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Feeling immense guilt about what had recently transpired with Caroline, Ridge called her to meet him to discuss their partnership. Deacon dropped a bombshell about him and Quinn during a visit with Hope and Wyatt. While at Brooke’s cabin, Ridge and Caroline partook in a passionate designing session. Hope gave Deacon an ultimatum in regards to his relationships with her and Quinn. Deacon made a desperate plea to Hope to reconsider her stance regarding him and Quinn embarking on a relationship together. While playing on Rick’s insecurities concerning his marriage, Maya let him know that she will be there for him no matter what. Having considered Hope’s viewpoint, Deacon confronted Quinn about her intentions towards him. Ridge made great strides in the drawing of his and Caroline’s latest design. Knowing that Maya is stirring the pot between Rick and Caroline, Carter attempted to talk her out of going any further with her plan. Ridge left out an important detail with Katie when he told her about his latest drawing session with Caroline. Katie felt relief when Ridge assured her that their relationship is secure. Rick and Caroline had a heartfelt discussion about their marriage and the cause of the recent tension in it. Eric felt a lot of pressure knowing that one of his sons will be disappointed with him for choosing one over the other for CEO of Forrester Creations. Now able to draw again, Ridge was confident that he would be the one chosen to run the company. Rick was convinced that, with Caroline by his side, he and his wife have the ability to be the next Eric and Stephanie Forrester in the fashion industry. Eric made an announcement about whom he has chosen to fill his vacant position as CEO of Forrester Creations.

THIS WEEK: Donna is shocked to learn from Katie about Ridge’s plan to get closer to Caroline for the purpose of saving his career. Mixed emotions are conveyed in the office as Eric is forced to explain the reason behind his decision.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kate and Lucas tried to convince Sami of the severity of her situation. Jennifer was taken aback to find Daniel in Kristen’s hotel room. Paige was upset and confused when JJ rejected her advances. Will informed Chad that his editor wants a new angle for the article. Kate and Sami received help from an unexpected source. Will and Sonny clashed over Will’s article about Chad. Ben walked in on a nice moment between Abigail and Chad. Sami got a life- changing visit. Kristen suffered a setback with Brady but eventually scored a major victory. Eve warned Theresa that Kristen’s gunning for her. Clyde made a horrifying accusation against Jordan. Chad forced Sami and Kate’s hand. Eve’s plot against JJ came back to haunt her. JJ prepared to tell Paige the truth about his dad. Jordan and Clyde had an ugly confrontation about the past. Nicole and Sami managed to share a warm moment over drinks, and Nicole gave her long-time enemy some advice. Will admitted he feels that Sonny doesn’t respect or support him.

THIS WEEK: Chad accuses Abigail of being jealous of his interest in Jordan. Paige and JJ go on a frantic search for Jill.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina persuaded a suspicious person to carry out her next plan of revenge while Silas worried about the next steps. Ava got the medical care she needs with Kiki and Morgan by her side. Franco invited an unlikely person to his wedding. Sonny and Shawn moved forward with their setup to get rid of Franco. Olivia shared an unpleasant vision with Carly about her wedding. Michael learned a startling truth about AJ’s murder. Bobbie and Brad inspired Lucas to explore his career options. Nathan tried to track down Nina before her actions get her into trouble. Despite a minor hiccup, Nina’s plan remained intact, and she revealed Rosalie’s secret to her cohort. While TJ and Jordan continued to argue about her involvement with the Jeromes, Jordan contemplated about coming clean. Unbeknownst to them, Sonny and Shawn were unaware that Franco could throw a wrench in their scheme. Ava learned whether or not her baby’s out of the woods. Michael shared his latest findings on AJ with Kiki and the PCPD. John Doe let Elizabeth know that he vaguely remembers hearing a couple of voices the night of his accident while Elizabeth continued to share some more history with him. Patrick and Sam told Alexis about their findings during the Amsterdam meetings. In the interim, Tracy informed Lulu, Dante, Sonny and Olivia about her Luke discoveries and let them in on her plan of action. Julian was jealous of Alexis and Ned’s relationship. Obrecht antagonized Anna about why she told Nathan what happened to Victor at Crichton Clark. A worried Kiki informed Morgan about what Michael had discovered. Sonny sensed some red flags on his strategy to bring down Franco, whereas he also continued to feel guilty about what he did to AJ. Franco was stringing Carly along while somewhat second guessing his own actions. John Doe ran into a random visitor. Tracy put the fate of ELQ on the line in order to get Luke back. Alexis warded off Julian’s advances and provoked him on his illegal dealings. Dante persuaded Olivia to tell Ned about her true feelings. Nina and Franco compared notes on where they stand on their revenge plans.

THIS WEEK: Someone is waiting for Tracy. Rosalie is compelled to reveal the location of Ava, and Kiki warns Ava that someone is on her trail.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor showed up at the Abbott Mansion to see Phyllis. Jack tried to kick him out, but Phyllis wanted him to stay and explain his part in her waking up. Jack stepped out when he got a call from Kelly. Victor told Phyllis that she must tell him what she knows about Sharon. Ashley showed up and tried to keep the peace between everyone. Nikki and Paul then bonded over their teamwork to help Dylan. Joe showed up at Michael and Avery’s law office looking for Michael to represent him. When Michael left, Avery asked Joe why he pretended to not know Michael was her partner. Dylan arrived at Avery’s office where he and Joe met for the first time. Joe left after an awkward exchange with Dylan. Victoria confessed to Nick that she kissed Stitch, and it has stirred up some feelings. Nick assured her things will become clear to her once this baby is born. Michael and Lauren had a romantic date at the GCAC. They were pleased their marital issues are behind them. They met Madame Isadora, a psychic who will be doing readings at Fenmores. Michael was startled by her premonition. Neil wanted to recreate their wedding night for Hilary who can’t stop thinking about making love to Devon.

THIS WEEK: When Jack is reluctant to open up, Phyllis begins to wonder what has happened while she was away. Sparks fly as Ashley and Stitch work on her new project at Jabot.

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