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RECAPS NOV. 17 - 21



THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — After witnessing the affection transpiring between Liam and Ivy, Hope informs Wyatt that she wants to return to Los Angeles as soon as possible. Maya attempts to give Rick words of inspiration when he turns to the bottle following his confrontation with Ridge and Caroline. Despite their history, Eric encourages Ridge and Caroline to once again join forces to create the next Forrester Creations collection. Liam and Ivy’s bond continues to grow as they take in the sights and enjoy a romantic evening in Amsterdam. Rick listens intently during an awkward interview between Jarrett, Ridge and Caroline. When Ridge suggests that Caroline should be forgiven, Rick recommends that she start looking for employment elsewhere. Bill is given many reasons to be upset when Katie informs him of what has been going on between Caroline and Ridge. Maya is fearless when she stands up to Eric following his warning to Rick regarding his actions towards Ridge and Caroline. Bill’s anger turns to rage when Caroline tells him firsthand about her recent dealings with Ridge and the fallout with Rick. Caroline defends Ridge’s actions when Bill accuses him of abusing his power over her. Maya is on the receiving end of Ridge’s anger when he warns her of the inevitability of a Rick and Caroline reconciliation. When Rick jumps to Maya’s defense, Ridge predicts that Rick’s reactionary behavior will lead to the demise of Forrester Creations. An acquaintance from Genoa City arrives at the Forrester Creations’ fashion show with more than the new collection on her mind. Bill unloads his fists of fury on Ridge for taking advantage of Caroline and for being unfaithful to Katie. As the models are about to take the runway, concerns grow over Ridge’s unexplained absence. Maya exudes her newfound confidence backstage as well as on the catwalk. Rick is surprised by the reaction that Ridge and Caroline’s collection is receiving by those in attendance. Following his voiced disdain over the success of the new collection, Rick is taken aback when Eric issues him an ultimatum. Carter sets Maya straight about her importance, or lack thereof, within the grand scheme of anything to do with the company.

THIS WEEK: Caroline makes a heartfelt and painful confession to Ridge about why her actions have caused such suffering for many. Maya’s ego is bruised when she doesn’t get the attention that she was expecting from the media for being Forrester Creations’ new lead model.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Under orders from Eve, JJ tries to break up with Paige. Chad informs Kate that Stefano is ready to make his big move. Clyde gives Jordan some unwanted advice about her love life. Nicole and Daniel attempt to reestablish their friendship – with disastrous results. Kate is furious when Chad blackmails her! Marlena reaches out to Jordan. Abigail and Anne have a war of words at the hospital. Sparks fly unexpectedly between Daniel and Nicole. Hope is disturbed by what she finds on Aiden’s tablet. Theresa decides to put Brady behind her – and sets her sights on Paul. Brady asks Eve for a favor. Clyde tries to outmaneuver Jordan by meeting with Marlena. Upset Hope confronts Aiden with her discovery. Stefano learns of Chad’s betrayal. Theresa lashes out at Brady, then declares she’s found someone new. Eve pressures JJ to end things for good with Paige. Melanie makes a surprise return to Salem! Jennifer is stunned by Eve’s admission. Sonny isn’t happy when he learns what Chad has been keeping from him.

THIS WEEK: Nicole and Daniel have an uncomfortable encounter. Stefan has plans about how to deal with Chad.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Spencer and Josslyn are stunned by the latest turn of events. Michael asks Sonny to give him something. Larry gives some advice to Ned and Tracy regarding ELQ. Jake adjusts to his new living arrangements, and also gets to know Cameron. Patrick learns whether or not he will be able to reclaim his position at the hospital. Anna and Obrecht have a run in over Faison’s whereabouts. In the interim, someone has a proposition for both Obrecht and Britt in regards to Anna. Sonny faces the harsh reality of his consequences. Michael makes an important announcement to the Quatermaines that pleases Monica. Sam and Patrick share a close moment. At the end of the day, Sam and Patrick both overhear Larry’s suspicious phone conversation. Anna tries to decipher someone’s true motives for coming to town. Meanwhile, Obrecht threatens Britt to go along with her new scheme involving Anna. Kiki is disturbed with Ava. Spencer slips up and tries to cover the truth. In order to protect his loved ones, Sonny comes clean. Jordan and Shawn finally tell TJ the truth about his father. Michael is disturbed by what he thinks Kiki helped arrange. Anna brings Julian into her office for questioning. Ava procures Silas to help her in her time of need. Sam and Patrick begin to question Larry’s motives. Franco comforts a delusional Nina. Ava keeps Silas from finding out the truth. Britt makes a surprising revelation to Nikolas. Anna divulges some information to Obrecht about Faison. Olivia confronts Julian about Ava’s actions, while Lucas gives some advice to his father. Sam and Patrick update Lulu on the Larry situation, and asks her for some assistance. Someone tries to escape.

THIS WEEK: Julian tells Alexis the truth about his boss. Spencer tries to win back Emma.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Chelsea daydreams about Billy when she hears Connor say “ Da- Da” while looking at the broken camera. Later, Chelsea tells Jeff about the hidden camera she found. She then tells him to drop the charges against Stitch. Jack is surprised to find Phyllis’s engagement ring back in the box. She asks Jack if he still feels the same way as he did when he proposed to her in the hospital Meanwhile, Kelly tries to stay distracted at work but worries about her future with Jack. Jack then arrives to the club and tells Kelly they need to talk. Colin tells Devon that he knows about him and Hilary. When Devon tells Hilary about Colin knowing, Hilary wants to tell Neil the truth. Devon doesn’t think it’s the right time. Later, Lily insists on Devon introducing his girlfriend to the family and sets a date for everyone to meet her. Joe meets up with Lauren at the club and tells her that he has a business proposition for her.

THIS WEEK: Colin comes clean to Jill, saying he had to pay off Kurtz. Sharon confronts Avery as she tries to figure out her future with Nick.

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