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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn makes a serious threat against Hope when she learns that she will not be welcome into her grandchild’s life. Having to shift the focus of his affection, Deacon makes his move on an unsuspecting target. Charlie is less than thrilled when he senses that he has competition for Pam’s attention. Carter warns Maya to keep her hunch about Ridge and Caroline to herself out of risk of possible consequences. Rick confides in Katie his concern that Caroline’s working relationship with Ridge may include more than designing. His concerns grow when he walks in on an intimate drawing session between Ridge and Caroline. Katie becomes defensive about her relationship with Ridge when Donna queries her about why they haven’t set a wedding date. Now knowing the secret that Ridge has been keeping, Rick issues his estranged brother an ultimatum. Rick is disheartened when Caroline jumps to the defense of Ridge and his altered talent. Knowing how frustrated Ridge is with his inability to draw, and his toxic relationship with Rick, Katie offers her fiancĂ© a solution to his problems. In a bad mood since Brooke’s departure from town, Bill listens with interest to Justin’s suggestion of how to get his mojo back. Rick turns to Eric about Ridge’s condition and what they should do about it. Bill gets Katie to admit that she is insecure in her relationship with Ridge because of the amount of time he is spending with Caroline. Maya continues to work on her plan to win Rick back by spreading rumors about Ridge and Caroline carrying on behind closed doors.

THIS WEEK: Rick and Ridge react to the news that Eric just announced about the future of Forrester Creations. Liam is put in an uncomfortable position when John asks about his intentions towards Ivy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — An angry Stefano turns his back on EJ! Jennifer enlists Julie to intervene with Eve. Kayla is uncomfortable when Paige questions her about JJ’s dad. Brady finds himself being drawn back into Kristen’s web. John has a stunning pronouncement for Marlena, Brady and Kristen. Sami argues with Will when she learns about his latest article. EJ lays into Chad for exposing his secret to Stefano. Paige is upset and confused when JJ pulls away from her. Theresa goes into full panic mode when John summons her to his hospital room. EJ is alerted to upsetting news. Will starts to interview Chad and is taken aback by his friend’s anger towards EJ. Caroline shares a warm moment with Sami. John makes an unexpected decision that stuns Kristen and Theresa. EJ lays down the law with Clyde. Chad tries to convince Abigail he’s not such a bad guy after all. Jordan is upset when she learns of Ben’s actions. Sami makes a startling discovery. Chad asks Jordan out on a date. Clyde tempts Ben with a generous offer.

THIS WEEK: Kate takes Rafe’s words to heart. Jordan and Chad try to make the best of things.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Maxie and Nathan get reacquainted on a dinner date. While at dinner, Maxie and Nathan run into Monica at dinner and are taken aback with her date. Patrick and Sam strategize with Tracy on their plan to find Luke. Franco and Nina spy on Carly and Sonny, and Franco decides to confront them. Silas learns a shocking truth. Elizabeth is optimistic about the recovery of the John Doe patient. Franco asks Sonny for an apology. Due to recent events, Silas becomes apprehensive of Nina. Sam and Patrick surprisingly find themselves in an awkward predicament. Elizabeth tries to figure out John Doe’s identity. Alexis has a confrontation with Julian, and later shows up at Ned and Olivia’s date. Judge Waters has an ultimatum for Maxie regarding her daughter that could affect her relationship with Nathan. Tracy tells Sam and Patrick she wants some alone time with Luke before they confront him. Rosalie receives some harsh news and later in the day makes a scandalous discovery. Silas calls Sam and admits her theories on Nina might be correct. Morgan tries to get Ava her pain pills. In the meantime, Sabrina begins to second guess her theory on Ava and tries to undo her evil deeds. Shawn tells Jordan that he is going to find Ava. Nikolas and Spencer have an unexpected request for Britt. Franco contemplates his next move and opens up to Nina, while a frustrated Sonny conspires with Shawn on how they can take down Franco for good. Bobbie tells Carly she feels very guilty about keeping her secret from Scott. Lucy seeks comfort from Duke after she sees Scott and Carly together. Rosalie hesitantly agrees to keep her discovery a secret. Jordan assures a guilty Sabrina that her problem is solved. Ava is unaware about the potential risk to her baby. Silas and Sam relationship takes a turn. Tracy arrives at her meeting with Luke. Milo and Epiphany go on a date that gets a little rocky. Elizabeth turns to Dante for help in getting information on John Doe. Maxie and Nathan update Lulu and Dante, respectively, on their quandary. Nathan is also distracted by his issues with Obrecht.

THIS WEEK: Obrecht opens the door to a surprise visitor. Nina’s recent strange behavior, causes Silas to get an update on her condition.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor arrives and demands to know where Phyllis is. Victor grows concerned when Dr. Cutler admits that he has no idea what state Phyllis could be in. Meanwhile, Summer decides she’ll fly down to the clinic to check on her mom. Mariah calls Victor and warns him that if he doesn’t tell Nick the truth about Faith, she will. Victor tells her that there isn’t any proof about Faith’s paternity yet, and that she needs to keep her mouth shut. On the day of Nick and Sharon’s wedding, Victoria arrives at the ranch house and Nikki covers up that she’s hung over and has forgotten that today is the wedding. Meanwhile, Nick has a heart to heart with Avery and convinces her to attend wedding. Friends and family gather at the church for Nick and Sharon’s wedding day. Meanwhile, Joe Clark tells someone on the phone that he thinks his trip to Genoa City is going to be very worthwhile. Joe tell Avery he will be in town for a few more days and she should call him if she needs anything. Devon gets upset when Lily questions him about borrowing the hotel suite in the middle of the day.

THIS WEEK: Devon then makes plans to visit Hilary in New York. Nikki admits to Victoria that she isn’t too keen on the idea of Sharon joining their family.

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