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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — With Rick reluctant to sign the contract as CEO of Forrester Creations, Maya attempted to persuade his decision by offering to run the company with him. John Forrester arrived for an unexpected visit with the intention of taking Eric with him on his next adventure. Caroline and Mya exchanged warnings and threats against each other regarding their pursuit of Rick. Hope grilled Ivy about her recent date with Liam. Eric called an impromptu company meeting to officially introduce Rick as Forrester Creations’ new CEO. Knowing that Hope and Wyatt have an ultrasound appointment that afternoon, Quinn made it a point not to miss it. As his first order of business as head honcho, Rick made drastic personnel changes. Despite carrying mixed emotions about Ridge, Caroline planned to fight to get her marriage back on track. The joy of seeing and hearing their baby on the sonogram for the first time was quickly overshadowed by Quinn’s presence. Concerned about their last interaction, Taylor made a surprise visit to Forrester Creations to check in on the mental wellbeing of Aly. Taylor became worried when she learned that Aly has been communicating with her late mother, Darla. Hope gave Wyatt the daunting task of getting Quinn to understand that she’s not welcome in their lives. Rick put Ridge and Caroline in their places when he let them know their positions within the newly structured company. Liam was apprehensive about his other traveling companions when Ivy invite him to join her on a business trip to Amsterdam. Maya attempted to reap the benefits of dating a Forrester AND the CEO of the company. En route to the Netherlands, Hope and Ivy agreed to leave the tension between them in Los Angeles for the sake of the new jewelry line. Knowing what Quinn was capable of, Deacon attempted to talk her out of making a trip to Amsterdam to interfere in Hope and Wyatt’s relationship. Sensing that Rick was having second thoughts about leaving Caroline, Maya did her best to remind him of her betrayal and the reasons why he should end his marriage.

THIS WEEK: Carter gives Caroline insight into Maya’s motives and what she’s thinking in regards to Rick. Quinn convinces Wyatt to do her bidding for her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Brady angrily confronted Kristen over what he witnessed. Theresa made a huge confession. Bev stirred up major trouble for Paige and JJ. Hope questioned Aiden after spying him with Bree. Pushed to the edge, Kristen made ominous plans regarding Theresa. Eve received devastating news. Paige and JJ had a huge blowup over JJ’s lies. Ben’s dreams were dashed thanks to Chad. JJ committed a shocking act. Brady and Daniel got into a huge fight over Kristen. Theresa found herself in danger. Chad pushed Ben’s buttons, which led to violence. Kristen left Salem but not before pulling off one last jaw-dropping stunt. JJ feared Paige’s about to learn the truth. Daniel and Nicole inched their way towards mending their friendship. Abigail bristled when Ben warned that Chad’s playing her. Jordan showed up at Clyde’s hotel room with a gun! JJ and Paige reconciled, but JJ secretly feared his mistake might come back to haunt him. Abigail was surprised when she learned what Chad had done for her.

THIS WEEK: Daniel gets a hush-hush new patient. Abigail feels a bit conflicted and guilty.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco made an announcement at the wedding. Nina took her revenge to the next level and spiraled out of control. Later in the day, Silas cornered Madeline and asked her if she knows where to find Nina. While Sonny discussed his next moves with Morgan, a gunshot went off and someone got shot. Anna gave Duke a chance to come clean. Liz offered to help Jake. Michael was blindsided with some new information. Sonny and Morgan speculated who might be behind the recent shooting. Shawn and Jordan’s lives were at stake. Ava’s baby was at risk. Silas and Nathan might have a new lead on Nina’s whereabouts. Carly provoked Franco, unaware that he was about to conspire the next part of his scheme. Scott welcomed an opportunity to bring someone down. Dante sensed something’s wrong with Michael. Morgan encouraged Sonny to reconsider his plan. Ava disclosed some surprising information to Nina about her past. Silas analyzed what happened to his relationship with Sam. Julian professed he will do anything to protect Alexis and his family. Ava was horrifi ed when she ran into Sonny. Morgan shared some startling information to Kiki. Duke was troubled about the repercussions of his false Alibi, and how this could affect his relationship with Anna. Franco revealed a bombshell to his coconspirator. Michael tracked down Sonny and confronted him. Morgan and Dante feared the worst. Silas told Nathan the realities of Nina’s psychosis. Madeline tried to reason with Nina. Anna made some intrepid career choices.

THIS WEEK: Bobbie wonders if Lucy is developing a crush on Duke. Franco calls Nina and his actions continue to be unpredictable.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor went to Jack’s home to see Phyllis, but Jack blocked his entrance and demanded Victor tell him what he found out. Nick then showed up wanting to see Phyllis. Later, Jack planned on telling Phyllis about Kelly. Lauren surprised Michael with a sexy nurse costume, but Kevin interrupted. Later, Kevin surprised Michael at his office with Lauren and Fen. Fen noticed some tension, especially when Michael had to skip out of family time, saying he had a meeting. Later, Kevin watched as Michael talked to an attractive woman. Cane warned Joe not to get into business with Colin. Joe then wondered if Victor messed with Cane’s confidence and that’s why he’s working at a hotel. Victoria wanted to know what Nikki intended to say to her about Stitch. Meanwhile, Stitch told Kelly that he needs to find their mother because big things are going to change. Billy found the handkerchief that belonged to Adam’s mother and asked Chelsea what she’s hiding from him. Chelsea explained that she left it at the church when she said goodbye to Adam but had no idea how it showed back up at their home.

THIS WEEK: Billy presses Chelsea for answers. Fen questions what’s going on with Michael.

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