagnosis of John Doe with Elizabeth. Nathan has his doubts. Patrick and Sam decide to share their theories about Luke with Tracy.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon was happy when Mariah arrived to join Summer and Faith in trying on their bridesmaids dresses. Later, Mariah asked Kevin to be her date to Nick and Sharon’s wedding and he agreed. Phyllis road with a trucker back to Genoa City. Meanwhile, Victor found out that Phyllis left the clinic. Paul and Christine argued over the evidence against Dylan. Avery was outraged when Paul and Harding revealed how serious the charges against Dylan are. Harding urged Dylan to confess to the murder of Ian, but Dylan refused. Later, Nikki resorted to drinking again. Neil wondered why Hilary was acting so weird and urged her to take the business trip to New York. Lily shared with Cane that she found out Devon booked a room at the club in the middle of the day. Ashley was back at Jabot and let Jack know she wants her title of co-CEO back. Later, Austin agreed to talk to Jack about a new job. Victoria ran into Chelsea and Billy with Johnny and Connor. Things soon got tense between Chelsea and Victoria. Billy reminded Victoria that she’s the one who wanted a divorce, so she’s going to have to deal with Chelsea being in his life now. Nick and Sharon had bachelor/bachelorette party thrown for them. Both parties moved to the roadside bar, and Nikki worried about being remembered by the bartender. Abby and Victoria were slammed by running into Tyler and Stitch. Michael and Lauren were worried Fen’s in trouble when he showed up in Genoa City. Gloria met up with Lauren after learning that Fen’s in town and accused Lauren of lying to her.

THIS WEEK: Fen warns Austin not to hurt Summer. Avery’s ex-husband Joe shows up at her door.

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