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THE BOLD AHND THE BEAUTIFUL — Feeling hurt and betrayed, Rick accused Ridge of attempting to take everything that means anything to him. Given the recent developments, everyone at Forrester Creations wondered where their jobs stand within the company. Eric questioned Ridge on whether or not his actions towards Caroline were intentionally done as a means to getting the upper hand in the race for the CEO position. Maya used Rick’s sadness, anger and vulnerability to her advantage as she gave him a supportive shoulder to cry on. Ridge and Caroline defended themselves to Eric who hinted that he may rethink his decision about who will replace him as CEO. Caroline confronted Ridge about whether or not he was using her to advance his career. Hope’s opinion about Caroline changed as she took Rick’s side. As Ridge told Katie about the events that took place in the office, he revealed that he and Caroline had shared a kiss. Wondering what this means to their relationship, Katie was reassured by Ridge that things have not changed between them. Caroline began to panic about the fate of her marriage when she is unable to locate Rick. Maya felt victorious when she fondly remembered the evening that she spent with Rick. Caroline got the shock of her life when she discovered the extent of the damage that was done to her marriage. Eric displayed his disapproval with Ridge’s actions by making a gesture of tough love. After filling Liam in on everything that went down at Forrester Creations, Ivy invited him to a Halloween party at Bikini. Liam and Ivy grew closer as a couple as they partook in Halloween festivities at Bikini with special guest stars Donny Thompson, Amber Borzotra, Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Zach Rance, Caleb Reynolds, Devin Shepherd, Hayden Voss, Elissa Reilly, Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas, Jordan Lloyd, and Jeff Schroder of CBS’s Big Brother.

THIS WEEK: Rick is resistant to any outside contact when Eric reaches out to him to discuss his future at Forrester Creations. Caroline is determined to do whatever she has to in order to save her marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Thanks to Sami, Will was offered an opportunity of a lifetime. Lucas and Sami shared a warm moment as she made plans for the future. Paige demanded answers from Jill. Chad kissed Jordan for the first time. Kristen dropped a bomb on Brady. Jennifer lashed out at Daniel and ended their relationship for good! Abigail and Sami came an understanding about the past. Ciara schemed to benefit from Sami’s good fortune. Kristen’s plan backfired in a major way, leaving Brady furious with her. John put the screws to Theresa. Sonny was upset when Will made a life-changing decision without telling him first. Sami shared a tearful goodbye with several family members. Sami bid an emotional farewell to her family as she, and the kids left Salem. Sonny’s heart broke even as he encouraged Will to follow his dream. A horrified Brady finally realized the truth. Kristen sought comfort in the arms of someone very unexpected. Brady’s shocking discovery left him hurt and angry.

THIS WEEK: Eve blasts Kayla for defending Jack. Will gets some important momentum and support.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Shawn began to setup Sonny’s perpetrator in order to depose of Franco while Franco continued to taunt Carly with his wedding surprise. Michael shared with Sonny whom he suspects murdered AJ. Tracy was anxious to discover if Luke had returned. Nina ascertained some interesting information regarding Ava’s baby. Elizabeth and Jake shared a jubilant moment. It’s Beggars night in Port Charles, and several of the kids, along with Patrick and Sam, got in the spirit with costumes. Josslyn looked to Spencer to help get her out of Carly and Franco’s wedding, and in the interim, Josslyn decided to team up with Spencer in his latest attempt to break up Emma and Cameron. Sam updated Patrick about the latest information regarding Luke. Sonny and Shawn were puzzled by Franco’s latest actions. Before the wedding, Carly had a girls night with Bobbie but was taken aback when Bobbie asked her if she’s having any doubts. Meanwhile, Franco and Scott had their own father-son bachelor bonding night. Nathan and Maxie got some advice from Diane to see if there are any ambiguities in their dilemma. It’s Halloween and the morning of Franco and Carly’s wedding. Franco got a conflicting news update in regards to his strategy. Despite some red flags, Sonny must tell Shawn whether or not to proceed in his plan to take down Franco. Jordan and Shawn had another tense encounter about TJ. Anna cautioned Sonny not to mess with Ava. Carly tried to dissuade Michael from continuing his AJ investigation. Nina and her co-conspirator prepared their ambush. Morgan got a sense that someone’s watching the Brownstone and decided to confront Sonny. Both Shawn and Jordan found themselves in an unexpected peril. After he cornered him, Sonny lost it on Morgan. As Silas was opening up to Ava, Sam called to tell him that she has received some terrible news. Later in the day, Ava was alarmed. Spencer shared a secret about Franco with Carly just as her guests started to arrive. Kiki told Michael another lie.

THIS WEEK: Despite their difference, Julian and Alexis race to comfort Sam. Jake and Liz continue to grow closer.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Stitch suspected Kevin’s the one who had him arrested, but Kevin denied it. Avery revealed that one of Stitch’s patients is suing him for malpractice. Later, Avery came to the coffeehouse and found Dylan distracted by having not yet received his new lease from the landlord. Billy told Chelsea that he would make a decision about moving in with her by the end of the day. Chelsea then decided to visit the church to talk to Adam. Summer told Nick that Phyllis was never going to accept her marriage. She asked Nick to put in a good word for Austin in order to change Phyllis’s mind. Cane asked Joe if he’s really staying in town because of Avery, but Joe insisted that it’s purely a coincidence and showed Cane his business plan. Victor came home and found an AA brochure that Nikki had hidden. Ashley let Stitch know that they needed to discuss his future at Jabot. Kevin became suspicious when he heard Michael tell someone on the phone that he blocked off the entire afternoon and doesn’t want his wife to know.

THIS WEEK: Nikki gets one step closer to a big decision. Nick holds out hope for Phyllis.

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