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RECAPS NOV. 10 - 14



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Deacon became the voice of reason for Quinn when he attempted to talk her out of taking a trip to Amsterdam to interfere in Wyatt and Hope’s relationship. Wyatt took a page out of Quinn’s play book when he created a scenario that will ensure Liam’s no longer an equation in his marriage. Forrester Creations’ international publicist made a revision to the photo shoot that didn’t sit too well with Hope. Well aware of Hope’s lingering feelings for Liam, Ivy advised her to get over it because he’s moving on with his life. Wanting Liam out of Hope’s life and heart, Wyatt quietly assisted his brother in refocusing his attention towards Ivy. Despite her track record with getting assistance in the past, Quinn turned to Bill to help her with a new plan to ensure that Wyatt’s marriage remains intact. Bill found amusement in Quinn’s news that she and Deacon are now a couple. Eric was caught off guard when he received a surprise visit from someone from his past who allowed him to take a walk down memory lane. Unaware of the ball that Wyatt already got rolling, Hope asked him to not interfere with Liam and Ivy’s burgeoning connection. Wyatt encouraged Liam to take the next step in his relationship with Ivy. Hope and Ivy took part in a glamourous photo shoot with Amsterdam as the backdrop. Hope’s jealousy reared its ugly head when she witnessed the chemistry between Liam and Ivy and the great attention that he showed her. Deacon got a glimpse into the similarities between Quinn and Wyatt as she informed him on what her son’s up to. Hope and Ivy attempted to compete with each other through their modeling during the second part of the photo shoot. Wyatt’s plan to push Liam and Ivy closer together began to take shape.

THIS WEEK: Pam gives Ridge relationship advice on how to get back in Katie’s good graces. Ridge jumps to Caroline’s defense when he witnesses Rick mistreating her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Theresa had shocking news for Brady. John and Marlena shared a bittersweet goodbye – for now. An intense Clyde challenged Jordan to shoot him. Abigail and Ben argued over Chad’s actions. Theresa set out to prove to Brady that she’s telling the truth. Hope uncovered unsettling information about Aiden’s past. Rafe found Chad kissing Jordan, and the two men nearly came to blows. Newcomer Paul flirted with Jordan and Abigail. Aiden made a huge confession to Hope about his past. Brady and Theresa finally got answers.

Someone inadvertently threatened to expose JJ’s secret. Abigail attempted to work things out with Ben. Theresa’s world was turned upside down. Paige questioned Eve about her connection to Daniel. A guilt-ridden JJ confided in Daniel. Aiden and Hope made plans for a big step in their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Eve has some explaining to do. Theresa is still reeling from a traumatic life experience.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Michael was faced with a harsh choice while Sonny accepted his fate. Due to recent circumstances, Ava was frantic. Later in the day, Kiki and Silas learned the truth about what happened to Ava. Madeline had her own agenda planned for Nina. Julian continued to be jealous of Ned’s relationship with Alexis while Ned wondered what Julian really knows about Luke. Patrick, Ned, Tracy and Monica questioned the motives of the new visitor at the Quartermaine mansion. Sam and Danny encountered Jake. In the interim, Elizabeth had an offer for Jake. Carly, Jordan and Shawn were faced with a dilemma. Nathan and Dante walked into a possible trap. Michael was satisfi ed with a recent outcome. Kiki and Morgan decided to make an admission. Sonny learned an important fact that could put others in danger. Scott was getting his just rewards. Franco acted very mysterious with Bobbie. Nathan had some questions for Rosalie. Both Lulu and Olivia were concerned about the fates of their loved ones. Carly ascertained a disturbing reality about Franco. Meanwhile, Franco gathered Intel on Obrecht’s plan, and as a result, pondered his next move. Nina opened the door to a surprise visitor. Shawn and Jordan made a decision regarding TJ. Sonny and Duke discussed their recent hardship. Rosalie and Michael formed a bond. Nina was beside herself and did not realize the realities of her actions.

THIS WEEK: Nikolas and Britt have an unexpected visitor at Wyndemere, who has many question ns for Britt. Elizabeth continues to try to help Jake spark his memory.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Summer struggled with understanding how Sharon could do something so cruel as to change the paternity test. But she was relieved when Nick said he doesn’t expect her to cut Jack out of her life. Meanwhile, Sharon admitted to Noah that she made Nick believe that he wasn’t Summer’s father. Noah asked if she had been faking the memory loss, and Sharon was offended. Grace then showed up to see Sharon who believed she’s looking to make a move on Nick. Grace admitted that she already tried that, but Nick wouldn’t give her the time of day. Meanwhile, Nick visited his mother and told her that he’s contemplating cutting Sharon out of his life forever. Nikki worried that Nick’s letting his anger get the best of him. Phyllis ran into Lauren while she’s looking for Jack. Lauren told her Jack wasn’t there and worried that she and Jack are no longer together. Phyllis said that they’re definitely together and wanted to know why Lauren would question such a thing. Meanwhile, Jack explained to Kelly about Summer’s DNA test and remembered that he needs to tell Kyle. After he did, she comforted him, and they ended up kissing passionately. Jack then said they couldn’t do this and admitted that he needs to talk to Phyllis. Meanwhile, Phyllis asked Billy why Jack has a picture of Kelly in his desk. Billy explained that the photo belongs to him and that Kelly’s someone he met after Delia died. He mentioned that the photo is part of the Jabot media kit because she plans events at the club. Later, Phyllis grew suspicious when Jack avoided kissing her. He accidentally left his phone behind, so Phyllis snooped through it and found messages from Kelly. Jack came home and Phyllis said she wants to have an engagement party and suggested that Kelly plan it. Victoria came to see Nikki and almost took a drink of Nikki’s vodka. Nikki then let it slip that maybe Stitch didn’t kill his father. Later, Victoria figured out that Maureen’s the killer, and Stitch has been covering for her since it happened. Maureen finally admitted that she killed her husband to save her children. As Victoria took out her phone to call the police, Maureen grabbed her and shoved her into a janitor’s closet.

THIS WEEK: Avery threatens to call the police if Joe tries to touch her again and says she will see him in court. Stitch tells Maureen that he is going to tell Victoria the truth tonight and she tries to stop him.

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